Sasural Simar Ka 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid and prerna come to site. prerna says how will we do this? I mean this is so much work. Sid says helpers had to leave today. Mataji comes in and says your whole family is here to help you. We heard you talking. Prerna says it was not needed. Karuna says its a family business so family has to help you.
Prem calls Simar. Simar goes out. Prem says simar where are you? Come home asap. Simar says why are you so worried? He says I will tell you later. Don’t tell anyone. Prem hangs up. Simar gets worried. Simar says I hope everything is okay.
Sid tells the client that they all come for help. He says lets do arti first. Simar leaves. Mata ji says I think our plan has worked.

Simar comes home but prem isn’t there. Simar looks for him everywhere. When she goes

in room, it is all decorated with lights, candles and roses. Prem comes and hugs her from back. Simar says what is all this? You sounded worried on phone. Prem says you won’t have come otherwise. I thought when whole family is busy you and I can spend time together. Did you like the surprise. Simar says so good. Prem says this is all Kamiya’s planning. She did all this with mata ji and family. Simar is dazed. Simar says so everyone knows about it? Prem says yes. Prem says she was guilty and wanted to apologize. simar says call her I want to talk to her. Prem says will you scold at her? Simar says no.
Prem calls simar.. Kamiya says prem did simar like the surprise? Simar says I loved it. I am sorry i said too much and overreacted. Kamiya says it was all my fault so I did this to rectify. Simar says I want you to pack your stuff and come back here. Kamiya says its not possible for me come back. I don’t want prem and you to have any issues because of me. Simar says I don’t wanna hear a thing. You are coming here. Kamiya says okay I will. Kamiya says okay I will, enjoy the surprise till then.
prem says I was noticing you look cute in anger.
Prem holds Simar and hugs her. prem picks her up. He takes Simar to bed.
The witches are dancing in front of devil.
Maata ji and rest of the family are doing pooja.

Simar and Prem hear a baby crying. Prem says who could it be? Simar tells him about the same voice she heard in the dream. Simar says we should go and check. When they come downstairs and open the gate there is a little girl crying outside.
Simr asks why are you crying? She says I have lost my parents somewhere. Prem says we should inform police. she says my mummy papa are there. She starts running. Prem and simar follow her. Simar says stop. The girl comes near a temple. Two men are doing pooja there. Her parents come and pick her up. Prem and simar feel relieved. They thank Prem and simar.
Prem says thank God she is safe. Simar says maybe this was God’s way of calling us in temple. Prem and simar do pooja.

Mahmaya says the time has passed. With that their time to meet has ended. Now till next pornima they can’t meet. How did this happen. How is this possible. Mahamaya says how could we miss that moment. Tonight was the night for kaal to come. We were celebrating. How did this happen? A cyclone comes out of her mouth and goes towards bharadwaj house. Everything in the lounge is ruined.

Precap-Everyone comes and are dazed. Mataji says what has happened to our house. Prerna says but prem and simar were here? Mata ji says where are they now? They see whole house but prem and simar are not there. Kamiya comes and says they are not home.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. One thought always hurt me. While simar have two kids,they must have shown roli and sid consuming their marriage and having a baby before roli’s death so that sid could remember roli whenever he sees their child. But from the beginning roli sacrificed her love life because of her no good family and her selfish sister who’s now romancing with her hubby without even feeling guilty for her sister’s death. Even in the promo they didn’t even cared to show roli’s pic. It’s really very bad. And also avika deserves better than this stupid serial. It’s good she quitted this total crap where she no longer given important role. Sorry if I hurted any rosid fans but whatever I’m saying is 100% true. Avika deserves better than ssk

  2. u said right….abt simar…and also right avika deserves better than ssk..i hope soon manish ll also quit…

    1. I want sid to die & Manish should do Jhalak & Naagin ssn 2 opposite Ada Khan

  3. I hope sid quit the show…simar is so selfish

  4. Stupid storyline. rosid no ssk.hate u prerna simar

  5. Hate u simar. ..ur sister sacrificesacrificed for u but u don’t even remember her.
    …chiii. ..
    U sid how can you forget your promise to roli

  6. Go to the hell ssk. ..hurting rosidians. ..prerna is over acting. ..

  7. I hate prerna and simar and sido too. ..roli did so much but no one is remembering it

  8. Hency


  9. Ritvi

    Miss you so much roli and also rosid

  10. nice episode plz all roli fans dont blame simar sid and anyone this story is not their they r only actor srory write panravangal blame panuga avika only quit the show athuku simar ena panuva story line la roli ya nanasu pakara matiri iruta ava pakalam but story apdi ila i am also mis avika as roli prena ku pathila roli iruta supera irukum plz dont blame anyone

  11. Hate u ssk members

  12. Stupid ssk hate simar prena

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