Satrangi Sasural 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are tensed and sad at granny’s scolding and happy with arushi’s calm and composed nature, full of manners in front of elders. they vouch that she shall never destroy their faith. mini says that had she been, she would have broken off the relation long back. They all decide to do something to connect her more internally and intimately with them.

Vihaan in his room, is disturbed with granny’s behaviour towards arushi. Nilima comes and asks him to get ready for a client’s meeting, but vihaan says that he isnt in the modd. She insists and doesnt take no for an answer. he complies. The ladies eye expectantly.

Scene 2:
Location: Restaurant
As vihaan comes inside to find his client, he finds

arushi and is super happy and comes and hugs her from behind. she is pleasntly shocked. They are amused to find a card for them, and find that its from his seven mothers, wishing them both all the happiness in the world, in their marital relation. They love the gesture. She says that she is lucky to have seven mother in laws. She says that this dinner is for the mothers, and goes onto call them, despite him saying that they wont come. She dials them and thanks them fr the lovely surprise, and then insists them into saying yes, to join them for dinner. He is overwhelmed with her intimacy with his mothers.

All the ladies join arushi and vihaan, and they all try to take the credit for this gesture. They continue to have a teasing banter. they tease vihaan that he should get to know of her likes and dislikes. geeta apologises for everyone’s behalf, for granny. Arushi asks them not to be formal, as it was her right. Arushi asks them to stay, but they say that theyu should get to know each other. Finally taking vihaan’s cue they leave. Vihaan and arushi, sit along with the seven mothers, who then finally leave them both alone, teasing that they wont get much alone time after marriage and hence should savour every moment. they leave. Just outside, rosy comes startling arushi. She expresses that she is arushi’s best friend. They ask whats she doing here and she says that she came to meet arushi. they tell her that she is getting to know vihaan and hence shouldnt interrupt. Rosy casually comments that they know each other so well already, and thats possibly the only good effect of knowing each other from before. all the ladies are stunned while arushi and vihaan are taken aback. Vihaan and arushi are shocked. they ask what she means, and before she can say anything which is a blunder, Vihaan comes in saving the problem, giving them the excuse, of some astrological sciences that proved that they know each other long back. Rosy is relieved. The ladies leave along with rosy. Arushi and vihaan are relieved too. They sit back tensedly. Both of them feel bad and emotionally guilty about lying to the seven mothers. He says that he doesnt have a choice. She says that relationships shouldnt be based on lies, and hence they should make a vow, that once they are married, they shall tell everyone, that its a love and not an arranged marriage. He complies and promsies her.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Dadaji comes to find prahlad and girish talking. he says that he doesnt know what game are they upto now, but raises his hand, and they think that he is going to hit them. he folds his hand saying that he wants something from them. He begs them to let arushi get married peacefully. prahlad asks whats he saying, as she is his daughter too, and he wont do anything that hinders their marriage. he is unconvinced and says that he wont spare them. They both swear on his head that they wont do anything wrong till arushi’s marriage. They ask him to go to sleep. He complies. They start evilly thinking that they cant let the marriage be ruined, as its their only hope. girish smiles.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
A gay designer comes in as the wedding co-ordinator boring them with his self-praise rant, hitting on vihaan as he comes in, while he and the mothers are amused. suddenly a flower vase falls from above, right beside vihaan, scaring the ladies, missing him barely by an inch. He is surprised too. Granny is tensed and shocked. the maid apologises for the carelessness. Granny says that its a big omen, and all are tensed. Geeta and others try to ask her to focus on the good things. Granny leaves tensed, and vihaan is boggled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: At the haldi ceremony, arushi is tensed to hear her buaji’s stinging words, who in the garb of blessings deliberately taunts her. She and her mother are hurt and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Why is granny so tensed.She believes every thing that happens is an omen.Trust the God you believe in if not do not make those offerings.These two people are so much in love I would like to see them get married and live happy ever after.

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