Sasural Simar Ka 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar asks sanju did sughanda show you magic? Sanju says yes when I went to take my ball. and then that day, I made her video when she was taking tray to mata ji’s room. she was not visible is camera. I wanted to show you but the phone was broken. Simar is dazed. She says do your homework. she says what is sughanda’s reality? Who is she? There is a way I can know. She says sanju stay here I am coming. Don’t tell anyone all this.
Simar says I have to touch Sughanda to know if sanju was right. Simar touches her, suddenly she realizes its mata ji. Simar says why are you wearing clothes like sughanda? Mata ji says she brought these clothes for me. simar says where is she? mata ji says she ahs gone to meet her brother. Simar says in heart should I tell roli all this?

She is already worried for sid.Malti says that time came for which I had been waiting for a long time.

Simar recalls sanju telling her about sughanda. Simar says i should inquire about that phone. she calls someone and asks if the video is repaired? He says that phone can’t be repaired and all data is lost. Simar hears bells and says I think arti has started. She hears the bells ringing from sughanda’s room. Simar is doing pooja.
Malti says I have to go to my room and bring that coin and keep rining this. I hope he doesn’t sleep. I am coming. She goes in her room. She says before anyone gets to know I am here, I have to find that coin and go back

Simar comes in sughanda’s room with arti. She says when you came? We were all downstairs. Sughanda sees that thing near her feet. Sughanda says I had a spat with my brother. So I came here. Simar says it happens. Take the arti everything will be okay. Sughanda says keep it here I have to take shower first. Simar says it doesn’t matter. Its only about heart. Simar says okay take shower I will clean your room till them. Sighanda says you dont have work left in kitchen? Simar says no. malti goes in washroom and says you are messing with me. Now see what I do. she turns tap on. simar disappears. simar says i know why are you not taking arti. Just want to be sure. I will figure out who you are today.

malti comes to madhvi. Madhvi says found the other coin? She says yes. They place both coins on their spots. Water overflows from washroom. Simar says where can aunty go? She checks sughanda is not there. Simar says I have to check in devika’s room. Sughanda is on the door coming in. simar is dazed. Simar says aunty.. say something. Your silence is sealing my doubts. I doubt you have link in whatever is happenin in our house. Mata ji’s behavior and sid. What is all this? Sughanda says what are you trying to say? I have nothing to do with all this. Simar says I felt so many times that you.. Sughanda says you can’t blame me without proof. Simar says before I could see the video sanju made, you broke the phone. Am I right? Simar tries to touch her, she steps back. Sughanda says sanju broke it. Simar says you sent me to a village that never existed. Why you did all that? Sughanda says I tried to help you. Malti may have done all that. simar says I need proof of your innocence. Sughanda says what? simar says I wanna touch you.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Seriously we can’t see Sid like this he is so rude he will be very romantic guy they R spoiling his role this serial is becoming worse and worse day by day

  2. again ikrs,tpk,ssk trishakti episode in colors again in this week… dont know exact date when it telicast but promo is given as trishakti.. and about sach aur jhoot…

  3. I understand your irritation siddhant. Having a fat wife like roli its normal u behave so

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