Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar takes the bag and leaves. Inspector says prem simar shouldn’t go there alone with money. They know the kid can identify them so they kill the abducted kid usually. If something happens then we wont be responsible, because you are not letting us go there. Simar recalls her promise to sunaiana, she is in tears. prem says to mata ji i am doing this to save myu daughter and i will do this. he leaves, sid goes with them. roli says i cant let you go. prem says go from my way, roli says please tell him this is wrong, dont involve cops. sujata says what is this prem and roli. Why are you all fighting amid. Rajhidner says this time use your brain. Sid says to roli, go from here, what are you doing? roli says why dont you ask prem. Didi is doing it right. He has to trust her.


comes in the mill, she places the bag where they asked. Simar starts going outside. A man is keeping eye on her.
Simar says i did what kidnappers said. The kidnapper calls someone and says she has given the money, bring the girl after 3 minutes. someone comes and points a pistol at him. simar sees prem there. Simar says what are you doing here? prem says she is my daughter as well. I want her to come back home safely. They see cops coming out with the kidnapper. The other hidden one says rizwan is caught. inspector says his partner will come from that door with sanju. Simar goes in the direction. the kidnapper siezes the gun from inspector and points it at him, he says i will kill you if you try to be clever, the other one comes with sanju. simar hugs her and says are you okay? THe other one says dont give her to her mom. They take sanju back from her.simar begs please leave my daughter. inspector says your husband made a mistake and your daughter has to pay for it. Kill the girl, they take sanju with them and lock them all in the mill. Kidnappers sit in the car and run with sanju simar says please leave daughter but they go.

mata ji says simar is not back, she should have come . sjata says dont worry i know they will come back with sanju. simar comes home, all distressed. They all ask her where is sanjina? roli says please tell us. Dont be silent. Prem comes in, sid asks him. He is quite as well. Mata ji says they didn’t bring her there? sujata says are they asking for more money? Prem says they took sanju and money back with them. Everyone is dazed. Prem says i went there with cops, i made a mistake again. police caught one of them but they attacked police, took the money and sanju as well.

Precap-simar says if it was sanju in place of anjali would you have done the same? no you would have given double amount easily. Prem says the thread that bound us together is broken, i wanna divorce you simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. prem said he did mistake again….. wah wah… i think from monday we will see rosid plan and seperating and ignore each other with plan to bring premar united to find sanjana and to stop them to divorce…

  2. prathyusha banerjee to play chudail in ssk: ??
    it seems to be the popular daily soap ssk on colors rashmi sharma production is not yet done with super natural powers after spirit, nagin it’s time for chudail enter into the show.
    any guess who is playing role of witch?
    well what we hear that its none other than prathyusha banerjee.
    yes balikavadhu fame actress is all set to make come back on colors.
    a reliable source shared after “kidnapping and divorce drama ” the soap opera is all set to churn out a new witch track . a new character of chudail will introduced, who will fall in love with prem creating rift between simar and prem.
    and as per our sources few popular faces have been approched for the role and given look test, but in all probabilities prathyusha banrajee seems to have received the final nod from the makers.
    we tried to reach prathyusha but she remained unavailable for comment.
    don’t you think readers that her entry will spice up the drama some more? shout out your thoughts in the comment section below..

  3. ddddrrrrrraaaaaggggiiiinnngggg guyzz all r fed up with this serial so only very less comments

  4. guyzz all r fed up with this serial so only very less comments

  5. is premar get divorced or not/

  6. Even in each and every films in kidnapping seen na oly after the kid comes to the parents the police will arrest them today they r really fools…..

  7. Ofcource witch can play witch’s role perfectly. So role will be suited on pratyusha

  8. Disgusting story track what’s happening here? Not interested any more

  9. Is becoming bored. This series dragging to long

  10. Wats happening in this serial!!! This should not be named as sasural simar ka, it should de named as sasural problems ka!!!

    They are really dragging!!! When will they show happy moments in bw house!!

  11. After witch track they will show vampire track…

  12. Ohh bosh!!!!! Ways happeninn heree?????? I think this tym, prem will find sanju……n simar……..u r overacting now ……I mean yes, u shud not forgive prem easily…..but wat u r doing is making me irritate……sorry to say…..

  13. Pls change this track. Last 10 Episode simar is over acting .

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