Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman wants to know which family member will be in trouble. Rishi Matang advises him to find a solution to it instead. There are many places on earth, which if we visit (pilgrimage sites), clears away all our problems. One such place is very famous already. Jyotirlinga Mahadev is said to be present there. You should visit such a place with your family. It might be of help. Diseases, untimely death and everything can be solved there. Hanuman asks him if Mrityunjaya Mahadev is different than Mahadev in kailash. Rishi Matang nods. Hanuman is excited to know that there is a story behind it too. Rishi Matang points out that the name was given because of a kid. Hanuman and his friends want to hear the story. It might guide me some way. Rishi Matang agrees.

There was a great Rishi Mrikandu in Adikaal. He had no kid. He was meditating one day. His wife was watering the plants. She saw some kids playing nearby. It reminded her of her loss. Rishi Mrikandu notices his wife in tears. She (Marudmati) composes herself. He says this water is going waste. She heads inside. Rishi Mrikandu can understand his pain. Inside, Marudmati prays to Mahadev. The plant, which gives no flower or fruit, is useless. Why did you give me such a futile life? It would have been better if I wasn’t alive. Her husband is pained to hear it. Don’t be sad. Just like those kids, we too will have kid one day. She wonders how and when it will happen. So many years passed. I will cross my age too. He is sure Mahadev will help them. He can do anything if he wishes to. I have full faith in him. You too have prayed diligently to him. I will do a tapasya to make him happy. He will bless you for sure.

Hanuman says my mother also says I am Bhole Baba’s Prasad only. What happened next? Did Bhole Baba bless them with a baby? Rishi Matang says He fulfils everyone’s wishes. He blessed the couple too but the path isn’t easy. Rishi Dev had to do tapasya. He stood on one foot throughout all the seasons. Hanuman and the kids are surprised.

Days, years passed, seasons changed. After years of diligent tapasya, the day came, when the tapasya reached its point. Mahadev asks Rishi Dev Mrikandu to open his eyes. Rishi Mrikandu does so. He is touched to see Him there. Mahadev says your tapasya was successful. Say what you want. Rishi Mrikandu asks for a baby. Mahadev tells him to ask for anything else other than this. Rishi Mrikandu has no other wish. Mahadev says you deserve the boon. I will bless you with a baby but you will have to choose out of having a baby who will either stay with long life or short life.

Rishi Matang asks the kid what Rishi Mrikandu would have chosen. The son, who will stay with them for less time, who will be very intellectual or the son, who will live with them for long but will be not at all intellectual. Neel says all parents bless their kids to live long. They would have chosen a son with long life. Rishi Matang asks Hanuman what he is thinking. Hanuman shares what his parents have taught him. You should do good karma even if you have a small life. I am sure Rishi Mrikandu would have chosen a Tejasvi son. Rishi Matang confirms it.

Rishi Mrikandu says a Tejasvi son will achieve everything in his small life. If the son who will live for long has no knowledge or brains then the world will look down upon him.

Hanuman and his friends too wish to be the Tejasvi kids of their parents. Rishi Mrikandu became father of a baby boy. His wife was so happy. They named their son Markandey. Devrishi Narad came to make his kundli.

Marudmati talks to Markandey. You are really lucky. Devrishi Narad himself is making your kundli. Devrishi Narad tells the couple that Markandey is as Tejasvi as Surya Dev. He will be very knowledgeable. Marudmati points out at Markandey’s future. Rishi Mrikandu prays that Markandey is blessed with a long life. Narad ji looks at him shocked. Rishi Mrikandu asks him what happened. He will only live for 10 years. Marudmati is in tears. Mahadev blessed me with this joy. Mahadev cannot be this stone hearted. Rishi Mrikandu says he isn’t that. He gave me an option to choose what kind of a baby I want. I chose the one with less age. I had no idea that he will spend only 10 years with us. She says I will spend every moment with the fear of getting separated from my son! Is this a curse or a boon?

Rishi Matang shares that Markandey was indeed a Tejasvi kid. He had got all the knowledge of scriptures by the time he was 5 years old. Rishi Mrikandu and his wife’s life got a new direction. Marudmati was becoming all the more lovable towards Markandey. He used to take care of every little thing that his parents wanted.

Rishi Mrikandu notices little Markandey bringing a pot of water. He calls out for his wife. They both look on sweetly.

Hanuman too feels happy to take care of his parents. What did he do next? A kid asks him what happened next. He only had 5 years left with him.

Precap: Rishi Matang tells Hanuman about the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra which Devrishi Narad gave to Markandey. Hanuman is curious to know more. what’s so special about that mantra?

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