Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th May 2013 Written Update

Lawyer tells Mayank and his family that it’s better to do out of court settlement, but Mayank says that he wants Charu to get punishment for what she has done. Lawyer explains them this way they can’t get this case over as fast as Mayank and his family want. Mayank’s family says they will think and let him know what to do. Rachana comes and takes Mayank on a side. She tells some plan to him, but Mayank doesn’t think it will work. Rachna says it will.

In night, everyone is at dining table. Rachna gives Akash’s favorite food to him, but he is not in mood to eat. Rachna says, oh no if he doesn’t eat, then Mayank’s plan will fail. Everyone asks him a lot so in end he eats, and he likes it as well. Mayank is happy. After dinner, Rachna gives banarasi paan

to Akash and he likes that as well. He says he missed that a lot in Australia. Someone asks who brought that paan.. and when Mayank’s name comes, Akash stands up and leaves from there.

Some scene between Rachna and Chaya to promote Fair and Lovely product. Not doing update for that part.

Mayank comes and Rachna gives him CDs. Mayank plays the CD and leaves with Rachna. Mayank by mistake leaves his keys there. Akash comes there and he likes the song. But he then sees the keys.

Mayank is hoping everything gets alright. Gunjan tells him, everything will be fine.. just to be confident in front of her dad. Right then Akash comes and throws CDs at him. He asks what’s going on? Are you trying to impress me? You think I am a kid? What do you think I will be happy by banarasi paan? and now these songs.. I was right that you can do anything to win my daughter.. ridiculous behavior. Gunjan supports Mayank and says he is not trying to trap me.. this was my idea.. he knew this would backfired. Akash tells Mayank, the girl who didn’t raise her voice in front of her dad.. today she is screaming against him. Gunjan again takes Mayank’s side, but Akash says, he is fed up of Mayank and faster they leave this house, better it will be. He leaves. Mayank also leaves. Gunjan tells Rachana, now there is only one way left which will make everything like before.

Gunjan is on the road with her bag. Mayank comes and asks her, why did you call me here? And what’s that bag for? Gunjan hugs him and says, I can’t see you suffer more.. I know you’re trying your best to make this possible. Let’s run away. Far away from dad.. everyone.. there is no point talking with dad.. we tried everything.

Other side, Akash is talking with himself and feels he was too harsh at Gunjan. But she doesn’t realize that Mayank is not for her. He goes to talk with her. He comes at the door and thinks that she might be sleeping, but still decides to check.. and he doesn’t find her in her room. He goes to check on the terrace, but Shayl says no one is up there. Akash asks where is Mayank. Shayl says, he must be in his room. Akash now goes to check for Mayank.

Mayank tells Gunjan, if that is what you want, then let’s prove your dad right. Your dad thinks I am a loser, so let’s prove him right. Gunjan says, why are you saying like that? Dad doesn’t have faith in you, but I do. Mayank says, no you don’t.. otherwise you wouldn’t ask me to run away. What will everyone think if we run away like this? Gunjan says, I love you both, but after seeing his behavior today, I don’t think he will ever agree. I love you a lot, and I can’t even stay a second without you.

Precap: Gunjan is disappointed with Mayank and says, it’s waste to explain you anything. She leaves his hand and says, don’t think about me anymore. She is driving the car very fast and has an accident.

Update Credit to: Julia

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