Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari checks the breakfast and says sandwiches ? Oats? We eat desi food in morning. Shurti says its not healthy in morning and it was not possible to cook desi food for so many people. Mata ji syas in heart if she was roli she wont have made these things. They all sit to eat breakfast. Shurti says how is it? mata ji says good. shurti says tell me what else to do. aman says clean the store room. It hard but we will give you a lot of money. shurti says okay I will. Pari says it left in the corridor. shurti goes there.

Aman says something to calendar. Calendar says why so? Aman says no questions do as I say. Calendar stands up. Simar says aman what is happening? Why you asked shurti to clean the store room. What you said to calendar? Aman says I asked calendar to show roli’s old photos

to Shurti. simar says what will happen hen? Aman says there might be something. We have to test our doubts.

Shurti enters the store room. She says there is so much dust here. I have to work really hard, where should I start from? Calendar comes in with brooms. He says this is for your help. He falls down. Shurti says you need help more. Leave it I will do it myself. He says I can give you company if you don’t need help. They start cleaning the store room. Calendar looks for the photos. Calendar sees the photos and says you should start cleaning from there. Pandit ji says you should always clean from right side. Shurti says what you consult pandit ji for cleaning? He says yes for everything. Shurti goes that side. Shurti starts cleaning. She picks a frame and says I should clean the all first. Calendar says no you should clean the frames first. Calendar says clean from front as well. Shurti says why are you not letting me work. She drops a frame and it breaks. shurti picks it, its roli’s photo with calendar. shurti is dazed. She says what is this? calendar says that’s what I am asking what is it? Tell me are you shurti or roli? Shurti runs out. calendar says listen to me. SHe collides with roli. Roli is dazed. shurti says I am sorry. Sid comes in as well. He is bewildered to see shurti. Sid recalls his time with old roli. He walks in, startled.

Shurti runs out. A woman says she is roli. her face changed after accident then who is she? Sid says she isn’t our roli. This is our roli. Simar says one minute. simar runs after surti with aman and calendar. Sid says who was she? Prem says she was from an NGO. roli says her face was like me. sid says roli she was just a doppelganger. Roli says how is that possible. Sid says this is possible, she must be jhumki. Roli says jhumki is our well wisher why would she do that? sid says she was jhumki. I don’t know why she came. Sid says maybe she is behind what sattu has happened. mata ji says what are you saying? Sid says yes doctor said sattu is in shock. maybe he saw jhumki and got shocked. And think we all were shocked when we saw her together. He saw her late at night, alone in the dark. That is why he is shocked. Now I know this game. We have to find the game behind that face. He says roli don’t worry we are all with you and we know you are our roli. We wont let jhumki be successful in her mission. We wont let her take advantage of your changed face. I promise.

Precap-aman and simar stop shuti. she says please let me go. simar says we have to talk to you. shurti says I have no connection with your sister let me go now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. yhmf

    Nahh she hasn’t lost her memory… For sure she’s acting! Else how wud she know that the roli in the pic was simar’s sister?? πŸ˜€

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