My Savior My Love -Savitri Devi-epi 9

Good morning my lovely readers
I so glad most of u like all 4 characters tysm thats a huge compliment
thanks dear riya, rehmat, richa, anu, moonlight, trisha, dharani, divya, ayonija n sanu (yes I love suspense alot)
thanks silent readers

Recap-Veer asks Sanchi to meditate, Sanchi, veer, Kabir pragya go out for movie
veer saves Sanchi from being bit by car injures himself

Sanchi panics seeing veer bleeding
he supports him n helps him get up veer is feeling giddy sanchi holds his hand
kabir n pragya notice n come running towards them
Kabir-Sanchi r u fine? veer veer
He supports veer n takes him in car
pragya sits on backseat n make veer’s head rest on her lap
Kabir drives
n Sanchi sits on front seat
pragya does first aid
veer is not in senses
Sanchi is weeping n continuously looking behind
pragya-Kabir please drive fast there is blood loss bhai will need some injection to stp bleeding

Veer is in hospital
Sanchi, pragya Kabir look on
Veer opens eyes
pragya (teareyed)-Bhai r u fine?
Veer-Hmmm yaahhh
Kabir-veer u scared us what happened
veer looks at Sanchi

Dadi comes
Dadi hugs veer
Dadi -putaar yeh ki hua how did all this happen r u fine
Veer-yes yes girlfriend dnt wry nothing much actually I was talking on phone didn’t notice car heading towards me n it was minor accident nothing much
Pragya-bhai please this is no way minor accident there has been lot of blood loss

Sanchi looks at veer
Sanchi’s pov-y did he lie y didn’t he say he got hurt because he saved me y? ?

Veer-Kabir am fine please take Sanchi to her ward please she needs rest she is doing activity from so much time

Kabir n Sanchi leave

Dadi is feeding soup to veer
Veer-Dadi am fine aap please tension mat lo
Pragya-Dadi abh aap please ghar jaaoo hum hain na bhai ke saath
Dadi-ok but any prob call me immediately

Dadi leaves

Pragya-Bhai I saw u saved sanchi n got hurt y did u lie

Veer-Pragya I didn’t want anybody to blame Sanchi it wasnt her mistake

Sanchi overhears them Pragya notices her
Sanchi-How r u veer?
Veer-am fine dnt wry
Pragya-Sanchi yaar can u please sit wd bhai for sometime I need to check some patients dnt feel like leaving him alone
Sanchi-sure u go

Sanchi looks at veer
Veer-Sanchi am fine u please go n rest
Sanchi-y veer y y r u so good to me y cannot u see anybody blame me y do u save me everytime y u want me to live y u want me to smile y y y??

Veer looks on other side

Sanchi-Answer me

Veer (teareyed )-Because I cdnt save her make her smile I lost her I lost love of my life

sanchi is shocked

precap-Fb of veer isha love story

Friends please dnt be angry am sorry I cdnt write isha ki story tdy as promised n gave small update sorry Amnot keeping good health n isha ki story I didn’t want to compromise on its presentation its lil long so sorry

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