Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devil locks the main gate of bharadwaj house. Sid says we should try something. Roli is inside. He tries to break the door but gets a shock. Tantrik says he has closed it, you can’t open it like it. Malti comes and says simar your sister’s voice must be killing you right. You can release her. Or soon her body will be left by her soul. Roli says please save me didi. Don’t leave me alone here. Mata ji says simar give them that maani. I can’t bear this anymore. Malti says simar last time I am asking you to give it to me. simar says no. I will never give it to any evil soul. Sid says you don’t win wars without sacrifices. Its not about us its about all humans. Nothing will happen to roli, God is with her, Malti says roli suffers for all this. Now its upto

you. Tantrik reads a mantra. He says there is a black page and a wooden pen. He has placed them secretly. They look like his weakness and maybe way to his death. Prem says where has he hidden them? He says maybe in your house. Prem says what. Simar says I will bring it. I will find it any way. Choti dulhan says how will you go inside? What if they see you? He will kill you. Tantrik says what if he can’t see her? Mata ji says means? He takes out a chunri and says cover yourself with it. Simar takes it. But it shouldn’t be touched by any evil and shouldn’t be taken off your head otherwise devil will see you. you have 20 minutes, it doesn’t work after it. Mata ji says our prayers are with you.

Simar wears it and goes inside the house. Malti and Madhvi are there. They can’t see her. Now simar will give us that mani herself. SImar says I don’t have much time. I should start from malti’s room.
Mata ji says lets go to Mrs. Sehna’s place and pray there.
Simar walks past devil, he is playing trumpet.

Whole family does pooja. Kal pisah stops. He says I can smell and human, That means someone has come in. He tries to float his hand in air. His hand gets closer to simar. she is scared. Simar sits down and evades him. Simar comes in malti’s room and looks for them.
devil says I still feel same. There is something wrong. This is simar. He gives a black liquid to madhvi and says find her.
Simar says if they had hidden it here malti would have stopped us from coming here but she never did. She recalls mata ji didn’t use to let them come in her room. Simar goes out towards mata ji’s room.

Madhvi is sprinkling that black water to find Simar. Simar tries to walk. Kal pisaj turns towards her and says I have four eyes, two in front and two back. Simar is scared.

Precap-Devil throttles Roli. Simar says please leave her. He says I will kill her or give me that maani. Roli falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The devil is marrying the three brides, Uma, Pari
    and Khushi. They are the three bahus of Bharadwaj
    family. The devil has hypnotized the women by
    playing a tune. Their husbands fail to get their
    wives out of the spell. Mata ji and Simar get
    shocked and helpless. The devil laughs troubling

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Backwas show I stopped watching it becoz there is less rosid scenes and I heard that avika is quitting the show then no use to watch it.

  2. u right..avika is going to quit…but the another bad news is roli character ll b replaced by the actress mansi srivatsa it is so worst…no one cnt replaced in tat character with manish..cnt imagine manish with another girl i mean with siddhant..i dnt knw y the producer is doing tis..pls dnt do this…there r so much fans for aviman(rosid) thy all hurt so much..avika already said roli character could b killed…but y they doing tis…

  3. really nice episode

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