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Saraswatichandra 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras going to the room to freshen up. Prashant smiles seeing him. Saras goes to change. Prashant thinks….. FB scene shows how he has exchanged the spray and saying you will faint when you smell this, this is the punishment for coming in Kumud’s life before me. Saras comes and uses the spray. He smells it and faints falling on the ground. Prashant sees this and is very happy. Kumud goes to see Saras and is shocked seeing him on the ground. He shouts and everyone rush in the room. Kumud says Saras open your eyes. Nandini says relax Kumud, Shivangi is a doctor. Shivangi checks Saras. Kumud says but what happened to him.

Prashant looks on. Shivangi says can’t understand, does he have any medical history, like hypertension, diabetics, don’t waste time, come to

my clinic. Prashant thinks Saras you are responsible for this, sorry Kumud, you are seeing this day as you are not mine. Anushka packs her bag and gets her project file back. She thinks about Kabir and she don’t believe in love. She thinks to talk to Kabir. Sushant goes to bring the taxi. Prashant comes and asks Kumud what happened. Kumud cries and says Saras suddenly fainted. Prashant says come with me in my car.

He takes Saras. Kumud sits in his car and asks Prashant to drive fast. She asks everyone to come in another car. They leave for the hospital. Anushka comes to talk to Kabir and knocks his door. She says I know I hurt you, so came to say sorry, talk to me once. She is upset as Kabir does not open the door. Shivangi treats Saras. Kumud asks what happened to him. Shivangi says it can be chemical reaction, internal. Prashant says I will stay with Kumud. Kumud says don’t know how did this happen and why.

Prashant holds her and says don’t think so much, many times stress increases and this happens. He eyes her and consoles her. She says please don’t cry, I will bring water for you. Kumud cries looking at Saras and says this happened because of stress, I have hurt you a lot instead of taking care of you. She thinks of Saras and her Mumbai moments. She blames herself all his state and apologizes to him.

Prashant brings water and keeps it. He says everything will be fine, you come and sit there, rest for a while. I will sit with Saras. She says no, I will be here till Saras gets conscious. Nandini says doctor gave some injections, I will bring it. Prashant says give it to me, I will bring. He leaves. Nandini says nice neighbor, he helped us a lot today. Prashant hears this standing out and smiles. Anushka is unable to sleep as she wants to say sorry to Kabir. She says I will go and talk, but its 2am, not the right time. She sleeps. Prashant comes and sees Kumud crying. He looks at her four black dots. He forwards his hand to hold her smiling.

He moves back seeing Saras getting conscious. Shivangi comes to check Saras. She asks how are you feeling now. Saras says I m ok. Shivangi says now relax Kumud. Kumud smiles. Shivangi asks Prashant to come as she will tell him about medicines. He leaves. Saras asks how did I come here. Kumud says you fainted and we brought you here. She hugs him. Prashant stops, he turns and looks at them hugging. He fumes and leaves. Saras says I m fine, it’s a small thing, don’t cry. She says you were unconscious all night, if this happened with me. He says I would have lost my life. She says me too, what happened to you. He thinks of how he changed and came out. He says I don’t remember.

She says I have hurt you, forgive me please. He says nothing happened because of you. She cries. Anushka comes and knocks Kabir’s door. Its already open and she goes I to see calling out Kabir. She sees he is not there. She says where did he go. Kusum asks Danny to come home early as they will go out. Anushka comes and asks everyone about Kabir. Badimaa says he might be in his room. Anushka says no. She says I called him, his phone is off. Vidyachatur asks Danny to call factory. Danny says no, he did not go there.

Anushka says where did he go. Danny says he might have went for jogging or work. Vidyachatur says he does not have habit to say anyone. Anushka thinks they don’t know what happened, but she is tensed. Saras comes home and thanks Prashant. Prashant says you would also have helped me being neighbors, so take care. Kumud says sit, I will bring tea. Saras says I will go and change. Prashant smiles and says its time to play the game facing each other.

Prashant tells Saras about Kumud describing her eyes, hair and lips………… Saras says stop this nonsense, I will break your mouth and catches his collar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. smbdy kil tht idiot prashant.i hate hm coz he troubld saras.i thnk he is phsyco.

  2. i kind hate to watch this serial because of this prashant

  3. harshitha reddy

    sars…cummon kik prashant…xcitd fr 2mrws epi

  4. mein toh wall k secrt k intaraaz krrahi hu

  5. “gadha” prashant—saras hit him badly;-)

  6. ohibo mosalsal sihr al asmar “gadha” prashant _ saras hit him badly,_) i live saras et kumud et danny et kusum

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