Saraswatichandra 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 15th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras waking in the morning. He looks out for Kumud. He thinks Kumud went home and says its good that Kumud went and wishes she reaches her home safely. he comes out and sees Kumud. He smiles seeing her. Kumud looks at him and comes to him. She says you got up, where were you going. He says I thought you left, she says where would have I gone, I asked you many times to leave, did you leave. An old man takes care of Saras. Kumud and Saras think of their past and that white cloth. She cries thinking that white cloth got colored by his blood.

Pramad comes to Vidyachatur’s house. Vidyachatur asks where is Kumud. Saras and Kumud enters the house. Pramad is shocked. Kumud meets her family. Saras tells Pramad waht did you think, to insult Kumud before

we reach here, but the fate did not support you. Pramad influences his parents and says Saras is a liar, he has beaten me. Pramad says Kumud and Saras has run away yesterday. Pramad says who will trust you. Badimaa speaks against Pramad and says we trust them. Pramad’s mum taunts Badimaa and speaks ill about Kumud’s character. Badimaa answers her well and says we have taught our children to speak the truth and be in limits.

Badimaa asks Kumud what is the truth. Kumud looks at Saras and he signs yes. Kumud says Pramad tried to kill me yesterday. Everyone are shocked. She says Kalika is also with him. Kalika comes and says this is a lie. Budhidhan scolds Kalika and asks her to leave. Pramad supports Kalika and puts the blame on Saras and Kumud. Pramad says Kalika saved him, she tries to tell me their truth but I did not listen to her. Kumud says you planned to kill us. Kumud says I told you the truth that day and you acted as if you were against Kalika.

Kumud says you took me somewhere and has tried to burn me alive. Everyone are shocked. Pramad’s mum says what is Kumud saying. Pramad says its all lies. Pramad tries to take the thing under his control. He says ask her why Saras came back to our house. He says because he had no option, he wanted to take Kumud with him. Budhidhan asks Saras is this true. Saras says I had doubt on Pramad, I heard him talking to Kalika and I came to know the truth.

Pramad says its a good story. He says I will not let anyone believe this. He says I want to be away from Kumud and comes shouting outside the house. Everyone gather there and asks Pramad what happened. Pramad tells them everything and insults Kumud and her family infront of them. Saras signs Danny and he takes Kumari with him. Pramad says Kumud has spent a night with Saras. Kalika tries to stop Pramad and tells lets go inside. Everyone comes outside and watches them. Pramad tells the whole story to the people. He says I won’t accept such a woman. Kalika smiles. Kumud looks at him angrily.

People start gossiping and Pramad says what was she doing with Saras the whole night. The people say Kumud should give the agni pariksha and prove her that she is innocent. The people taunt Vidyachatur. Kumud says enough, not my dad’s insult. Danny and Kumari are on the way and Kumari says I can’t believe Pramad tried to kill Kumud. Danny says thank Lord, Kumud is fine, and about Pramad, he will get his punishment. Kumud comes to talk to the people. She says I won’t give Agnipariksha, as I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. She says you all are asking me as I m a woman, ask him to clear his stains, will you ask him to prove himself innocent.

She tells him what Pramad did to her. She says he tried to burn me yesterday. She says Saras has saved me from the fire, he is Saraswatichandra. Everyone looks on. She says I tried hard to keep my marriage on and trusted Pramad as I have my dad’s values. She warns everyone not to tell anything about her dad and Saraswatichandra. Kumari says Kumud loves Saras. Danny says Saras can’t think of anyone else. He would have been alone the whole life. He says maybe the fate wants to bring them together.

Kumud scolds Pramad and says I have broken the mangalsutra yesterday as you made me do it. She says he does not respect women, and why should I give agnipariksha, its given for Ram, and he is Shaitaan. Pramad’s mum stops Kumud and blames her. Badimaa asks her what she was doing when Pramad was ill treating her. Alak speaks up and supports Kumud. She asks her mum does Pramad had the right to burn Kumud. Pramad’s mum slaps Alak. Kumud says you have slapped Alak, who have done all the responsibilities of your son. Kumud talks to Pramad’s mum and shows her Pramad’s reality. Kumud says you are blind in Pramad’s love. Kumud starts leaving. Badimaa asks her where she is going. Kumud says police station, to file case against Pramad and Kalika.

Pramad’s mum stops Kumud and says you can’t do this. Kumud says I have to do this, let me go. Pramad puts the blame on Kumud. The people ask Vidyachatur to stop Kumud. Badimaa stops Kumud and says you can’t go, I will also come with you. Everyone smiles. Pramad’s mum asks Budhidhan to stop Kumud. Vidyachatur says Budhidhan that Kumud can’t do any sin. He says thats why we will go with her. Alak tells Budhidhan that Pramad does not care for anyone, she says I had to marry Inkesh because of him. Pramad panics. Budhidhan says if you have not done anything, then why are you afraid, let me do what she wants. Pramad warns Kumud. Danny and Kumari arrive with the police. Danny stops Pramad.

Pramad is shocked to see the police. The inspector questions Kumud about yesterday’s night. Pramad’s mum requests Kumud. Kumud says forgive me and tells the inspector that its true Pramad wanted to kill her. She says arrest him. Everyone looks on. Pramad’s mum supports Pramad and asks Kumud to stop all this. She stands in between police and Pramad. Kumud says Pramad does not deserve anything, I should have done this before. Police takes Pramad with them. Pramad looks at Kumud. Pramad’s mum cries.

Badimaa asks Saras to stop for Kumud’s sake. He says I promised Kumud I will leave from her life when she is safe, that day has come.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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