Meri Saasu Maa 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Maasa starts gagging and suffocating for breath, and pari immediately attends to her, and tries to put on the oxygen mask, but she refuses and asks her not to even dare touch her. the doctor rushes in with the nurse, and sattu places the mask, while she stands away. the doctors attend to her. Maasa thinks that she shall not let pari spoil his life. he thinks that she must be very angry for replacing mastana and apologises. he holds her hand, while pari stands tensedly. sattu then talks to the doctor that he shall stay here only. the doctor and nurse leave. sattu takes off her mask, and then cleanses her face and then puts it back again, completely distraught. he asjks her to get well soon as he cant see her like this, and says that he shall try everything to get her right, and do everything. pari turns around resignedly and begins to go, but then turns around, and thinks whether he loves her so much so, that he shall do anything for her and wonders if he was a part of the plan, and if he was, then why did he marry her. she walks out. she sits outside tensedly, while sattu attends to maasa, and then lies down by her hand. pari too doses sitting. Maasa then wakes up and finds pari sitting on the chair, dozing off, and then nudges her hand, that wakes up sattu. he kisses her hand, and pari wakes up just then too. she gets up and comes in. her family comes in just then too, and greet maasa. pari composes herself. She asks ankit about granny. he says that she was tired hence didnt come, and would come tomorrow. her father asks sattu what the doctor said. sattu says that all is fine

Masi comes close to maasa, and says that pari has brought weird luck to her, and that she needs to promise ankit and suman’s marriage, and then she shall be by her side to take care of pari, and asks her to get well soon. she says that now her new bahu, pari is there to take care of her. maasa eyes her tensedly. masi then asks them all to leave, so that she can rest. She eyes sattu who immediately rushes to maasa’s side and asks whats the matter. she takes off her oxygen mask, and then tells him that this isnt right, as pari had to spend the first night here, and she must have faced much trouble, and she doesnt want the new bahu to be here in the hospital, and asks him to drop her home. he says that he wont leave her side. she says that her condition shall worsen if she sees pari here, right after her marriage, in such tensed state, and orders him to go with her home. he complies, but says that he shall drop her there and then come back here. maasa silently complies. he places the oxygen mask back again. pari is boggled as she turns around and leaves. he leaves too. maasa smirks tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As they get out of the car, having reached home, Pari accidentally slips, while taking out the tiffin, and drops it. Sattu sees this, and then he turns around and rushes to pick it up, and their hands graze each other’s. amd then an awkward romantic eyegaze follows. He then takes the med bottles from her. She says that she wishes to ask him soemthing, and asks that he loevs his maasa too much. he says that she is like his god. just then, the temple bells start ringing. Pari then says that she needs to know one thing thats been boggling her badly. She asks if he knew that maasa wanted her to be married to mastana. he stands tensed at such a question, as he is unable to hear anything, due to the bells. they come in to find all of them praying in the temple inside the house. sattu goes to them and asks whats up, and they say that they were just praying, and then leave way, to find maasa in the cheelchair. he is shocked along with pari, and rushes to him, asking he should have been at the hospital, as she is not fine. she says that he is right, but till now, noone has stepped inside the house, without the proper rituals, and hence before them, she had to reach anyhow. he is overwhlmed. She eyes pari tensedly, who is boggled at this new change of her behaviour. she asks them to come, as they shall perform the rituals now. sattu steps out. maasa then dons the thali, and with the proper rituals, she gets the griha pravesh, of pari and sattu done as a married couple inside her house. she fumes from inside, but complies nevertheless. she blesses her to be happy always, and blesses him to keep him away from all evil spirits, hinting at pari, who is tensed. she then asks pari to step on the kalash and get inside. She is tensed but complies, as maasa grabs hold of her hand while the bhabhis smirk.she is petrified a little by her stern behaviour. pari places her feet in the alta, and then steps in, while she eyes her curtly. Maasa says that the steps of the new bride are considered lucky, and but neither her nor her footprints shall prove to be the same for her, but she is helpless right now and hence doing all this. pari eyes her distraught, and then prays at the temple, while he eyes her lovingly. she then looks at maasa and at sattu, and does the formalities. pari bends down to touch maasa’s feet but she distances herself, and doesnt raise her hand to bless pari. sattu w3atches tensedly, while pari waits worried. Maasa gets uncomfortable as she feels the pressure to comply to his request, and bless her. The screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: As sattu gets close and intimate with pari, trying to consummate their wedding, he slides down the zipper on her kurta, from her back, while she eyes him with nervousness and anticipation, as an awkward romantic eyelock follows. she then refrains herself and rushes away, while he follows her boggled and puzzled. hshe ardently says that she wishes to have her answers first. he asks whats the matter. she asks if he knew that his maasa wanted her to marry mastana. sattu says that he did. She says that his maasa told her and her family about sattu’s relationship and not mastana. sattu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  7. The director in india are showing how the old women are bully this show is shear crap why this old woman want to damage this girl life when only she know what she did and who was under the head dressing lady why don’t you go home and pray to god before you teach young people to bad thing is that the india mother in law behaved


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