Parichay 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update

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Parichay 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 7th January 2013 Written Update

Abhay’s Room:

Siddhi goes to Abhay’s room n asks him if he invited Kunal n his family so that he can insult them in front of everyone.Abhay says that Kunal challenged him n one of them should loose n he just invited Kunal,to attend the party or not to is Kunal’s wish,he came to insult him but if fate has given hand to him then what can he do .He tells her that she still has time to come back to him along with his son n if she does so he wont do any harm to which Siddhi says that even if she has to die she wont leave Kunal n she’ll see to it that she’ll complete the intention with which she made Kunal to stand against Abhay n challenge him,she’ll talk to Abhay only after bringing Abhay’s real face to whole world.However hard Abhay may try but he cant break Kunal’s confidence n her hope.Even though Kunal hadnt done anything,Abhay suffered loss b’coz of this.Abhay says that in business opponent’s loss is more important than their self loss,he may have suffered some loss but he converted that loss into profit by saving 1 crore income tax money by showing less price for the watches n by now his vehicles must have even left Mumbai.To show it to Siddhi he calls his men who tells him where they are n other details n asks her if she believes him now.

Siddhi says that he very well knows that Kunal never takes the wrong path,thats why Abhay snatched the deal from Kunal by cheating,if he has done business in right means he can never defeat Kunal.Abhay says that the world only sees who wins n not the way how they win n he’ll go to any extent to defeat Kunal n leaves from there saying that they should celebrate Kunal’s loss.


Siddhi decides to talk to Kunal as he might be feeling dejected n if she lets that happen it’ll be very difficult to handle him.She goes in search of Kunal n sees all Chopras sitting sadly.Both Anands see her n go near her.Siddhi asks them if they have seen their papa to which BA says that he n Vicky has stopped Kunal from leaving the party n expresses his doubt as how could Abhay know about what business Kunal was going to do.CA says that Abhay is very smart when it comes to business matters n must have appointed some one to keep an eye on Kunal’s activities.Siddhi says she knows who it is n thats why she wants to speak to Kunal n tell him this.She tells kids to tell her if they see Kunal.

Abhay starts count down for new year along with Daddy n Beti T.Chopras not interested in the party.Kids wish Siddhi n she wishes them back.BA goes n wishes all Chopras.BA sees Kunal coming inside,goes to him,hugs him n wishes him.Kunal too wishes him by kissing n caressing him.BA asks if he doesnt wish his mom,Kunal says that he’ll wish later but BA doesnt listen n drag him to Siddhi.CA hugs Kunal n wishes him,Kunal too wishes him n kisses him saying that they are his ram n shyam.CA asks if Siddhi doesnt like to wish Kunal,both BA,CA forcing SiNal to wish each other.They hesitate to wish,kids slip from there to leave them alone.

SiNal look at each other,Siddhi wishes him n Kunal says that there’s nothing new or happy in the new year,both of them are the same n the same spectacle(making fun of him) happening with him every time.Siddhi says that she wants to speak to him but Kunal says that he’s neither interested to talk to her nor listen to her.Abhay comes n interrupts them saying not to fight on new year.

Just then police come into party.All shocked to see them there.Abhay goes to find out the reason.Income tax officers say that they came to arrest him for transporting his goods in illegal manner n also for cheating the govt by giving wrong price details n for not paying the income tax money.They say that they have all evidences against him n also his men are arrested n tell Abhay to move to police station.Daddy T tries to interrupt but after seeing arrest warrant he remains silent assuring Abhay that he’ll bail him out.

Siddhi says to herself that he already told Abhay that she’ll never leave her husband n now Abhay will keep thinking about what he did to face such consequences..FB**After talking to Abhay,Siddhi thinking about how to stop Abhay’s vehicles from leaving Mumbai n remembers Abhay talking about skipping Income tax money,she calls them**

Kunal in thoughts about this incident,Siddhi sees him n smiles.Vicky comes to Kunal n says how Abhay’s plan back fired,how he tried to snatch their deal n ended up getting arrested.Kunal expresses his doubt about the sudden income tax raid n how they got the info.Vicky tells him not to think so much as its for their good n their enemy’s enemy is their friend .Kunal agrees.

