“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 39: Pointless Questions

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Sayyam stood motionless next to Krishna, not knowing how to answer the question she’d just confronted him with. ‘What would he tell her? – That Yuvaan had planned to run away with Baby the night before his marriage with Krishna? That he had wanted to save his mother’s and Krishna’s respect?’ He stood at the side of the road with Krishna, trying to choose his words carefully, when her voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Whatcha’ thinkin’ ‘bout, huh? Answerme!” she slurred, still under the influence of the alcohol she had consumed.

Sayyam paused, realizing that Krishna was still drunk; he could say virtually anything to her. In fact- he didn’t have to even answer her question.

“Krishna come,” he folded his arms.

“No, tell me.”

“Krishna, I’ll tell you later.”




“You see what I do to you!”

“Wha’ will ya do!”

Sayyam was officially fed up with this conversation. He swooped down and picked her up in one fluid motion. “Ahh…you’re so heavy!” he complained, shifting her around in his arms.

“No, you’re just too weak,” she countered, her arms tightly wrapped around his neck. She started to kick her feet back and forth, trying to escape his grasp.

“What’s your problem? Yaar…” he tightened his grasp around her waist, pulling her against him.

She gasped, then fell silent for a while, as he carried her back to the car.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?” she looked up at him innocently as they approached the car.

“Because of you,” he opened the car door, dumping her inside and closed the door, making sure not to wake up Yuvani. He got into the car and started it, but not before he heard some shuffling in the back.

“What now!” he cried, not bothering to turn back.

Krishna’s soft, timid voice rang through the car, “I want to sit in the front.”

“Sayyam sighed, “If I let you sit in the front, will you shut up?” He glanced into the rear-view mirror and saw Krishna nod hear head vigorously. “Fine, but you have to come on your own, I’m not helping you,” he huffed.

Krishna opened the car door and climbed out, stumbling around the car. Honestly, Sayyam was wondering why he was putting up with her stupidity. After some time of leaning on the car and giggling, she finally opened the front passenger door and sat in the car, closing the door behind her.

“Wear your seatbelt,” Sayyam commanded.

“Awrite,” she said, trying to pull the seatbelt over her, but it was clear she was losing the battle with the strap.

“Ahh, why am I stuck with this stupid girl?” he leaned over Krishna, strapping the seatbelt for her. His stubble brushed against her cheek, causing her to press herself back against the seat.

He leaned back and saw that tears had welled up in her eyes.

“What happened?” he asked, concerned.

“First, you called me stupid, then you hurt me,” she complained.

“When did I hurt you?” Sayyam asked in disbelief.

She pointed at his face, pouting, “Your hair is prickly”

“So what should I do?” he waited for a reply, desperate to get this girl to shut up, but she changed the subject.

“Tell me…you said that your heart was beatin’ faster ‘cause o’ me; how come?”

Sayyam paused, honestly unsure as to why his heartbeats had been so fast when he’d held her. He finally responded, “You know Krishna, you’re fat, and I had to put in so much effort to lift you, that’s why my heart was beating so fast.”


“Shut. Up.” Sayyam scowled as he began to drive away from the bar, “You’ve spoken enough for one day; now stop, or else-.”

“O’ else?” she raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll kiss you,” Sayyam said impulsively.

For the rest of the ride, Krishna did not dare open her mouth.

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