Sasural Simar Ka 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer throttles roli, she can’t breathe. He shoves her in sid’s feet. Rajveer says if she is safe our whole plan will be ruined, she has to die. rajveer says to sid, i order you to kill her. Sid takes out his sword, and attacks roli. Girjesh runs from there and rajveer leave as well. roli is scared.

Sattu asks mata ji what happened there? Prem says you got no proofs there? Are you all happy now or is there anything left? Mata ji recalls rajveer says i came back to your life for revenge. Rajhinder tells them about rajveer’s threat. PRem says i asked you not to go there, but you never listened. you all think simar can never be wrong. why dont you understand simar that you are human and its normal for them to make mistakes. now whole family will have o suffer

because of you. What you do will increase problems. amar says i am responsible for this not simar, i doubted it first. Rajhinder says we have to be careful of that man. pari says we will all suffer because of simar now. khushi why you did this, uma says we dont wanna know any reality. Karuna says we have already been through a lot because of maya. Simar goes to her room.

Sid attacks roli, roli says what are you doing? i am your roli. he stabs her but she bends down. Roli runs upstairs to save her life. she locks the room.

Simar is in tears, she gets a call from roli. Roli says didi this is so important. I might be talking to you last time. i want to tell you that i love you. Sid knocks at the door. simar says roli where are you? roli says i am at rajveer’s place. promise me you wont tell anyone, if i die i wanna tell you everything.

Sid comes in the roomand points the sword towards her. simar says roli.. are you okay? she says please help roli God, i will save you. she says i am coming. roli says please let me go. i am your wife, sid falls down and roli runs from there.

Rajhinder says i think we should apologize rajveer. simar comes running downstairs. sujata says where are you going? prem says stop simar. simar says i have to go to rajveer’s house. Prem says why? you know how dangerous he is. why you wanna go there? simar says dont ask me anything, i wont answer you. Karuna says he has threatened us already why are you risking your life. whats wrong with you. simar says mata ji please let me go i have to go. prem says tell me why you wanna go there? things are already complicated. he says okay then if you wanna go, recall my condition. roli tries to open doors but nothing opens. roli hides behind a sofa. sid looks for her, roli breaks a vase. sid comes in her direction, roli is scared.

prem says before going from here give me your wed locket. simar says don’t do this to me. mata ji says how can you ask her to do that. prem says i wont tolerate this all the time, she can be wrong some times i can’t increase troubles. mata ji says if she wants to go there must be a reason behind it. prem says i wont listen to anything now. no one should talk between us today.

Precap-simar takes out her wed locket and handovers it to prem.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Haiiyyaaa. I am the first one . Lol

  2. And i’m the second.:-)

  3. I m 3rd …

  4. And I M The Third

  5. No rosid fans might have think tis killing sequence btween Sid and roli would come nu…….cha…..roli thinks tat Sid said na he ll be her bodyguard….tat was very touching…..

  6. Now stop this numbering, friends. Comment something on the episode.

  7. So boring… dragging drama.. never going to end

  8. Prem is so bad. He had so much trouble getting back simar from vikrant and now he is wholeheartedly ending his marriage. Shameful!

  9. Do this aryan(sid) will kill roli or not?? Plz tell me frnds

    1. I guess NO. If he kills na, then No point to watch this serial

    2. no he will not kill roli.when he try to kill roli then simar saves roli then sid will try to kill simar also then maya saves simar

      1. I wonder, How you ppl know upcoming episodes? Any Maya’s(Naagin’s) Power?

  10. bkwaasssss.. …..dragging drama!

  11. Indian dramas.. at end everyone is united.. everyone is alive.. no matter how many births one has taken.. or how many times he is killed ..
    they should finish this ssk drama after one happy union.

  12. Oh Director Sab, Stop closeup all the characters. In 30 mins, half of the scenes are going this way

  13. Ahhh very nice .now both sis are equal .both have living misunderstanding hus and do not have wedding locket

  14. Y maya returns ..???can someone tell me..

  15. Kadupagudhu my lord……so many people watching bcoz rosid ….tat only ssk gain trp….pls unite rosid…otherwise u stop the ssk serial….

  16. what is this.why prem behave like this?

  17. Why No one comment on Udaan Serial folks?

  18. prem is right, why these sisters alwaus think that they can do by themselves without telling anyone atleast they can inform the family members, two persons strength and the whole family strength are quite different, dumb sisters enough of this shit, FUUCCKK

  19. Can’t believe they are makin siddhant kill his own roli and no ssk should not finish if u dotn Hav any ni pace comments to post jus don’t comment n no one is forcing u to watch it luv rosid want rosid track soon want maya to leave hate her

  20. Why are you all hating maya? She’s the one who will help simar and bhardwaj family and then she’ll realize her mistake and give sid to roli. And we come to know upcoming episodes from spoilers.

  21. Anyone knows when this serial’s gonna end?

  22. soo boringggg

  23. there is something in this serial. if we think that we should not watch this anymore but something make us to watch this serial…

  24. In Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, Simar (Dipika
    Samson ) is busy trying to find Roli’s (Avika
    Gor) secret and she will come to know
    something really shocking.
    It will be shown that Simar and Amar will
    go to Rai Bahadur’s mansion where Roli
    will try to warn her.
    But Siddhanth’s look alike Aryan will come
    there and hit Simar with a pot.
    Simar will collapse but Roli will revive her.
    Aryan will try to kill Simar with his sword
    but Maya will come there and stop him.
    Simar will be shocked to know that Maya
    and Siddhanth are still alive.

  25. In Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, Simar (Dipika
    Samson ) will go through an importance and
    tough phase in her married life because of
    investigating Roli’s (Avika Gor) secret.
    As seen earlier, Prem has given Simar time
    till evening to either get clues or stop
    investigating about what Roli is trying to
    But since Simar failed to get clues, Prem
    tells her to handover her wedding locket to
    him if she wants to continue the
    With a heavy heart, Simar gives the
    wedding locket to Prem.
    She leaves the Bharadwaj house to stay
    with Roli in the other house.
    However very soon the truth will come
    before Simar that Maya and Siddhanth are
    very much alive.

  26. dono….wer does manoranjan mousoji n shilu bhayya gone…
    want manoranhan mousi g back…

  27. Me too geting kaduppu kowsi.. But wat 2 do?.. Elam vithi !

  28. I m not liking sidhant in negative chatacr…plz come bk to old very sweet romantic sid….

  29. i think ssk writers had an aim to change positive char into negtive…first sunaina,vikranth,surbhi nw my dearest sidhant n mousiji…i cant able to tolerate.. i hope sid vl unite vd roli soon…bt hw they can change mousiji…she z d one who helped bw family a roli veeru track and shaurya track…brain less cvs they r goin beyond boundries

  30. Yes. Khushi turned positive. Now negative maya will turn into positive. Maybe someday they’ll start showing anjali and sanju also with negative character. Lol.

    1. Really nagin turned positive?

    2. Bt i dnt think so…she saved simar as she loves simar..she treats her as sistr frm startin onwards…

  31. Happy vishu dear frndz……

    1. hiiiii akshu

    1. where r u from???

  32. wen dey showing sid on screen some block and white shades dey are showing y dey showing like dat? is sid only aryan are naag? its confusing and one more dat nagin helpng dem to get her mani frm rajveer and she told in interview dat for dat mani to get frm rajveer maya and sid are in rajveer house.. dey are tryng getback mani… is sid returns as naag or not?

  33. watch the video in youtube sasural simar ka infinite thought… its perfect video for cvs…. dey should watch da video…

  34. dono…..hw people r knowing abt d upcoming episodes….

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