Naagin Season 2 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sivangi with Rudra goes to shiv mandir and sees snakes panicking. Guruji says Shivangi’s one mistake is risking all snakes’ lives and she has to get nagmani at any cost. Shivangi says it is with Yamini. Rudra says she has to get back from Yamini. Yamini imagines herself as queen holding nagmani and Avantika and Shivangi working for her as servants and scolding them. She continues her overacting and yells why the place is stinking. Anki 2 enters as gardener and Yamini asks when did he bath last, he is stinking. Anki 2 says he bathed just 4 days ago. Yamini’s drama continues. She comes out of flashback when Anki takes nagmani from her hand and tells that she has made a deal to sell nagmani for 1000 crores. Yamini gets happy that they will get 500 crores each. Anki 2 stabs her repeatedly and says only he will keep 1000 crores. Yamini is shocked and realizes it was a drama. Anki 2 takes real nagmani and gives her fake one and says her puppets Sesha and Avanitka may come to take their share, so she should give this fake one to them. Once he solds nagmani, they will share money. Avantika comes and asks nagmani and Yamini gives it to her.

Rocky reminisces Shivangi telling Rudra that she does not love Rocky and will take divorce from him. His aunt tells him why he is looking so tensed. He saays Shivangi. She says Shivangi work so hard to save him, she brought jadi boti to save him and used to guard him whole night without eating food and used to cry a lot. Rocky thinks then why did she try to kill him.

Avantika gets very happy after getting nagmani. Sesha asks how did moti/Yamini give her nagmani, something is wrong. Avantika asks Sesha to kill one of her puppet bee and Sesha does same. Avantika tries to relive bee with nagmani, but cannot. Sesha says moti overacting ki dukan/Yamini gave her fake nagmani. They both fume. Anki 2 tells Yamini that they should go and sell nagmani before her puppets realizes nagmani is fake. They both walk towards door. Shivaangi and Rudra watch them going and thinnk of taking it back. They are about to follow when Rocky comes calling Shivangi. Shivangi goes. Rocky yells he does not kow why she tried to kill him many times and act as saving him, she may act good in front of family and stay her, but the truth is she wants divorce from her. He continues yelling and leaves. Shivangi and Sesha then start following Yamiini and Anki 2.

Sesha also sees Yamini and Anki getting into car and informs Avantika. They both follow car. In car Yamini in her usual acting style yells at Anki 2 to speed up before animals/Sesha and Avantiak start following them and snatch nagmani. Anki reaches highway where a foreigner comes. Yamini gets mesremized seeing costly car. Forgeigner gets out of it and Anki exchanges nagmani with money. Foreigner leaves in his car. Rocky and Shivangi watch that and Rudra says they should snatch it from foreigner. Shivangi stops him. On the other side, Avanitaka shows that she and Sesha have already killed foreigner and Sesha has gone disiguised as foreigner. Shesha returns with nagmani and laughs that human are so easy to fool. Greedy Yamini early checks money and finds old 500 and 1000 rs notes and shouts at Anki 2 get nagmani back. Anki reaches Sesha and Avantika and snatches nagmani from them. They both try to attack him. He says they cannot harm him as he has nagmani and garud mani. They both attack him as snake and bee and they both fall down injured. Anki 2 throws bomb on them and runs away. Shivangi and Rudra watch everything and Shivangi tells Rudra that she will get nagmani from Anki even if she has to reveal her real form.

Yamini goes to Kapalika’s cave and starts her usual overacting. She finds Kapalika’s pooja items and then sees a deadbody on firewood, jokes that kapalika rented her cave to graveyard people. She removes wood and cloth from deadbody and is shocked to see Kapalika’s deadbody.

Shivangi follows Anki 2 as half snake and half human. Anki 2 says she is icchadhari nagin and reveals how his brother Anki killed her grandparents and before being killed by Shivanya gave his protective power to him and reveals rest of the story. He says she will die now and starts hitting and torturing her. He then stabs her repeatedly. Shivangi prays shivji and retaliates Anki 2. Anki 2 falls unconscious. Shivangi limps and brings shivji’s trishul. Anki 2 gets up and tries to grab back nagmani when Shivangi stabs him with trishul. Anki 2 throws Mashish’s key and dies saying Shivangi will die.

