Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking why did Neil and Ragini didn’t come till now. Nishi asks them to have food. Ranbir calls Suhani and asks if they get any updates about investigation. Suhani says no and says Pam asked them not to call Neil and Ragini. Neil tells Pam that negative questions were asked. He is amazed to see how Ragini handled the situation. Pam says she will handle the kids and RK will talk to them. RK agrees. Pam asks if there is any more interview. Neil says yes, tomorrow.

Aarav takes Jignesh to the goons. Jignesh says he is impressed and promises to bring 10 Lakhs tomorrow. The goons ask him to drink. Jignesh refuses and says his wife will leave him if he gets drunk. Once Aarav goes, Jignesh asks the goons about Aarav investing the money. The goon tell that Aarav invested 30 Lakhs rupees. RK comes to kids and says Neil and Ragini’s performance was good, and tells that 2 answers were right among 5. He thinks he has motivated the kids, but their hope is increasing.

Jignesh comes to Ranbir and tells that Aarav invested 30 Lakhs rupees, and wonders what did he do to arrange the money. Ranbir says he have to inform Dad. Jignesh says mom and dad are already busy with investigation, and have lost 3 points already. Ranbir asks him to keep eye on Aarav.

Nivedita comes to Aman and asks why he was losing self confidence during interview. She says she loves Neil very much and can go to any hesitant. Aman says I am not an interviewer. Nivedita gives him paper of questions and asks himself to prepare. She asks him to imagine Ragini beside him, and it will motivate him. Suhani tells they can concentrate on legal matters. Aarav says we shall study law. Karthik tells that he will arrange books from his friend. Nishi says we shall rest as of now and asks them to sleep.

Later in room, Neil asks Ragini why she is tensed? He says kids are happy and hoping high. Ragini says what will happen if their hope breaks, how will they able to cope up. Neil says hope is a big word and tells about his patient in the hospital. He tells he did his surgery with 5 perfect hope and had saved his life. He says if there is a little hope, then also we have to walk holding hope. He says there is still hope. Ragini smiles and says you are right.

Suhani tells that she made notes related to case and they will give to Mom and Dad. Nishi asks her to rest as she was awake all night. Suhani says she will drink tea and is fine. Aman comes there. Agam greets him and says no one is at home. Nishi looks on. Aman asks them to relax and says he didn’t come to do investigation. He says you all are upset with me as I became part of investigation team due to helplessless. Nishi says we all know that what you did yesterday. She says we are not kids anymore, and says you used to love mum. Aman says you have never identified me, and tells he will never fall to low level. He says he came to help them and gives papers saying it can help you. Nishi shows the papers. Aman says I am leaking the interview papers. Suhani asks if he is saying truth and reads it. She thanks Aman for changing their life. Nishi thanks him. Ragini comes. Nishi shows her questions list which will be ask with them.

Pam and RK come to the lab and tells the receptionist that they need to authenticate the audio clip. Receptionist gives the register to sign. Pam and RK check the register and tell that Nivedita is their friend. Receptionist tells that report will come in 2 days. Pam gets tensed.

Ragini asks Aman why did he come to their life and says you might want to take revenge. Aman says no. Ragini says Nivedita might have sent you to spy on us. Aman says I really want to help you and takes promise of her dead dadi. He says he thought to make her his life partner, but you was not in my destiny. He says I have understood about your and my relation. He says I always stood by you and have loved you.

Neil asks Ragini what Aman was saying? Ragini says Aman wants to help us in investigation matter. Neil doubts his intention and says he might be playing game. Ragini says he is very honest and don’t know about playing games.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. bakowas…

  2. I so hope that doctor aman had good intentions
    Uhg and nivedata should stop overacting

  3. it is one of the best serial – should be switched back to its previous broadcasting time as it suits KSA viewers

  4. chanda panday

    Hopefully Dr.Aman doesn’t get involved into this dirty game anymore

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