Savitri 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 31st July 2013 Written Update

Damyanti, King and the Rajguru are standing near the Parasmani. The king forwards his hand and touches it while when Damyanti does it she gets a shock and falls on the floor. The three are shocked and Damyanti gets up hurt. The king scolds her saying that she is not at all capable of the stone. She must have done something wrong that doesn’t suit a princess, like before, and so all this happened. Damyanti recalls what she did with Veer and how she insulted him. The king further says that if the third time she is not able to touch it then the stone would kill her and he doesn’t want to take this risk. He says that she is totally independent now and he doesn’t expect anything from her hereafter. He says that now he would announce that she is not going to be made the queen after him and the people can

choose what to do when he dies. Damyanti is in tears and the King and the Rajguru perform a Puja with the stone, held in the air and light strikes upon it. Damyanti runs away from there in tears.

At Chandal Singh’s Place

Sughanda, Chandal Singh and his spy look at the thundering sky. Sughanda tells Chandal Singh that he should also learns such power and magic that would make the sky thunder. She further says that she has found a perfect Guru for him who would make him strong, clever and powerful. She says that she would take him to meet that person in the morning.

At Another Room

Damyanti comes to the room where Uttara and Nakshatra are lying down with medicines on their wounds. She asks them about their health. She further says that they should not risk their life for her ever again because she is not worthy of it.

Damyanti runs off to her room and lies down on her bed, crying.

In The Morning

Damyanti wakes up and sees that it is morning and no one woke her up. She calls the maids who say that the king said that she can sleep till when she wishes ad wake up when she wants. She says but without her the morning prayers are not done. And the maids say that if she wants she can join the prayer but it would be entirely her decision. She tells them to get her bath ready and they leave while she runs to her window smilingly seeing the rain. She gets sad and almost cries when she again remembers the event of last night and the king saying that he doesn’t expect anything from her.

At The Court

The king tells Veer that from now he is removing him from the post of the bodyguard because she would not need any protection after his announcement which would decrease the danger on her. He says that he would tell the Senapati to give him such a job that would make him known as a warrior. Veer agrees and leaves in confusion.

At Rahukaal’s Place

Gullkia tells him that they should go back to Kalibhumi and plan something new while Vishkanya says that she can make him see the Parasmani with her Aiyyari powers. Gullika intervenes and denies the idea while Vishkanya says that he is intelligent to understand what to do and what to not.

Precap : Rahukaal is chanting Damyanti’s name. Nakshatra tells Damyanti that they should go South to the mountain/caves. Sughanda takes Chandal Singh to meet a Guru and asks him to teach Chandal Singh.

Update Credit to: catty2000

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