All Chopras wondering how such thing happened suddenly n thanks god for that.Raj says its not god who helped them but some human,some one must have called the Income tax dept n gave the info.Seema wonders who it can be to which Raj says that may be Abhay’s enemy or their well wisher.Seema says that whoever it is that person should have all happiness.

Siddhi happy for getting Abhay insulted infront of everyone for insulting Kunal n hopes that Kunal takes this incident in positive way n use it against Abhay.

Seema goes to Siddhi n says that she must be feeling bad as her husband got insulted infront of everyone n arrested but they felt even more bad when her husband insulted Kunal infront of every one.Abhay used to feel that he’s honest man but some day or the other his real face has to come infront of everyone n thanks the person who helped Kunal by getting Abhay arrested .She says that she’ll pray that Abhay n Siddhi gets punishment in prison n outside respectively.Siddhi leaves from there.Gaurav overhears them n tells Seema not to mess up with Siddhi n spoil her mood .

Siddhi happy seeing all Chopras smiling.


Abhay restless,asks the inspector if he can speak to their senior, he says that he’s on leave.Abhay irritated for having to stay so long in police station.Daddy T comes in with bail papers n tells Inspector who’s surprised to see bail papers at that time, that he went to magistrate’s house n requested him to sign them.Abhay relieved Daddy T says that he could bail him out but not his trucks, which are still in police custody.Abhay wonders how all this police n income tax dept knew about it when everything was happening as per their plan n says that someone must have given the info to income tax n helping his enemy,Kunal.Whoever it is they have to pay for this.

SiNal Room:

BA,CA playing chess.Siddhi comes in n tells them to sleep.Both request her to let them play for some more time.Siddhi doesnt agree n tells them to change n sleep.BA says that they’ll agree to sleep on one condition..that is how did their papa wish her on their first new year.Siddhi says that nothing like that happened n Kunal didnt wish her.CA says that she’s lying to them as their papa must have definitely wished her.Both insist her to tell them to which Siddhi finally agrees n tells them to keep an eye on door n tell her if someone is coming in.They agree.

Siddhi goes n sits near them n starts saying that they already know that their dad’s way of doing things is different from others,likewise his way of wishing is also different,she tells them that Kunal came to her with blank card n she asked him about the reason for giving blank card..just then Kunal(in white kurta) comes in while Siddhi is telling kids that Kunal told her to write her wishes on blank card n he’ll fulfill her wishes.Kids see Kunal coming in but act as if they didnt notice n continue listening to Siddhi who unaware of Kunal coming in tells them that she liked Kunal’s way of wishing her.Without even wishing how Kunal fulfilled all her wishes.Kunal listening to all this.

BA asks her if she has written anything on that card to which Siddhi says that she has made a heart on that card n gave it to Kunal telling him to keep it with him forever n all her wishes will be fulfilled.Kunal adoringly looks at Siddhi while listening to her.When kids ask what Kunal said to her after seeing the heart,she says that Kunal made a big heart on opposite side n closed it saying that her heart will always be in his heart,with him.BA says that no one can wish in such a beautiful way.Kunal tries to go out but Kids notice him n calls him.SiNal shocked n embarrassed,look at each other.Kids says that they were talking about him only as their mom is telling how romantic he used to be.SiNal feeling awkward,Siddhi tells them to sleep n leaves the room…SiNal chori chori chupke chupke seeing each other…Screen freezes on Kunal with O saiyyan…in BG.

Kunal angrily saying to Siddhi that she wants card from him,so he’ll give it by writing on it,goes n writes on card n gives it to her telling her to read it properly n remember it.Both Anands hiding outside n listening to them.

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