Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 18

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Greetings everyone.Ananya’s back. Long time…. how are you all? Thank you all so very much for your comments on my previous update. I’m really glad that you all appreciate my efforts.

Let’s get going now.

Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 18

A quick recap: Yuvi and Amaya’s reception and the rumours that led to chaos among the guests.

As the Sarnas and Tanejas sat down with tensed faces, worrying about how the day’s happenings would effect them, a pair of eyes watched them with a content smile.
“Hello mam… Aapka kaam ho gaya hai. You are a genius. Aapne jaise kaha bilkul waise hi maine bas yahi kaha ki Kunj aur Twinkle ki breakup ko chupane ke liye ye shaadi karaya gaya, and Bingo! I must say, aap in logon ko bohot acchi tarah se jaanti ho…”
“Tell me something I don’t know. Tum ab wahan se nikal jao. Tumhare paise tum tak pohonch jayenge. Rahul ko kya laga tha ki mujhe reception mein aane se rok kar woh mera khel khatam kar dega? Ab dekhenge wo log Alisha se ulajhne ka anjaam…” Alisha answered, cackling like a witch.

(You guys were absolutely right. It was Alisha after all, the witch had to make her presence felt??)

After some serious discussion, they all went back home, only after deciding to end the nonsense, come what may.
It was a sleepless night for them, they didn’t know what aspects would get affected. Would it be business, or the families’ reputation, or the careers of the kids, they wondered.

Twinkle entered her room, closed the door after her, and collapsed to the ground with her back to the door.
Tears flooded her eyes as people’s comments on her bhaiyu’s marriage echoed in her ears.

She remembered the day when she had met Kunj for the first time. She was about 12 years old, and so was he. Their fathers had joined hands in business to give rise to the Sareja empire, that had grown so illustrious later. They had met at a small party organised to celebrate the amalgamation of the two companies.

“Bacchon, inse milo. Yeh mere dost RT ji ki pyaare se bacche hain. Twinkle aur Yuvraj. Aur yeh mere bacche hain, Kunj aur Amaya.” Manohar had introduced them to each other.
“Hi…” Yuvi greeted the Sarna kids, and was greeted back by them.
Twinkle was just looking at them, feeling uncomfortable to see her bhaiyu talking with so much love to someone other than her.
“Hi Twinkle” Kunj said, wanting to be friends with this sweet looking girl.
She had just smiled in response.
End of flashback.

She smiled as she recalled how that awkwardness was soon gone since they met frequently afterwards, and Yuvi and Amaya, who were of the same age, three years older than their siblings, had become besties in no time.

The smile only widened as she recalled the incident that made her realise that she had fallen head over heels for him.
“Kunj! Please light on karo.. mujhe andhere se dar lagta hai.. Kunj? Please Kunj mujhe aur mat darao… Please…”
“Twinkle?” Kunj called out, fumbling in the dark to reach out to her.
They had been accidentally locked into the store room of the Taneja mansion, and the lights went out suddenly.
“Kunj!” Twinkle screamed.
“Twinkle tum teek ho na? Twinkle? Jawaab do? Twinkle please mujhe mat darao yaar… Tu teek hai na? Twinkle?” He panicked when he found her lying motionless.

He tried to bring her to her senses, but in vain. He then managed to break the door open, and took her to her room.
After an hour or so, Twinkle opened her eyes, and was touched to see Kunj rubbing her hands.
“Oye… Aise kya dekh rahi hai? Aise koi daraata hai kya? Ghar mein koi aur hai bhi nahi… Pata hai main kitna pareshan ho gaya tha? Bewakoof!”
Observing that she wasn’t answering, he continued his rattle. She, on the other hand, was admiring him lovingly, wondering when she had fallen for him so badly that she could simply keep looking at him forever.
“Arrey main tujhse baat kar raha hoon.. koi andhere se itna darta hai kya? Aur teri itni buri haalat ho gayi thi ki main to dar hi gaya tha. Agar tujhe kuch ho jaata to mera kya hota? Main to mar hi jaata na?”

“Kyunki I..”
“Wo kuch nahi…. Tu meri bestie hai na, isiliye bas…”
End of flashback.

