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Sarojini 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sapna realizing that Dushyanth and Nirjhara want to kill Sarojini. She tries to inform Bhaskar, but he is busy playing mobile game and leaves scolding her that she made him lose game.

Dushyanth and family sit for dinner when Indira comes with blanket and medicine for Sarojini. Daadi says why did she come down, her food will be sent to her room. Indira says Soumendra sent this blanket and medicine for Sarojini. Dushyanth says she does not have to serve Sarojini and go and rest in her room. Daji scolds him that whenever he gets ill, Nirjhara serves him, then why is he stopping Indira. He adds food on plate and takes it for Sarojini. Dushyanth thinks his house’s devi/Indira is serving low class Sarojini, he will not tolerate that and will teach her a lesson.


packs her bags reminiscing her inner voice’s suggestion of leaving this house and escaping Dushyanth’s torture. Soumendra thinks he should check if Sarojini is well or not and enters her room. She asks why did he come here before she finished her rituals. He says he wants to see if she is fine or not. She says he canot see her before rituals and she will go away after that. He says he knows his family is taking care of her well and once rituals are finished, he will take her wherever she wants. She reminisces Dushyanth and Nirjhara trying to kill her and thinks how to tell his family wants to kill her. She asks him to go now before family sees them. He walks out sadly. A sad song…plays in the background. She also starts crying. He falls on stairs and she holds him on time. They both walk down.

Dushyanth enters with family and starts alleging Sarojini that she could not control her and called Soumendra to her room before rituals and had suhagraat with him. Nirjhara and Daadi also start yelling. Soumendra says nothing happened between them. Dadaji says he trusts Soumendra. Dushyanth taunts dadaji he is telling as if he has divine powers. He says they have to give agni pariksha. Nirjhara says son is always gold and is pure and will not give agni parisksha, only bahu has to give as she is woman. Soumendra saya neigther he nor sarojini will agni pariksha. Dushyanth and Nirjhara start arguing and say Sarojini has to give agni pariksha. Soumendra says Sarojini will not give agni pariksha and his words are final, if they want him to be in his house, they will not force his wife for agni pariksha. Dadaji smiles hearing this and Dushyanth and his puppets frown.

Precap: Dushyanth asks Nirjhara to walk on burning coals. Sarojini holds Nirjhara’s leg and says she will walk on burning coals and walks on them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i thought this sarojini will stand up to this man…….. ???????????????
    maybe this nirjhara will now get a soft corner for sarojini by seeing her walking on the burning coals for her

  2. Why these blo*dy ppl don’t jus die and leave sarogini n somendra…

    1. As here totally

  3. It’s really sad that on one hand we are trying to promote women empowerment and save the girl child, but on the other hand we show serials like Sarojini that degrades women with insulting dialogues and age old customs and show more violence against women and girls in all our serials. Are our serial writers seriously incapable of showing good over evil and positivity? Why do they have to keep dragging this constant negativity?
    I had hoped this serial was a positive one, but turned out worse than the others. Stopped watching it.

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