Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpana gives her pen to paki. She asks who gave it to you? Kamla says that raghav gave her this. Kalpi says that he gifted me because i solved the sum. Paki says i want this pen take all of my pens but give this to me. Kalpana says no this is my pen i won’t give this to you. paki says ask her to give it to me. Kamla says yes kalpi will give this to you. Kalpana says no you always do this i won’t give it to paki, never. Kamla says you are my good daughter i ill give two pens to you. Paki is about to take from her hand, nettu comes in. PAki says nettu look she is not giving me my pen. Nettu says kaml we have done a lot for you and your daughter and she just can’t give poki a pen. Poki always gives her toys to kalpi but she has shown her trait. Nettu says i will buy you 100 more pens. Paki says no i want only this pen.

Scene 2
Kalpana goes to kitchen where diviyah says you were right this is your pen. Kamla says you are my intelligent daughter. Kalpi says but this pen is mine. Kalpana doesn’t give. Paki in the room is throwing all the things away. Nettu is stopping her kamla stops her. She says to kamla to ask kalpi to give her that pen. Kalpi is listening all this from the door. Paki says i want that pen at any cost. She if you can’t get me that pen then i don’t want anything else too. she is being so stubborn she throws a vase which hurts her own self. She gets a a cut on her hand. Kamla applies turmeric on her hand. Nettu says what you wanna show by this kamla? Yif you wanted you had stopped this from happening. You take advantage of innocence of my daughter. The day she understands this she will teach you. I am giving you 5 minutes to halt this all. Kalpi comes in pointing her pen towards poki. Nettu says look she is even more drama than her mom. Paki takes the pen. She is so happy now, kalpana is looking at her, empty handed.

Scene 3
Mummy ji is watching chennai express on Tv. she says that don’t arrange any part or something on sunday we will all watch chennai express. Nettu says obviously i will watch chennai express. Diviyah says yes on 20th september 8 0′clock only on zee tv.

Scene 4
Kamla hugs kalpi and says thanks for her sacrifice. Paki starts screaming and says my hand is in pain. Kalpi leaves, paki says i am fine now.
Kalpana asks diviyah to take her home along with her. She goes to take her bag and strikes with raghav. She leaves with diviyah.

Scene 5
Raghav sees paki using the pen he gifted to kalpi. Kamla says let me bring something to eat for you raghav. Kamla is looking for kalpi in the kitchen. Raghav says she has lefty with diviya. Kamla says she left for home without telling me?

Scene 6
Pakiya is playing in the chowl, he is buying an ice crea whilst manda is dissolving detergent in water she throws it on the ground he was playing but he sees it. Manda goes to he home pakiya says there is a snake ther go run, she screams and runs and falls on the same ground. Pakiya says oh sad how did this happen tai?

Scene 7
Kamla says to nettu that i am going home. Nettu says isn’t it to early? Kamla says that its 7 o’clock and kalpi was angry with me.Nettu says why did your daughter created all this drama? She should have given this to her before don’t ever do that again kits better for you both.

Scene 8
Pakiya and vitthal finds kalpi crying. Vitthal whats wrong? Pakiya says tell i will.. Vitthal sarcastically says yes stick is behind that door. kalpi says that raghav gave a pen to her but paki took it from me. Pakiya asks why did you give it to her it was yours? kamla says that i am so proud of you kalpi you showed that you are my daughter. She says actually paki.. /vitthal stops her and says don’t make her another kamla she is my princess.

Precap-Vitthal says to kaml why couldn’t paki understand that she should not take things from others. For the sake of her you made my daughter cry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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