Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2013 Written Update

Sid tells that he believes Roli won’t come here.Moment later they get shocked seeing Roli dancing.Khushi tells Sid to see his wife before saying anything.Veeru notices everything.Simar starts walking towards Roli.Roli gets afraid seeing Simar,Sid and Prem.Roli tells Rahul to go from there.Veeru tells that this was to happen with Roli anyday but he would have been there in Rahul’s place.He tells that he can’t do anything unless the papers are signed.He decides to leave the place.Rahul tells Roli that he can’t go leaving her alone.Sid tells him to go as her family is with her.Sid holds the collar of Rahul and tells him to go.Roli tells Sid to leave him and talk with her.Sid tells that he caught the collar of him and she got hurt.Sid asks what is her relation with him?He asks Roli what is she doing here in this dress?He tells that he can’t believe his eyes.He asks how can she do like this?He tells that his Roli can’t do this and she is not her Roli.She tells Sid that its not what he is thinking.Sid tells that he is shattered seeing this.He shouts at Roli to answer.Rahul tries to tell everything to Sid but Roli stops him fearing Khushi will know everything.

Roli tells Rahul that she doesn’t want him to say anything for her.Sid tells Roli that they have great understand.He tells Roli that he wants an answer.Sid pushes Rahul and asks how could he touch his wife?Simar thinks that Roli is not like this and there must be reason behind this.Rahul tells Sid to believe Roli and there is nothing between them.Sid tells Rahul that he will him if he comes near Roli.Roli tells Rahul to go.Sid tells that no one will go unless the truth is out.Rahul tells that he won’t believe him even when he will say the truth.Roli tells that she will the truth going home as she doesn’t want to create any drama here.Sid tells that Roli’s truth is infront of everything now.Prem tells that its their personal matter and they should talk in home.Roli goes out of the disco crying.

They reach home.Every one is shocked seeing Roli in that dress.Simar asks Roli what’s the truth?Mataji asks Roli what happened that she had go out in this dress.Surendra why she went to disco in this dress?Every one starts blaming her.Mataji tells Roli that she will have to answer.Roli thinks that she can’t say the truth to any one now.She needs to get back their property and respect from Roli.Veeru reaches home at that time.Khushi calls him and tells that he came at the right time.She tells Veeru everything.Sujata tells Roli that she believes she won’t do anything wrong.She asks what made her do this?Simar tells Roli to tell everything and they will find a solution.
Episode Ends

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Update Credit to: Tanya

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