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Mayank hugs Gunjan and says that you did what you could. He consoles her and says that she is forgetting that these all are new for you, but those people are used to living in those conditions, and at least you tried. Shayl listened to them, and wiped her tears. Gunjan says that she forgot to ask for his new job. He boasts that he got a senior manager’s job; she has already seen the car while he has a personal cabin and a hot secretary. They both fight and play on that.
Rachna comes to show KT the new deigns, he says he has no time but she says that he should at least see them for once. He is shocked in elaton to see them and suggests to keep them in their presentation. Rachna hugs him. KT reminds that they are in their office, she goes back. Rachna calls Shayl and tells her she will

be late tonight as she has to go to a meeting with KT. Shayl says she will tell Mayank to pick her, but Rachna says that she is going with KT, he will drop her back home.
Gunjan comes to dining table. Bauji asks for Rachna, Shayl tells him that Rachna will come late but KT is with her. Prabhu asks Gunjan what happened at the village, what change could she bring there in a few days. Mayank asks her who the man he talked to yesternight was. Gunjan says that he is a guy helping me there. The lights go off. Mayank goes to see this, bauji asks Shayl did she charge the invertor. Mayank asks Gunjan to come with him to check the fuse.
KT and Rachna comes to the meeting. KT says that Miss Garg will explain him about the details. Rachna looks at him, them starts to present. KT sees her talk. The client appreciates the idea and the collection. KT holds Rachna’s hand. The client gives them a two week time.
Mayank tells Gunjan to hold the light stable. She tells him to stand stable. He says he will take advantage of her but she gets rid of him. Mayank fixes the fuse.
In the way back, KT appreciates Rachna. Rachna says I told you that taking a break the mind gets fresh. She says that she hopes the night never ends. The car pulls up. KT goes to see as the car is heat up. Rachna also comes out. KT asks a motor cyclist if there is a mechanic, he tells him about it. KT tells Rachna to stay in the car.
Seema appreciates Mayank. Gunjan is lost in thoughts.
KT gets the mechanic. He says that you should take Rachna on bike. KT tells her to sit holding him. Rachna hesitantly puts hands on his shoulder and around his back. He smiles and they move on. In the way it begins to rain, Rachna dances in it while KT watches her.

He puts his coat around her, she hugs him. After a while, Rachna herself goes away.
At home Bauji and Shayl are worried about Rachna. He thinks if its something wrong. Shayl says that she isn’t receiving the call even. KT and Rachna comes home on bike. KT says he is coming with Rachna to drop her. He says that their parents must know that what is going on between them. KT asks does she have a problem telling them. He takes her hand and comes to the door. Rachna denies this. Shayl comes to open the door, Gunjan also comes there.

PRECAP: Mayank says that I wants to meet you to the boss, she turns around, he is shocked to see the lady.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. oh pls…update it fast…what the heck u doin….ah…pls..

  2. Super episode!!!! Finally there are more scenes with KT and Rachna 🙂

  3. oww kt n rachna in a bike COOOOOOL 😀 todays epi ws gd precap is interesting I guess it will be CHARU :p

  4. WOW…..I love today’s episode….soooooo romantic….best couple….OMG….KT going to talk to Rachna’s parents….oh…i cant wait for tomorrow

  5. I just hope they don’t bring charu back on this show why can’t they just be done with her story and focus on maybe KT n Rachna

  6. It is charu remember she said that she is gonna come back

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