Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rita and sumit come in. Rita says I have trying to tell you that for ages. But you never listened. Simar says listen. Sumit says are you okay? Sumit says I heard what happened. But why? Why you did that? Rita says don’t scold her. Simar must have done that already. Simar says you should know what we tolerated here. Sumit says what? Prem says don’t worry. Its all handled. Sumit says we are thankful to yo all for taking care of Roshni. Simar hugs Roshni. Simar says take care and call me when you need me.
Anjali hugs Roshni and says I will miss you. I will text you whenever they are together.
Saroj comes to Simar’s room and looks for her phone. She opens simar’s phone.
Sumit says Piyush how are you? Roshni says lets go papa. They leave.
Prem says they

should better hear it from Roshni. Thats why I stopped you Simar.
Saroj sees the video and is dazed. Saorj says they hid it from us. We have to tell this to Vikram. Raju overhears all this.
Prem says I should go to office. Raju comes downstairs and says to simar and prem..
Saroj is looking Vikram. Anjali says is everything okay? Saroj says yes where is he? Anjali says I haven’t seen him. I think he went to sankalp’s room.
Saroj comes there and sees that no one is there.

Raju tells Simar and prem everything. SImar says we have to stop her. Saroj is looking for Vikram. Simar and Prem run upstairs. Vikram is in temple with mataji. Saroj comes there. Mataji says come saroj. Vikram says what happened? Saroj says that anjali.. Simar says anjali is looking for you. You have to bring sajev’s meds they are over. vikram says you wanted to say something? Simar says she wants to say the same. We were all looking for you. Saroj says wait a minute. Vikrma says I have to brings meds first. He leaves. Saroj says I can’t believe you can do this. We trusted you. But you deceieved us too. Your daughter behaves this way with Sanjev and you hid that from us. MAtaji says what is this Simar? Simar nods. Mataji is dazed. SImar says please listen. Saroj says I can’t stay quite. Vikram has to know this truth. Saroj leaves. Simar sits in her feet. Simar says I beg you please don’t do this. He will never forgive anjali and their marriage will break. Saroj says what marriage? Is there anything left? I know that you don’t have wrong intention but you are fighting a lost battle. And your daughter can never change. SImar says please give her one chance please. Prem says I beg you saroj ji. My daughter’s future is at stake. Simar says give me one chance please. I promise you I will bring her on right path. I beg you please. Mataji says please saroj. Simar is promising this. She will change anjali. and vikram is your son you wouldn’t want to see him divorcing either. Simar says Anjali really loves Vikram. Love can change anyone. Please give her this one chance. She will be a good wife.
Saroj says okay I give you one more chance. You have to prove that you daughter has all qualities that a good woman has. Simar says yes. saroj says you have to show four qualities in her.
Saroj says first is that she has to keep her family together. This is what I want to see in her. She is the respect of her house. When she leaves the house, she has to respect the dignity of her family. Like Seeta. This is what I want to see in her.
Seeta stood by her husband. She was a princess but she lived with her husband in all circumstances. This is what i want to see in her. Yashoda and Karishna are mother and son even when they were not related by blood. This is the fourth quality that I want to see in anjali. Now you get it what I want from her.
I want her to be just like you. Will you be able to show that in her? Simar says I will try my best.
Saroj says you have to show this in specified time. These four apples are my family and this rotten one is your family. Before this rotten ruins rest you have to show us.

Precap-Simar says mataji why have you called everyone? Why these sweets. Mataji says we have decided that date to Piyush and Vadahi’s wedding. The wedding will be on 10th and engagement two days before that. Roshni I will never let them get married.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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