Sanyukt 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rita sees Ila crying and taking about Niranjan and runs to her room. Ila follows her and requests to open door. Rita opens door and says she cannot force her to stay away from her son and already told she will leave this house. Ila says she did not hear what she told, she did not send food for Niranjan, but did not even stop Parimal from taking food. Rita says Parimal and Gayatri think she is wrong, so even Ila may fall for their reasons. Ila says she will always help her daughter and asks her to cheer up, she asks about her play and says she wants her daughter to move on and be happy in her life.

Parimal goes to servant’s quarters and meets Niranjan. Niranjan tries to switch on fan. Parimal says he is fine and asks if he did not go to work. Niranjan says he did not have job and was searching

investors, now he is not doing even that. Parimal asks if he should transfer some money. Niranjan says he has some for his basic needs, if he wants to help him, then he should let him meet children. Parimal says he already betrayed Rita, now he wants them to lie Rita and bring children.

Shree/Tanu tells Sameer that only he has bring love in Hetal’s life and make her believe in love. She tells him how Hetal used to talk about only him and waited him to propose, kept his gifted chocs for 1 month, etc. She even warns if he does not, he has to get away form Hetal’s life as she does not need a weak man in her sister’s life. She says he can call her didi form hereon and they both will bring love in Hetal’s life.

Hetal in cafeteria eagerly waits for Rahul. Prachi taunts if she is looking for Sam. Rahul speaks to Sam and asks when is he coming. Sam says he is on the way. Prachi asks Rahul if he spoke to Sam. He says yes. Hetal says Prachi he rudely just said yes, instead of telling where Sam is and when is he coming. Sameer enters with chocs. Rahul asks if it is for him. Sam says for Hetal. Rahul taunts him that he is roaming around Hetal a lot, asks Prachi if he is right. Prachi says his lips are shut. Rahul continues taunting Sameer. Hetal comes and tells Prachi that she needs to talk about new strategy with Rahul and ignores Sam. Sam just looks at her. Hetal leaves looking at him/

Precap: Ila asks Rita how was her play rehearsal. Rita says she is kicked out of play. Ila says god will open another door if one is closed. Rita yells her fate doors closed when she and bapuji brought Niranjan’s proposal.

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