Twinkle’s face gleamed as she recalled the day they had finally found the courage to confess their love to each other, after fighting back their emotions for a long time. She clearly remembered that day which brought immense happiness to her monotonous life.

“Twinkle, I need to speak to you. It’s important. Please meet me at my house in the evening” Kunj had told her, just as they were returning home a puja at someone’s place.
She wondered what had happened suddenly. She thought of everything she could, but couldn’t come up with a valid reason for the expressionless tone Kunj had spoken to her in.
She wore her favourite pink salwar suit and reached the Sarna mansion, and was surprised to find no-one around.
“Kunj?” She called out, debating within if she should return back home or look for him.
She went to his room, and saw pitch darkness, which she wouldn’t dare to venture into. She was about to leave when dim lights were put on. She was surprised to see the place illuminated by small candles and decorated with red balloons and flowers.

Lost in thought, she slowly stepped inside, when she saw a teddy bear holding a heart shaped pillow which said I love you. She was astonished. “Kunj loves someone…” She thought. Tears flooded her eyes at the thought that she would lose him soon.
Kunj, who was watching her hiding behind the curtains came out immediately.

“Hey! Kya hua? Tu ro kyun rahi hai? Twinkle? Twinkle!” He shook her, finding her lost.
“Huh? Wo kuch nahi…
Wah Kunj! Mujhe to pata hi nahi tha ki Sadu Sarna ki taste itni acchi hai. Waise,tumne to mujhe bataya hi nahi ki tum kisise pyaar karte ho.. kaun hai wo ladki?” She asked, trying to divert him from her tears, but the tears filled in her eyes as she asked him whom he was in love with.

Kunj, on the other hand, was confused.
“Kya? Ek minute. Agar main kisise pyaar karta hoon to tum kyun ro rahi ho yaar?”
Twinkle couldn’t find any convincing answer to that. So she decided to remain quiet.
Kunj wiped the tears in her eyes, and cupped her face lovingly.

“Twinkle, aaj main tujhe ek aisa secret batane wala hoon jo maine aaj tak kisi Ko nahi bataya… Shaayad tum mere baat pe yakeen na karo, ya shaayad tumhare khayaal is baare mein alag ho.. Lekin main aaj tujhe batana chahta hoon ki…. I love you Twinkle! I love you so much! Ab mujhe tujhse pyaar kab, kaise, kahan, kyun hua.. iss sab ka mere paas koi jawaab nahi hai..
Shaayad uss pal hua jab maine tumhe mere guitar lessons ke liye mamma papa se ladte hue dekha aur mujhe ehsaas hua ki tum mere sapno ko mere hi jitne acchi tarah se jaanti ho, ya shaayad uss din jab mujhe chot laga tha lekin dard teri aankho mein dikh rahi thi, ya shaayad uss din jab tumne mujhe yakeen dilaya ki chahe koi bhi mera saath chod de, lekin tu hamesha mere saath rahegi…
Mujhe nahi pata. Lekin itna zaroor jaanta hoon ki main tere bina nahi jee sakta. Mujhe hamari choti badi baaton mein, ladaaiyon mein, masti mein, shaitaaniyon mein… Tujhse pyaar hogaya…
Ab itna lamba speech de diya… Tere liye hi ye teddy bear, roses aur chocolates laaya hoon, inhe to le lo yaar… Ab kuch bologi please? I can’t hold the anxiety anymore yaar…”

Twinkle was on cloud nine.. she had never expected something like this to happen. She immediately hugged him and confessed that she loved him too. They had hugged each other many times before too, but this one was different. It was magical, showing all the love they felt for each other, and held promises of togetherness forever.
End of flashback.

Twinkle smacked her forehead recalling all their stupid antics, because of which it didn’t take much time for Yuvi and Amaya to find out about them. Re-living those days through her memories, she fell asleep right there, tired with the action packed day.

That’s it for now guys.
Hope you all liked it.

Coming up soon: Some more memories of Twinj to be unveiled, Twinkle’s first day at work.

Stay tuned.
Do let me know your opinions on the episode and take care..
Love you all loads ??

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  9. Fabulous episode dear
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