Madhubala 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 31st March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK says lemme see who her PK has tied her fortunes with? Madhu turns to look as well and VD’s character removes the sehra and shows his face..! AK is shocked.. Madhu is stunned ..! All watch speechless..!

He covers his face… while Tamanna smirks! Bebe asks ye kya mazak hai? AK says ye khel hai.. gudee guddi ka.. sehre me gudda aur sindoor se saji ..ansun tapkati..gudiya ..! AK throws the aarti thal away! Bebe asks AK if he is crazy? The girl he loves so much and wanted to marry .. he got her married to a stranger? What did he get by ruining her life? AK says peace …from the burden of my dad’s death..  ! AK says 20 years i have endured.. now she will endure..!

Madhu says.. a stranger? I should accept a stranger as my hubby? No i dun accept

his wedding..! She tells Pandit to undo the wedding… the mangalstura is amangal ..and the sindoor is for my destruction ..! She tears off the mangalsutra..! She says.. why are u all watching silently? I have been cheated on … ! She is about to wipe off her sindoor when Pandit stops her n says.. i dunno the guy ur married to. but ur marriage with him is true… the rituals are true.. the sindoor ..the mangalsutra is also true..and now u wont question this.. coz the one ur married to.. is ur lifepartner..! Pandit says.. tu haan kar ya na kar.. tere jevan ki dor uske sath bandh gai hai.. aur aab wohi tera bhagya hai ..! Madhu is speechless!

Bebe tells AK the joke u played on Madhu is a reality now.. n cant e changed .as its destiny! Bebe asks AK to speak or she wont forgive him! AK says dun want forgiveness.. only revenge.. of my dads death.. the one ur supporting. .she is the daughter of our enemy ..! Its coz of her dad… that i lost my dad.. n u lost ur son..! All are confused..! AK says ..cheating and lying? Well she is the biggest cheat … her face.. her intent .. her love all are a lie .. she is RK’s daughter.. Madhubala Rishabh Kundra…! Bebe is shocked.! Madhu is shocked too ..! AK says the one she calls Dida.. n the one u talked to the other day is RK’s mom Radha Kundra..! Madhu is quiet! AK asks Madhu .. if he is lying? Madhu says am Madhubala Devkinandan.. n my Dida doesnt lie..! AK says ur a liar.. ur Dida is a liar too ..! The one who raised u.. u call Dida.. u lied to her everyday … she told to stay away from film industry … n u wanna marry a filmstar? U told her ur working at Kanpur..! I understood who u are the day i saw u .. but u fooled me.. n then fooled Dida.. ! Ur specs.. are meant to fool us.. of ur innocence..! Ur face… ur words .. all are a lie..! Madhu says no…! AK says i came to Mathura .. u din intro me to ur Dida.. why? Coz u knew i did find out about ur true intent..! AK says this is destiny .. .that i found out ..and i tied ur destiny to a stranger.. the one u married .. n now u will spend ur life with him ..! AK says for 20 years i endured.. now u will endure…! The enemity that began with ur father RK . .will continue with u ..! AK walks off …! Madhu is stunned and helpless..! Pam-Annie-Nikhil walks off ..!

Bebe is teary eyed but walks off … Dolly-Titu too..! Lela- Sweetie turn to walk off but Madhu stops them and asks who is this RK? Tell him am Devkinandan .. Dida cant lie..! Tell me? Lela says what? Truth is .. ur Dida lied to u ..! Ur RK Madhu’s daughter..! Madhu is shocked..!

Part 2

Lela tells Madhu the whole story … of how RK-Madhu died..Madhu jnr-Radha were saved as they were outside.. n Harshvardhan was blamed..! Later he was killed by mob ..! Madhu is teary eyed! Lela says between two families .. i and my family were crushed .. ! Bittu was a Secretary to RK and was not allowed to re-enter the industry and Radha hated the industry so took Madhu away from here ..! But Madhu lied to Dida and came to Mumbai and worked at AK’s place..! She says u lied .. so u suffer…! AK is too powerful and wont spare Bittu or Radha..! Lela tells Madhu .. we have no relation .. anymore..! ‘Marne walo ko bhul jao.. aur zinda rehne walo ko yaad rakho ‘..! Lela- Sweetie walk off..!

Part 3

Nikhil asks Pam why is she smiling? Pam says this smile is for Rs.2000 Crore… poor AK worked so hard whole life and he wont realize how in one stroke.. AKs whole property will be ours! Nikhil says.. AK will take revenge and we will take AKs money!Madhu sits on the floor recollecting AKs words. … about RK .. about their enmity! She breaksdown n screams ..! She wipes her sindoor !

Precap —- Madhu enters her room and finds VDs char. playing with toys and clapping hands …! He smiles at Madhu .. who looks shocked at him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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