Satrangi Sasural 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra finds it weird that she got a call from vasundhara, and asks her where she got her number from. vasundhara distracts and says that she only gave it in the car. kyra doesnt remember but complies nevertheless. She then gets advise regarding her upcoming maternity, and they chat animatedly about their lives, when she hears granny holering at their door, and tells vasundhara that she shall talk later. vasundhara complies. its revelead that she has a pic of granny in her hand when she talks to kyra. Kyra and vihaan meanwhile come out, and open the door, and granny stands tensedly. Then vihaan takes off his thread and places it to kyra;s hand to set granny at ease. granny asks them both to rest and then leaves. They both stand tensedly.

Granny goes out and straight to devi maa’s place, and asks her to give the exact info as to when the Jinn came as its of paramount importance for her. she asks granny wahts the matter, but she doesnt give in and tells her to find out. she says that she can use her powers but still wont be able to find out. Granny gets tensed, and then gives her the kundali of the entire family, to find out if there is any trouble looming overhead. Devi maa checks and says that everything is fine, but kyra’s kundali has a defect but nothing that cant be sorted. Granny says that such rememdies often come at a huge price. Devi maa is boggled, but granny is apalled abnd leaves. then she comes in and is again surrounded by thoughts in her mind since hearing dolly’s statements. she hears aru crying and rushes to her and finds out that she is crying as kyra scolded her. granny thinks that its because someone else is controlling her now.

Meanwhile, kyra is in the kitchen, warming milk for the kids, talking about her love for the family to vasundhara on the phone, already animatedly chatting up with her, as if they are long lost friends. She then cancels the call. vasundhara apologises in her mind, that she has to use kyra to get close to her family. Kyra goes and finds granny tensed and doubtful of her every move, when she understands that aru complained. Kyra amusedly apologises and then finds granny tensed as she is disinterested in talking to her. Granny thinks that she knows kyra doesnt mean harm, but what if she harms them due to being under some influence. she comes out, andlies on the reclining arm chair, and spends the entire night, in her tensed thoughts, until next morning, when priyanka comes and still finds her awak, in a daze thoroughly tensed. she however says that she is fine.

In the room, vihaan and mili secretly try to give chicken soup, to kyra, as its good for her health, she however resists and says that she shall tell granny, while they are scared. she is finally convinced after much hesitation and reluctance. In the kitchen, Even when they prepare food for kyra, for her pregnancy, they find granny tensed, and tease her that she is bheing extra protective about kyra. granny says that she does love kyra, and loves all of them, kyra so much so, that she doesnt want her to give birth to this baby. they are aghast. Geeta asks her to calm down as kyra shall be fine. Narmada however asks what did she mean by saying so. Granny stands speechless. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra animatedly tells vihaan and mili, that they shall share this secret, that she loved chicken soup. They are shocked as they find granny standing in the doorway. Granny comes in and is about to slap her, while vihaan tries to give her defense. mili rushes out. granny asks how dare she try to do whats never been done in the family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This serial needs to be closed off now. It is high time. When vihaan dies. Thats it. Lets all STOP watching this serial. So the trp will fall to zero and zee will FORCE them to end this shit show. !!!

  2. Xavier I agree with what you said but I want to know where you found out that Vihaan is going to die update me please much oblige

  3. At I read that that Vihaan will die in the show and Rahul Sharma will enter as the new male lead

  4. So its going to be the new qubooli hai jst end the serial pliz

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