Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha smiling when LD tells her that he gets worried when she comes late. Neha shouts at Dadi Bua for spilling something on the floor by mistake. Murli comes and asks Neha to apologize to Dadi Bua. Neha determines to teach everyone a lesson and show them their place. Jayshree calls Pratap and asks where I have to come to return the gifts? Pratap says if you return the gift then I will come directly. Jayshree thinks Pratap is like bone in her neck, and she can’t swallow or spit. Sadhna hears her. Jayshree thinks to return the gifts to the marriage broker. Sadhna follows her. Jayshree asks the woman to keep the gifts safely and leaves from there. Sadhna thinks how to find about Pratap. Jhanvi and Radha are searching the house for the MMS video. Abhishek comes just then and they hide. Abhishek takes something from the cupboard. Neha calls him and asks to come. Radha prays to God to help her find the MMS. Murli is restless and shares with Sadhna that Shyamali didn’t come till now.

Sadhna tells she went for party. Neha comes and tells Murli that she will make coffee for both of them and they will sit all night talking. Shyamali comes and says someone came to drop her. She is very tired and needs to sleep. Murli taunts him and says what people will think to see you like this. Shyamali asks did you think about Chaturvedi family’s respect. She says she is free and don’t bother what he thinks about her. Neha asks her to talk with him with respect. Murli tells Sadhna that Shyamali talked to him so rudely. Sadhna says what I can do? She is not your wife and this house’s bahu. Neha badmouths about Shyamali and says she must be having an affair with someone. Murli says Shyamali is not like that and I know her. Neha says she is still your wife, that’s why you might be saying this. Murli says he didn’t mean that.

Radha tells Shyamali that she has seen everything. LD says he will realize true love for you. Shyamali says I felt bad to talk to him rudely. Radha says he was worried for you and was concerned. Shyamali says you said right, Murli was worried for me. I felt my relation with Murli was not like you and LD share. Radha and LD talk to each other in their heart.

The servant keeps flowers in the house. Neha talks badly with Shyamali and tries to insult her. Shyamali tells that her guests are coming and she will live the way she wants to until she is here. Neha sees Murli coming and talks sweetly. Shyamali’s friends come, and Shyamali greets them. Her friend asks who is that unlucky man leaving you? Sadhna greets them. Murli asks Sadhna to tell something to Shyamali. Sadhna says she can’t tell and asks Neha to take care of Murli. Radha comes to meet the guests. The guest identifies her as film star Radha pathak. Sadhna tells Murli as Shyamali is going to her mayka, she is going to buy farewell gift for Shyamali.

Murli goes inside angrily. Radha asks them to sit and be comfortable. Neha reminds Radha that four days is remaining and asks her to transfer the house in her name. Radha says everything will be done and asks her not to be tensed. Neha says I give tension and don’t take. LD hears them and asks Radha why Neha is threatening her. Radha says she will throw her out of house. Kabir calls Radha and asks her to come for a meeting. Radha agrees and asks LD to arrange car for her. LD thinks he has to find out what is brewing between them.

Radha stumbles and LD holds her. The media clicks her photos. Kabir says you try to get a chance to touch my heroine. LD says he don’t need a chance as Radha is still his life. Radha looks on surprisingly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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