Savitri Devi 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri gets Pragya kidnapped, Jaya watches proofs

Savitri Devi 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Goon coming to Shagun garden to meet Gayatri and tell her something. Gayatri says ok and says do whatever you want, but do any mistake. Jaya brings Sanchi and makes her sit. He greets Kusum and Dr. Kabir. Ayesha comes there and says congrats to Jaya. Jaya thanks her. Ayesha says Sanchi is lucky to have her mom today, and says she is not having her mum so she thought to take her blessings. Jaya says you would have taken blessing from your saas. Ayesha says she thought to apply mehendi to Sanchi and whispers in Sanchi’s ear that she is very happy to marry her boyfriend. Jaya asks what is she saying? Ayesha lies to her. Jaya appreciates her. She writes ‘K’ on her hand and says this is your destiny, don’t look at Veer as he is mine.

Everyone is dancing in Sanchi’s

mehendi on song Nachde. Goon comes there indisguise of waiter and gives spiked drink to Pragya. Pragya drinks it. Sanchi dances with Dr.Kabir. Pragya feels dizzy and tells Isha that she will go to washroom. Isha says ok. Goon eyes her.

Everyone is dancing on Veer’s mehendi. Ayesha says DJ is playing boring songs and says she will play awesome collection. She plays Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra’s video recording mistakenly and closes it. Gayatri sees it and takes her to side, says my truth would have come out because of you. Ayesha asks her to relax and says if anyone had known then you would have been hanged to shoot Savitri and kept her in coma by wrong treatment. Gayatri justifies her act and says you are getting married to Veer, because of me. Pragya hears them fully and says story is hidden in Ayesha’s pendrive. She runs and takes pendrive and runs again.

Gayatri says it seems she heard everything. Pragya went to Sanchi’s function side. Gayatri calls Goon and asks him to shoot Pragya fast. Pragya tries to speak to Sanchi, but Kusum takes her. Pragya is dizzy and thinks to talk to Jaya. Goon comes and makes her smell chloroform. He takes her. A lady gives shagun thaali to Sanchi in which pendrive fell down from Pragya’s hand. Gayatri asks goon to take Pragya. Goon says she don’t have pendrive. Gayatri asks him to keep her alive and ask about pendrive. Sanchi calls Pragya. Ayesha takes her phone and answers the call while keeping cloth in Pragya’s accent and says she went home and will come tomorrow.

Dr. Malhotra comes to Dr.Kabir and Sanchi’s function side and tells Jaya that Dr. Kabir is his son and agrees to his all sayings. He offers keys to Dr.Kabir and says he thought to find a good girl for him, but…Dr. Kabir refuses to take it and says your blessings are enough. He asks him not to tell anything to Sanchi again and says she is your bahu. Dr.Malhotra says you are so possessive about her.

Jaya gets pendrive and plays it on laptop. She sees Dr. Malhotra telling Gayatri that Savitri is useful to him even in critical condition and Veer came to his side. Gayatri takes credit for shooting Savitri and making her slipping in her coma.

Same promo. Dr. Kabir and Sanchi sitting for marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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