Sasural Simar Ka 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
a bee is roaming in mata ji’s room. Mata ji is annoyed. Simar comes in and sees prerna fainted in her room. she sees that woman running out. Everyone comes in. Simar sees on the mirror. She says mata ji prem see there. prem reads, i am your death this time i wont leave any of you.
Prem opens her eyes. Sujata sats don’t worry we are all with you. Mata ji says what happened? Prerna says she attacked me with a rod. She reads on the mirror. Prem says where is simar? Simar is no where. Prem says let me check, he checks everywhere in the house. Simar comes from outside. Maani comes with her. prem says why have you brought her here? Simar says she will live here. Mata ji says why will she? simar says we all saw that woman running and her threat. maani knows her. She can help

us fighting her. Sattu says police can help us too. Simar says what will we say? how she looks like? amaar says police wnt trust us eiher. Mata ji says okay she can live here but if she tries anything remember that we are one. you can’t harm us this time and we will be even worse to you.

Simar asks prerna to leave. Prerna says i wont leave you in a situation like this. simar says i cant let you harm yourself. I briyght mani here for us. I can’t risk your life. I lost roli I cant leave you. Simar says for me you have to. I have booked your tickets. you will be leaving at 5. I will help you with packing. Prerna says why is simar behaving weird. why is she forcing me to leave.

Prem sees simar, she hides something. Simar comes in maani’s room. Maani says what happened simar? You look worried? Is it because your face? Simar is faceless. She sees simar’ picture and truns into simar.
Maani says very good. Simar must have died by now. Fake simar says and I will pretend to be her here. She looks at window.
Maani says we fooled simar but we couldn’t fool the family. So we have to choose the other way.She recalls making the plan with ghughat woman.She says I helped simar so she trusts me. Fake simar says she did as you asked.Maani says yes she did. The bee(simar) is on the window.
Fake simar says I didn’t get one thing why don’t you have your powers when I brought the pearl? Mani one of them had my powers when I attacked them. FAke simar says who told you all that?maani says the one who has all my answers. Chandan book told her that one member of bharadwaj house has maani’s powers but he doesn’t know. But maani will stay powerless. Maani says so I sent prerna from here because she can’t have my powers. Its prerna who is as clever as simar so I attacked her. And you asked her to leave. Maani says now we have to get our powers back.

Precap-Prerna is leaving. Mata ji says long live. She meets them all. Simar says prerna hurry up you will miss your flight. Prerna sees something written on the car’s window.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Its just a world worst class serial ,now simar became makhi, omg what de hell is this, i never watch this serial but today i saw the new promo thats y m commenting, why the colors are telecasting this type of bakwas serial chiiii……

  2. Ooww..i love this serial nd watchng ths serial in Tamil..fnly hav read all the wrtn episodes frm feb2015..enjyng..

  3. Omg! Ssk is horrible to watch now. Up to naagin track it was so good. ..After that these dayans chandramani and all so irritating. …

  4. Simar now become Makkhi it’s no interested to watch serial If she is in serial then only good. As soon as possible she should come back to serial..

  5. Ohhh for me the worst track is the naagin trk….daayan sm what better….patalidevi, shaitan irritated the most the worst I say….chandramani the actor is good’s better 2 watch

  6. Can’t see Simar as makkhi…poor…reunite PREMAR soon…can’t see Prem romancing vth fake Simar

  7. its very irritating…..go to hell SSK writers

  8. hey ssk writers haven’t u any other jobs. just go to hell.idiots. what is u thinking about us we are not idiots .what the hell Ssk horrible.untoleratable.plz stop it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. shameless writers

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