Suvreen Guggal 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 31st July 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Khurana sitting on his couch. The watchman comes in and says that there is to girls who wanted to meet him. Khurana asks who is there?? The watchman let the girls come in. It’s Samar and Yuvraj as girls.. LOL it’s soo funny.. LOL Watchman says that they were looking at house , so he thought to bring them here. Yuvraj says can we come in?? Khurana stands up and says ofcourse come in. Big smile They come in.
Rohan and his girlfriend are walking outside. His gf says we will work in iris together very soon. Big smile and then Rohan says that he is really happy for it but shouldn’t she work what she wants. The girl says if we work together so we will together too.. and then she hugs him. Rohan says you don’t want to understand me right?? And then he says we will

talk later.. and then he goes. In the office. Rohan comes in. Pritty says good morning but he doesn’t say something and walks. Vikram says ohh.. here is someone in really bad mood. Rohan doesn’t say anything and goes.
Back to Khurana. Samar and Yuvraj has a camera on the bag of Samar. But khurana doesn’t see it. Samar says hi I’m Madonna. And then Yuvraj says and I’m shakira. He says I’m Khurana. Samar says ofcourse khurana ji we know you. Who doesn’t know you?? You are really handsome LOL I’ve seen you on TV too , you were really handsome. (loll’ LOL) Yuvraj says you are really strong.. They are really funny yaar.. LOL Samar says we need flat. Khurana asks them are you married? Yuvraj says yes but Maddy corrects him and says no. Khurana is confused and asks what does it mean?? Maddy says that they are in love’ LOL Yuvraj touches Khurana LOL Khurana says to the watchman you can go.. Samar says wooww.. I think I’m gonna faint.. LOL Khurana says why?? And touches Yuvraj LOL Yuvraj says you are here isliye .. LOL Maddy gives his hand khurana looks at it..
In the hotel. Suvreen, Puppa and Mumma are sitting on Suvis bed. Suvi talks about Maddy. She says that Soni is talking too but and then Puppa says like you! Suvi didn’t hear it and asked did you say something puppa? He says no no.. Mumma is laughing. They are drinking coffee/tea. Mumma says Soni is soni na??? she can’t be bad. Suvi says that she didn’t say that Soni is bad. She says that soni is really nice. Puppa says it’s soni I know it. Suvreen is confused and asks how can you know it? Puppa says : when I sent you friend request in fb I saw your friends list. Suvreen gets shocked. Suvi says that she has to change her security settings. LOL
Rohan comes to office angrily Vikram says to Rohan what happened Mr Prince these days you’re very busy one side Geeti and one side Trisha… Rohan says leave my way I don’t want to argue with you.. Vikram says why you scared? Geeti comes and says Rohan seeing Geeti Vikram hugs Rohan says whats up Bro? Geeti comes and asks Rohan if he’s ok Rohan says yeah… Jolly comes to office and says good morning jokers… everyone says good morning Alisha says to herself today he didn’t say morons… Jolly says you guys must be thinking is there going to be quiz and one person will be thinking why didn’t I say morons today to you all… he then says you are all looking so funny today that’s why jokers… looking at Alisha Jolly says that moron was you who thought why didn’t I say morons today… He then says today we will discuss global trends what trends are working and what trends are not…Jolly says tell me Rohan what you think you had highest points last time so tell what you have prepared… Vikram says to himself Rohan you put eyes on my girlfriend now see what happens to you… Rohan says he done some research on the fashion world trivia so I can perform well and earn some points… Jolly says honesty I didn’t know someone could answer so honestly… Geeti says if you combine checks and stripes the look will be really cool… people are scared to try such looks…Jolly says yes like the 60s where no one was scared… Alisha says it’s very silly to experiment on these kinds of things classic designs are classic because they are timeless we should leave outrageous designs should be left on ramp not brought in the market… Jolly says some designs are outrageous everyone has their own choice he then says you can’t be fashion nazi and rule everyone… he then says keep an open mind little witchy (yes even jolly called Alisha a witch heheh) Jolly then tells Rohan he didn’t see anything different in his designs Rohan says only his culture and tradition inspires him…Jolly says I thought global trends inspire you… Rohan says no culture and tradition… Jolly says to Rohan come to my cabin after I want to see all your designs.. Rohan says ok Sir
Back to Khurana. He says to himself where did I see this tattoo?? Yuvraj says I will give you! Khurana asks what?? He says the id card. He takes his bag. Yuvraj puts his bag back and says that they are alone in this country. Yuvraj holds Samar’s hands and says that they are doing everything together. Khurana says if they want a flat then they will find it very soon. Two bad girls are living there.. Soni and Gugleen. Yuvraj corrects him and says Suvreen.!
Back to Suvreen. Puppa says I’ve to tell you something. Suvreen says tell me. He says I’m sorry, I didn’t support you. I see today that you are really intelligent. I’m really proud of you are my daughter. Suvreen hugs him and says I’m really proud of you are my dad. She says thank you puppa you gave me confidence! And then they hug.. Suvi says I love you puppa he says I love you too. And then suvi says I love you Mumma says says I love you too and hugs them. Suvreen says can I want something from you? Puppa says ofcourse tell me. Suvreen holds Mumma and Puppa’s hands and says please come with me to Mumbai. Puppa gets shocked. He thinks something.

Precap: Suvreen and Yuvraj are talking on phone. He says there is a big surprise for you. YuvReen are on the car. And then Alisha calls Yuvraj but he hangs up. And then when Yuvraj goes. Suvreen sees a massage. (I think it’s a massage from Alisha) She gets shocked and sad.

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