Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2013 Written Update

Roli wakes up to go out of the room.She prays to Matarani to make everything so that she doesn’t need to lie to Sid and hide anything from him.She goes out and Mano closes the door.Khushi tells that she will need to teach lesson to Simar.She goes to talk with Veeru and finds him getting ready.She asks him where is going?Veeru tells Khushi to let him do what he wants.He tells her that she has only 4 days to transfer the ownership of the shop.She tells that she will find out what he is doing.Khushi comes out and tells the driver of a van to follow the bike.After sometime when Veeru goes out of her sight she comes out of the car and thinks how will she find Veeru now.Veeru is flirting with Roli at the disco.Roli tells that only money is important to her.Veeru tells Roli that he will get the whole property in his name.He asks Roli if she will be with him then.Roli tells him to dream after he geta everything in his name.Roli gets up and goes to dance with the boy.Veeru asks why is she doing this now when he is going to be rich soon.Roli tells him to get the property first and then she won’t leave him.The driver drops Khushi down near the disco.She decides to go inside the disco to look for Veeru.

Khushi gets inside the disco and is looking for Veeru.Suddenly she notices Roli dancing.

She gets shocked seeing Roli there.She thinks that how can Roli be here in this dress.She tells that it can’t be Roli as she is sleeping in her room.She finds that the girl looks exactly like Roli and goes near her to find out the truth.Khushi gets happy and goes out of the disco.Khushi reaches home and goes to find out if Roli is in her room.She finds that Roli is not in her room and gets confirmed that she saw Roli at the disco.She tells that the real fun will be when she will give the news to Bharadwaj family.

Episode Ends

Precap : Simar asks Khushi why she brought them here?Khushi tells that she brought them here to meet Roli.Prem asks what will Roli do here?Sid tells that Khushi is speaking non sense and he believes that his Roli won’t be here.At that moment they see Roli dancing.

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