Saraswatichandra 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saraswatichandra 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur calling Kumud. Kumud comes smiling in her regular dressing style of ghagra. Badimaa says Kumud looks happy. Kusum says yes, she went to school today and she has to go from tomorrow. Kusum asks about the good news. Badimaa and Vidyachatur are tensed and changes the topic. He asks Kusum to make tea for everyone. Badimaa sasy we will freshen up. They leave. Saras and Kumud are together. She says what happened. Saras says I m happy that you became Kumud Desai. Saras leaves. The next morning, Danny and Saras have a talk about the health and diet. Saras sees the room spoiled. He says where will someone sit if they come. Danny says no one will come here. Saras asks Danny to clean the room. Vidyachatur comes and Danny welcomes him. Vidyachatur sees them

cleaning the room.

Vidyachatur says let it be, bachelor’s room are like this only. A maid comes and Danny introduces her as Amma. Kumud is playing with the kids at school. The other teachers see Kumud. Saras asks Vidyachatur what is the matter. Vidyachatur says I need your help, as you know, we had to auction the house, the labour left seeing all that and I can’t start the work on my own now. Saras says don’t worry, Danny and I are there, we will start the work and bring new and big orders too. Saras asks Danny to talk to Dubai people and make some business. Vidyachatur praises Saras and asks why is he doing his work. Saras says I m doing this so that you make me eat berries. Vidyachatur says you did not change, I doubted you. Saras says I did a mistake so how would you trust me, you are not wrong.

Vidyachatur says the good days are back and hugs Saras. Kumud is in the school. The kids’s mum’s sees Kumud and thinks whats Kumud doing here. They speak against Kumud and her character and Kumud hears them talking. They ask their kids not to talk to Kumud. The kids take Kumud’s side and Kumud smiles. Kumud talks to them and says what happened, whats the change in me. She leaves.

Vidyachatur says how to tell Kumud that Pramad refused to give her divorce. Guniyal says how can we hide it. Kumud comes and talks to him. She sees his accounts. She says great, there is not a single mistake. He says yes, give me a chocolate. Badimaa says no kidding. She tells my son did the accounts, you won’t get any mistake. Saras comes. Vidyachatur says give the chocolate to Kumud. Kumud asks Kumari to call Danny inside as he was after her from school and might be tired. Danny comes. Kumud gives a chocolate to Saras and Saras thanks her. Kumud says people will not eat me, I can take care but thanks for the worry. Kumud asks about the divorce. Vidyachatur says we will take care of everything, I got a good news, we got a big order, if we fulfill it, our loan will be over. He says Saras got this order and will make the order complete. Saras says I will run the Karkhana, it will be yours always.

Badimaa asks Saras to have food and Danny replies why not. Everyone smiles. Saras says I m not hungry but serve food to Danny, he is always hungry. Saras leaves.

Amma is working at Saras’s house and the phone rings. Its actually Kalika in an old woman’s attire. She gets the mobile and says I got a big news and laughs. Kumud comes after Saras and asks Pramad did not sign the papers right. She says what did he say. Saras is silent. Kumud says whats there to talk, tell me. Saras says I can’t see you sad and I can’t lie to you. Kumud says you need to lie, I will fight with anyone till you are with me. Saras looks at her. She smiles and says you know, its easy to get a new name for a girl, but difficult to get her name back, I m Kumud Desai because of you. He says I m happy to see you. Vidyachatur comes running and says the factory caught fire, come fast. Everyone rushes to the spot in a shocked state.

Vidyachatur is shocked to see the fire. Saras stops him. People put water on the fire. Saras takes Vidyachatur and makes him sit. Vidyachatur cries. Pramad comes there smiling. Saras sees him and goes to him. Kumud also sees him.

Saras is about to beat Pramad. Everyone stops him. Pramad taunts them. Pramad says tell me saras what else would I do, I knew you won’t give my message to Kumud, so I thought I will myself show how will I ignite fire in her life and will ruin her peace and her love. He says Vidyachatur till when will you be able to save your house, now your factory has burned, wher will you hide your daughter. He tells them about the big order. Everyone are puzzled thinking how he knows everything. Pramad calls Saras unlucky, he says how will you complete the order, I m worried for you. Saras gets angry, Kumud stops him. Pramad laughs seeing their love. Kumud says we will complete the order by starting from the ashes. She says you will always find us united. She says you do what you want. Pramad laughs and drinks wine. Kumud gives him an angry stare.

Kumud tells Saras today our factory burned, if anything happens again, my dad will break. He says I m sure you will be his strength, she says yes, and you mine. She smiles seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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