Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajaram/Raja signs Gaave ye papiha…song.. with Kalyani and Ketki. He plays tabla while Kalyani and Ketki play veena. They immerse in the pleasure of singing forgetting the whole world. Aayi smiles watching them. After practice, Ketki asks Raja why is he taking Kalyani to Pune and not her. Raja says she has to stay at home and take care of it. Ketki says aaji is there to take care of home. Raja says aaji is old now. He and Kalyani get ready for Pune. Aayi feeds Raja sweet curd and says he will achieve his goal with this good luck. Raja’s friend comes and says Pune bus will come in sometime and takes them along.

Raja travels with Kalyani on bus’s top. Kalyani says Ketki told he is selling Ranga sangeet. Raja says there is no other go and she knows. She says he is an artist and they can live with his art. They reach Pune. His old friend Sohrab meets him and they both get happy seeing each other. Sohrab asks his reason for coming to Pune. Raja says he is selling Ranga Sangeet and came to meet buyer. Sohrab asks if he is joking and asks if he will invest money somewhere else. Kalyani says baba does not have any option than selling Ranga sangeet. Raja scolds Kalyani. Sohrab asks Raja reason and takes him to his producer’s office. They wait in a reception hall and Raja says Sohrab he does not have to risk his job. Sohrab says god is helping him, so they made him meet. Receptionist calls them and they both get into producer’s cabin.

Raja’s son gets ill and Devika takes him to doc with Ketki and aayi. Doc checks child and asks to get him tested at Pune’s hospital as soon as possible. Devika asks when to get checkup. Doc says today itself. Aayi says her son is out of station and they need time. Doc says max 1 week. Ketki asks to write prescription at least. They walk back towards bus stop when aayi says boy is fine and need not worry. Ketki says her brother is having a hole in his heart since childhood. Aayi is shocked to hear that and complains Devika that she got her married to Raja when she was 16 and considered her as daughter, but she broke her trust. Devika says she did not want to trouble her and boy was fine since 2 years and suddenly became ill again now.

Raja and Sohrab come out of producer’s cabin and jump and hug each other happily. Sohrab says Kalyani that her baba does not have to sell Ranga sangeet now. Raja asks Sohrab to reach his village in 2 days and leaves in bus.

Raja’s betrayer friend tells family that their problems will finish soon as they are selling Ranga Sangeet. Ketki fights with family for hiding this fact. Raja comes from Pune and happilly hugs everyone and says he does not have to sell Ranga sangeet now and explains in detail what happened in Pune. Betrayer friend fumes in jealousy that his plan of grabbing Ranga sangeet is failing.

Precap: Raja applying ointment on Devika’s leg says till now his art did not give her anything, but now will give her a lot. Raja tells Sohrab that people are not attending Ranga Sangeet but will soon. Kalyani fights with her classmates and says Ranga sangeet is her baba’s.

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