Precap: Mahish reaches Yamini’s house as Sesha’s girlfriend. Yamini and Avantika discuss where did Anki 2 go with nagmani. Mahish says nagmani is with him and yesterday night an icchadhari nagin killed Anki 2. He shows nagmani to them and then confronts Shivangi that he realized she is icchadhari ngain and will kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. wow it’s realy awesome episod
    very nyc ???

  2. Shakaib

    Funny episode, but ekta mam please change main male lead.

    1. kyu yr

    2. Lol Rocky is ugly

    3. ooooooooo realy
      what happen prblm kya hai

  3. Interesting episode

  4. Nice episode but yar please change the lead roles
    Rudra has started feeling for Shivangi but Shivangi stil loves that rocky

  5. I also think the same. Rudra should be in lead role with Shivangi instead of that rockey.

  6. Karanver bohra is the best as rocky
    Perfect acting

    1. i totaly agree with u suma
      karaver bohra is subrbbbbbbbb

  7. i think there needs to be more romance with rocky and shivangi


  9. Rocky is so innocent.. Bichare ko avi tak kuch pata bhi nhi h…i luv him..???he is perfect match for shivangi..

  10. Rudra has started feeling for Shivangi. I hope he doesn’t turn negative like Shesha did in season 1. Coming to the episode it was great.

  11. I wander why Shivangi didn’t take nagmani !!!

  12. I wish they would just kill off Rocky or either put him with Sesha.
    He is so irritating with his constant whining about Shivangi and Rudra. Like why not just confront them both about what he suspects..geez
    I would love to see Rudra and Shivangi as lead pair.
    They make a good couple.

    1. I totally agree with you Julie

      I don’t like season 2 . When is Ekta stopping this drama .
      In comparison to season 1 this seadon I would rate 0

  13. Episodes was nice except rocky portion

  14. Angella

    I like the show but the story makers have totally made the story illogical. This kills all the essence of show. They are showing whatever they want to show without using a little intellect. From the very beginning there have been numerous goof-ups which continued in the recent ones also. Biggest goof-up in this episode is the so called “deal” which Akhilesh makes with a foreigner. When Yamini and Anki 2 know the magical potential of naagmani, how the hell they can sell it to someone????? And also hand over the mani without checking the briefcase cash?????? The makers assume no body notices such blunders. Also when shivangi was stabbed and she retaliated back, how on earth she could attack and kill anki 2 despite having mahish kavach due to which anki 2 could stab her??????

  15. I like Karanvir very much. He is the best match for Shivangi. Love to see more Rovangi scenes.

  16. yar this roky is just irritating he just weep every time .he must be fit in role of weeping.
    mony roy didnt match with this karanveer
    rudra is perfect for shivangi.

  17. 1. Nagin season 1 naagmani is copper color in the second is white.
    2. In season 1 no one touches naagmani without suryavanshi’s permission.
    3. How can Yamini pick naagmani from bed without shivangi’s handover to her?????????
    4. Is it shivangi dumb why she can put naagmani on bed???????
    5. Why she can’t pick naagmani first before killing Anki 2 ????????

  18. Shivangi belongs with Rudra, not Rocky. She needs to let him go after the nagmani is returned and her revenge is done.

    I see no chemistry.

    Rocky has no place in the supernatural world. Only his life would be shortened and hers too.

  19. awesome episode I love sooooo much shivangi

  20. As far as karanvir is concerned inspite of being a gud actor his acting has been restricted to crying for shivangi….i think shivangi shud sumhow give him a hint of wat had happened n who killes her mother by proving it sumhow…so that d chemistry of rocky n shivangi shows up n d show gets interesting….presently everything is so obvious in d serial except d revealation of d 8th murderer that the grip of it is goin…in naagin 1 yamini came later as a villian n many other things so it was very thrilling to watch but this one doenst turn out very interesting…secondly my question is shivanya d mother died as a non-naagin then how cum shivangi cud c in her eyes d faces of the murderers….coz by then shivangi was not naagin

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