Shastri Sisters 10th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 10th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat telling Anu that he loves her a lot. Saajna…………..plays………….. He says I came to tell you that I can’t live without you, that the day you left the house, I don’t understand how to meet your eyes, how did I fell so weak, that I forgot to think about my Anu, who can never hurt me, I was blind that I needed proof to believe you, I have hurt you a lot. He sits on his knees and holds his ears apologizing to her. Anu cries and says no Rajat. He says I m sorry, I felt you can’t leave me, I have hurt your self esteem a lot, I m sorry for that. Anu keeps her hand on his mouth and says you have realized, its enough for me.

He says I m tired of fighting with you, everyone says we are made for each other, I believe this and you. She says yes. They smile holding hands. He says we will stop being foolish now, and will stay together if we are made for each other, we can’t live without each other. He shows the broken mangalsutra and says you told me to join it with thread of trust, I want to join this, I want your support, will you support me. She nods yes. He holds her and says we can’t win over each other, we can win if we support each other. Saajna…………..plays…………….. She hugs him. Neil and Devyaani see this and smile. Shastri ji comes there and sees Anu and Rajat hugging. Anu is shocked seeing him.

Rajat says I m sorry uncle, I have hurt you all a lot, give me one chance for Anu’s sake, I want to give her happiness and take her home, with your blessings, please don’t refuse. Shastri ji says fine. They all smile. Shastri ji says but on one condition. Rohan calls Alka and says he loves her. Alka says don’t love me so much, my habit will spoil. Astha hears them and calls Santo for work. Alka says I will talk later and ends the call, offering help to Astha. She says Santo went to market. Astha says I m feeling hungry. Alka smiles and says I will make it, you go and rest. Vrinda comes and says I m going temple. Lord gave us big happiness. She leaves. Alka goes to cook.

Astha says Lord did not give me any happiness and mum went to temple, don’t punish me Lord. She says I have to do something. Shastri ji comes home, and everyone look on tensed to know the condition. Minty and Sareen come and are shocked seeing Rajat back. Minty asks Rajat, when did you come, and you were promoted. She says I know you won’t have any answer, but I have all answers. Sareen asks Shastri ji why did he call them, don’t keep any condition now. Shastri ji says I have kept the condition, if anyone doubt on anyone’s truth, then it should be tested many timed, I don’t understand why did Lord doubt on you both, that you gave exams for your love, no need to give any test now.

He says your love has proved that its above any test. They smile. Sareen jokes. Shastri ji says I have one complain with your love. Minty thinks she has many complains, but no one is letting me speak. Shastri ji says my dreams were taken away in this love test, I had dream to get Anu married, do her kanyadaan and her bidaai, treating baraatis and worrying about expenses, some dreams can’t be fulfilled, but I want one thing to be done. He says I will do Anushka’s bidaai by all rituals and by seeing shubh mahurat in kundli. Minty says really, if you don’t get shubh mahurat,m won’t you do bidaai? Sareen makes the moment light and says he has decided the day, the Lodhi day. Shastri ji says yes, its auspicious day. Sareen hugs Anu.

Rajat says I have given much pain to you, but I promise no pain will touch Anu from today. Shastri ji says enough, its more than enough for me to hear this. He blesses and hugs Rajat. Anu smiles. Devyaani brings the sweets. She gives sweets to Neil and says you have done big role in bringing them together. Neil thinks I wish we also get together. Rajat and Anu see each other and smile. Mintu does not eat the sweets and crushes it angrily.

Devyaani calls Alka and tells her everything. Neil looks at her and smiles seeing her so happy. Shastri ji recalls Minty’s words about hating his daughters. Anu comes and says I know you are worried because of Minty. He says yes, I still think of her words that she hates you. She says its old thing, I have everyone to support me, Sareen, Neil and Rajat, I will manage. He says yes, I have a secret to say, I love you more in all four daughters and can’t see you in pain. Anu smiles and hugs him.

Alka comes and says I caught you dad, everyone knows your secret. He says nothing like this. Alka says our Anu is very lovely and everyone loves her more, even Minty will love her with time. Alka hugs Anu. Shastri ji blesses them and is worried. Minty tells Nikki about Shastri drama, and Sareen will bring Anu home on Lodhi, as marriage is done. We should get one chance, I m already lost, maybe I can win. She says I have time till Lodhi. Rajat comes and asks for what thing mum. She is shocked seeing him.

Everyone celebrate Lodhi and dance around. Rajat shows the mangalsutra to Anu and makes her wear it. Minty looks on and thinks I won’t accept Anu so easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ohoh hurrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaayyyyy.i am so happy to watch todays ❤ u ANURAJ.Eager to watch their romance and wedding.Minty aunty don’t do anything wrong now.pls for Rajat happiness.pls

  2. What did that stupid minty want??? Just move out of the serial….. nice anuraj and devneil

  3. Happy to watch today epi…. want to see anuraj mrg… how many days we are all waiting for this mrg…!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. wow atleast true love win and my fav anu rajat r together.finally we got wt we want.iam happy.bus waiting to c watch rajat put mangalsutra to anu.waiting eagarly.hope minty dont do anything wrong.finally alka rohan r happy and anu rajat r also its turn of neil and devyanni.even they deserve happiness.thank for update.

  5. Minty is from housefull 2 lol hate ger just bringing trouble

  6. This is so good! Everyone one is so happy. But this Minty yaar! She is such a spoil sport. She just ruins the episodes by her mind talks and evil murmurs. Anu is a sweetheart and will win over her but I just hope that doesn’t take too long. For now I’m very happy.

  7. Minty keeps on saying about how much she loves her sons but that is only for name sake. How can a mother ignore her son’s happiness which lies with a girl whom he loves a lot and that too when the girl is so good???? Presently she is just a over possessive mother who can’t see anything beyond the hatred she holds for anu. Preconceived notions are just too troublesome……..ufffff….

  8. Wow I loved today s episode

  9. I love the episode

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