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Sanyukt 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Before uday can answer, gayatri steps in and asks why would he do it. he too plays along, and denies taking it. parimal is tensed. he says that maybe uday took it, and not intentionally steal. gayatri stands up for him. she reminds him parimal’s own carelessness. they rush out to search for it. uday who is extremely tensed, takes out the money, and finds that its all ruffled and wonders what to do. then he straightens them up and places it beside the cushion and tries to act normal, saying that he found them. when they come, he shows it to them. parimal is boggled how. uday gives an excuse and gayatri gets a chance to reprimand him. parimal then hands the money to her. uday leaves for downstairs. after he is gone, she lashes at him, while he is still confused.

On the stairs, uday talks to his roommate, about how difficult it is to flinch money now. they look at the farther problem of arranging six lakhs, which seems impossible. his friend turns suicidal. uday calms him down assuring that he shall do seomthing. while he is tensed in the room, sameer sneaks up from behind and then scares him in a prank. uday then asks about the new lens that sameer got. smaeer asks how long he plans to stay. uday says that he shall soon go. then he talks about a college friend of sameer, who he gets instantly excited about. uday tells that she was asking for sameer’s number, but he didnt give. seeing sameer blush, uday teases and says that he shall give her the number. sameer asks where he saw her. uday blurts out that last week at his friend’s house in bandra. sameer instantly picks it up. he manages to distract sameer somehow, while he is still unconvinced.

At the dining table, all happily banter, while rita sits tensedly. gayatri asks her to eat and she repplies back tensedly. parimal asks about the studies, and uday gets irritated. all side with uday saying that as per his statements, its wonderful. then parimal goes to check his phone. UDay who is sitting with family, as he gets tensed, when parimal comes and tells him that there is a mail from his college. he says that they are his mid term results. gayatri says that he must have got good marks. all gloat about his success. but parimal gets enraged, and comes and slaps him. all are shocked. he declares that uday failed in every subject. uday is mortified while all others are shocked. he rushes inside, while parimal screams at him. all are aghast.

Scene 2:
Location: Maya’s office and gharaunda
While maya is tensed in her office, at niranjan’s sleazy comments, she decides to return his money and have good riddance. she calls up niranjan and asks if he shall come to the office. he says that he shall but only when she hands him the money. they again get into a verbal scuffle, while she asks about his account number. he denies, and again brings up the past as to how she was with him, only for money. she gets enraged, and says that she shall give the money to ila, if he doesnt accept. he warns her not to, as she is sick and shall bother unnecessarily. she asks him to leave her then. then he snubs her off saying that, she is the one who is callinbg him. he cancels. he is amused as to how she shall take it on her ego and return the money. maya paces nervously, and then calls him up, while he eyes the screen victoriously. as he receives, he taunts her, and she says that this is the last time, he wins her over with his tactics. he confirms, and she asks him to come over. he is overjoyed.

In her room, rita is tensed whether to talk to jignesh or not. she wonders what shall he think, and how to go about it. she also wonders what if he tells niranjan, and thinks that she cant do this. she then gets an idea, and dresses up to go out.

MEanwhile, maya resignedly comes to meet niranjan. she gives him money, while he says that he doesnt have change to return her back. she asks him to keep it. he asks her not to waste her husband’s money on giving him extra. she says that its her money and not his, and hence niranjan neednt bother. he asks if the husband doesnt give her pocket money. she is tensed and asks why does he bother. he asks if he raised his hand at her, and if she is going to divorce him. she is stunned. then he says that he can come again to return her the money. she is disgusted by the prospect. she lashes at him and goes inside. Niranjan smirks evilly, saying her anger and ego is still the same

Scene 3:
Location: Gharaunda
Uday is tensed about what happened, and declares that he hates his father, while crying incoherently. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: ila gets uday catching him by the hand, while he comes flustered, as parimal and gayatri are seated tensedly. he gets enraged and confronts uday, while the brothers and gayatri are extremely tensed of his reaction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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