Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st March 2014 Written Update


Rachna tells Sonal that KT will only be hers and leaves. Sonal is worried about what Rachna said, in her nervousness she took off the ring from her hand. She picks it up and says she will win over Rachna by hook or by crook.
Gunjan calls Mayank telling him that she thinks she saw Pihu didi going with someone else. He tells her that since she wasn’t sure, she must not discuss it with anyone at home. He also says that he knew his sister, the guy might be her old friend or class fellow. As he hangs up, Gunjan thinks she is sure something was wrong.
In the workshop KT thinks that the design was perfect. But Miss Garg had got used to making mistake first, and then asks for forgiveness. He thinks that she believe by doing so she will be forgiven,

but she had to do it as the mistake was hers. Sonal enters lost in thoughts. KT says hi to her but she doesn’t listen. He touches her to move. She says it’s nothing and was about to leave when KT holds her hands and asks her what happened. She tells him that her mom dad called to ask why she got married in such urgency. Her mom also asked about their future plans. She tells him that she and her parents valued Indian values in spite of living in USA, she was living in his house. How long could they delay. KT told her that whatever way their engagement took place the next step would be marriage.
But he tells her that he wants some time to think about living with each other and get adjusted together. She thinks the later it will get, Rachna will have more chance to get closer to him. KT asks if he could talk to her mother about it, but she says she’ll convince her. KT leaves.
Pihu and Vicky arrives at the acting school. Vicky greets his friends and calls Pihu forward as well. Pihu gets happy that he thinks about her in so many people. As they were about to go inside he gets a call, which he was reluctant to pick. He takes the call and tells he will call later.
KT assigns Rachna with and assignment for one hour and warns her that he won’t tolerate mistake this time. She sets to work when Sonal comes and interferes with her work. Rachna is getting irritated by the interference but tries to focus on her work. Sonal keeps a bundle of needles at one place which pricks Rachna’s hands.
Shail hands bauji his luchboxes. He asks about Pihu. Shail says she has gone to her friend. He says that it time she goes back home, he had talk to son-in-law yesterday. He understood and is ready to take Pihu back. Shail resists saying that if they force her, she will even get farther from this home. Phone bell rings. Seema answers, it was Murli.
KT comes and asks Rachna if all was done. He sees the design and keeps looking at it awfully. He tells her it’s fabulous. He was going back, towards the piled needles Sonal had messed up on table. She gets there and picks them up, KT asks what she was doing, and what she had in her hands. She shows him the pins and they set to pin the dress up again. KT once again moves backwards, hitting the wardrobe. Rachna runs towards him. All the drapery comes down upon them. KT tells her not to move. As everything gets settled, he saw Rachna’s hands bleeding because of the needles.

Vicky sees Pihu delivering her dialogues in a lost way. He was waiting for someone at a desserted place. A lady comes from behind, putting her hands on his shoulders. It was Shayl.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Stupendous ! Atleast kt forgave rachna and so good to see them together. I am eager for the wedding day to see the witch being thrown out by kt. All d best rachna

  2. kt and rachna u guys are unbelievable!!!!!!!!I cant wait to c sonal gets thrown out I so hate her

  3. Why is it that it is so angry in the. Show..please change up that ,and make him act like a guy who’s falling in love, not heating an drachma you are going good together…

  4. Sonal looks like a big eye…please put some action in the show with kt and Rachna…

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