Satrangi Sasural 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Grounds
Vihaan helps kyra to drink the water while she anxiously and with anticipation as he pulls the glass close. maat performs the rituals meanwhile, so that the electrical wires right overhead on vihaan start carrying charge. Vihaan holds up the glass right to her lips. She is about to drink it, when the electrical wires fall on himm electrocuting him, while he falls on the ground, unconscious and the glass falls away. kyra eyes him shocked, distraught and apalled. All rush to him, shocked and stunned, while bebo smiles. ladies comment that he haas stopped breathing. they are all shocked. mini rushes to go to the doctor. Narmada shoves kyra away, asking her not to even dare to come close to him. Kyra asks them to shut up and stand apart, and says that he isnt

dead, and she knows well what to do in this situation. she starts giving him cardiac compressions, while the mothers and kyra beg him to open his eyes, but he doesnt, to their horror. bebo evilly smiles. Meanwhile, Maata smiles and says that he wont live on now. Bebo thinks that finally maata proved her worth and finally she did something, that deserves recognition and reward and that with vihaan gone, her plan shall be implemented now. Kyra suddenly gets an idea, saying that she has no other choice. She takes on her dupatta and then drapes it over her head and gets on vihaan, and then covers them both, while giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation, to revive him back. all are shocked, while the mothers keep waiting anxiously and nervously to see the effect. bebo is shocked. As kyra gets up, and draws her dupatta away, all are relieved surprisingly to find vihaan being revived back, as he gasps for breath and struggles to breathe. Kyra is overwhelmed with relief that it did work. the mothers rush to him, while granny thanks the lord for his blessings. Kyra eyes him emotionally, while bebo is shocked to see this miracle. Even in his dizzy state, he thanks her.Just then, Maata faces immense pain, and says that her rituals have gone to vain, and her fellows ask what shall happen now. Amidts writhing pain, she says that in the next 24 hours, she shall die, and all her rituals failed, as the two women saved him, Arushi’s soul and Kyra’s love and that her death is imminent now. She suddenly stands still, as if just having sensed something.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In the house, the doctor checks vihaan, while the mothers and kyra wait nervously. he says that all is fine now. he says that the shock was severe and in 99% cases, people die, for lack of proper immediate treatment, as when people get electrocuted, no one knows what to do to revive their heart back. he tells vihaan that he is fortunate that someone near him, knows this technique. he asks who did this. granny says that kyra saved him. he praises her and asks vihaan to rest, and assures them that all shall be fine. He leaves. Kyra eyes vihaan, who asks for water. Narmada gives him water and he gets up and drinks the water while eyeing kyra. he tells her to come close to him. She complies, while she along with others are boggled. he says that her fast isnt over yet as she couldnt drink water, after he got electrocuted, and asks her to sit, so that he can give her water. she is emotional. then he asks her to drink the water and she complies, and breaks the fast. Naramada and priyanka watch tensedly, while granny, geeta and mini are happy. Kyra eyes them lovingly.

Scene 3:
Location: Dolly’s residence
An unidentified lady hiding her face, knocks on bebo’s door, and she is surprised to see her. when she reveals her face, bebo is shocked to find that its maata and asks whats she doing here as bebo might be falsely implicated. bebo is shocked when Maata shows her burnt and scalding face, saying that she got only 24 hours to live now. bebo is surprised. she says that she shall take bebo too if she dies once. Bebo takes her in and asks whats she saying. Maata says that she has made her voodoo doll too, and shows it to her. She says that to save her, no good spirit shall come, and in seconds, she shall die, if she strangulates the doll. bebo changes the tone and asks her to calm down, and demand what she needs. Maata says that she needs vihaan’s blood, if bebo wants to live along with her too.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Later, Narmada throws her plate of food away while kyra is shocked. She asks her not to pretend as she can fool anyone, but not her, as she is an evil spirit. Kyra is shocked. narmada grabs her hand and begins to take her out by the hand, while she protests, when vihaan and others come in and try to get kyra free from narmada’s grasp. Kyra is apalled, as narmada continues to refer to her as a daayn. Bebo eyes the commotion and says that this is the right time to take his blood. she comes and gets in the commotion. bebo slaps narmada tight across her face while all are shocked. She asks how dare she call her a Daayan. Granny composes narmada who is shocked. Bebo says that she wont let her live now at any cost, after having, disrespected her daughter. She picks up a knife, and goes onto strike narmaada, while others are horrified and shocked. Vihaan tries to get the knife away and the knife then stabs in his arm, and bebo stands aside, having gotten the blood. kyra turns to bebo and asks if she has gone mad, and asks her to get lost. bebo tries to speak, but kyra shoves her out. Narmnada notices bebo going and wonders why she stole the knife like this. she goes out to check after her, while all hover around vihaan.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
On the road, maata’s condition starts to debiliate, and just then bebo gets vihaan’s blood, that the maata spills on her head and then starts her chants and rituals, while bebo is shocked. Narmada sees this from a distance and is shocked. she understands that they are doing some sort of magic on vihaan and wonders if kyra is involved too. She decides to go and tell everyone. but she is about to turn when she makes a noise as her feet lands on a crushed can. narmada is scared as she eyes maata chanting in front of her. She is hypnotised by maata.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, at home, vihaan feeds food to kyra, while the mothers watch on. Kyra tells them that she never got mother’s love but due to them, she got eit today and thanks them all. Kyra is boggled, as a voice says that she is wrong. Narmada comes in her dazed state, and all are shocked to see her. He goes and asks her to rest, while she asks him to shut up, as she is the mother, and asks him not to explain whats right or wrong as she can see. He asks her to stop talking nonsense. Narmada tells kyra that this girl is a Daayan and she shall finish her, and thats her promise. all are shocked, while kyra is apalled. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Maata tells bebo that what they want, now narmada shall be the medium to do it for them. She says that narmada is like her servant now who she owns, who shall unconditionally and without any questions, do whatever is told to her. Narmada is meanwhile hypnotised and gets up in a trance. She says that now she shall get anything done by narmada. Narmada gets out of bed in the late hours of the night, while all are asleep. She picks up the knife and then goes to vihaan’s room and eyes him as she holds up the knife, to kill him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Is show ko bandh karo

  2. farida uttan

    When is this stupid story going to end. Sometime ago it was said this going off air. Please take it off now to stop us from reading this nonsense.
    it seems all these writers love stories with black-magic and witch crafts in it. SHAME on your in this day and age

  3. When arushie was in the show it was nice ever since she died i stoped watching this nonsence

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