Sinhasan Battisi 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, raja bhoj is seen thinking and there comes maharani vallari she asks raja bhoj about his singhasan battisi and he says tat it is going on and still long way and then he reminds all the 12 visuals that he has crossed uptill now by wishes of and blessings of mahamay i have successfully passed these tasks sometimes the exam was of justice and at some time it was for both of us for self respect and he feels tat his life is completely rolling around the tasks involved in singhasan maharani vallari then says tat these tasks are for the man with power and then raja bhoj asks her tat has she talked to chandrika vallari says tat she talked but chandrika said tat she has killed her husband and so she wants death sentence for her crime but vallari says tat she does not thinks tat chandrka seems to be real she could not commit such a crime raja bhoj then says tat he needs to go to dhavalgad to find out the truth behind this
Raja bhoj reaches dhavalgad and asks the villager home of chandrika and they ask him to go west and he then asks them about devi chandrika as a person how is she the villagers say tat she is an idol for many ladies as she is a dedicated to her husband and her responsibilities towards him raja bhoj is surprised and ask then then y did she killed her husband listening to this the villagers also get shocked and ask did devmani died as they don’t know because they have just returned from journey and raja bhoj then goes to devmanis palace
Devamani is seen talking to his customers who are there to take loan from him but he is refusing to give and asking then to keep something in return and then they can take away as much wealth they want and then there comes raja bhoj he then says tat is this home of devi chandrika and devmani says tat yes and raja bhoj says tat devmani is her husband and then devmani says tat he is devmani raja bhoj is shocked and says to devmani tat his wife came to him complaining tat she killed u and u r alive devamni then says tat yes he was killed in his last janam by his wife and so he refused now to accept her as his wife now scaring tat she may kill him now to and raja bhoj says tat how r u so sure about it and devamani asks him to come with him as Acharay budheshwar will tell him the truth and then acharaya asks devmani y is he here with raja bhoj and then devmani says tat raja bhoj wants to know the truth of his death in the last janma by his wife and raja bhoj asks how can he be so sure about it and acharaya tells tat he looked in to this book called suryasahita which has the words by chandrika where she admits tat she has killed her husband and raja bhoj demands to make him hear tat and acharaya hears him the word by chandrika raja bhoj then doubts about the reality and the truthfulness of this book and acharay says tat this book never says anything lies and then raja bhoj requests to take the book with him and acharaya gives him the book and tells devmani tat he should have trusted his wife rather blaming her for future death and not accepting her now and he leaves.
Talking the book in hand he is walking and gets tired and sits on a rock feeling thirsty and then there comes mahamaya and says to raja bhoj tat a women is sign of power and we should respect her and raja bhoj then say tat he remembers the promise made to her of giving respect to women and then mahamay gives him a glass of water and raja bhoj takes it and drinks and then mahamaya disappears.
In Ujjain palace maharani vallari is consoling devi chandrika tat she should not worry as raja bhoj will find out the truth and then raja bhoj stops near a surya mandir keeps the book on book stand and prays to lord surya to help him in this task and lord surya appears and ask him wats the matter raj abhoj then says tat he needs to give justice to a lady who has been rejected by her husband and has been removed from the village too lord surya agrees to help and asks raja bhoj wat he wants and he tells tat he wants to know about the past of devi chandrika and then lord surya blesses him and raja bhoj reaches in a village and is wondering where has he reached he tries asking the passer by but it seems tat they are not recognising him wen one man passes through him he understands tat he is not visible to them and then he sees chandrika with her friends and he understands tat he has travelled in past and follows chandrika.

Raja bhoj sees tat chandrika is meeting devmani and someone attacks them they are the brothers of chandrika who are stoping her to meet devmani as he is there enemy while the three brothers run behind devmani to kill him and chandrika also runs behind them while she is targeting to hit her one brother mistakenly she kills devmani and then she kills herself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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