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Surya Dev tells Shani that he too will also be punished for supporting Shukracharya if Shukracharya is indeed found culprit tomorrow morning. I wont let you see or meet your mother ever again. Shani gets shocked. Surya Dev leaves from there. Guru Shukracharya looks at Shani. I knew Indra can act mean but you will support us Asuras only. Shani points out that he is neither on his side nor on God’s side. I am only with justice. I am doing what should be done. I am giving a chance! He too leaves.

Chhaya looks at her hand which has blackened. She hides it seeing Surya Dev. Surya Dev asks about her health. She lies to him saying she is fine. She notices him tensed. Is there any problem? Surya Dev replies that her son Shani is the only problem of his life. He again did something which made me lower my

eyes! He relates everything that happened a while ago. Yam says he does not even care for you. He is supporting Asuras. Chhaya says it isn’t so. He does care for me. He ended the stom. Why do you blame him? Surya Dev says it came where he was. Whoever is with him falls in trouble. Chhaya tells him against it but Surya Dev stays put. Dev Vishwakarma says my daughter is still not over the recent incident. Her heart is not calm yet. You both must let her rest. Don’t disturb her more. Surya Dev agrees and excuses himself. Yam goes with him.

Chhaya asks Dev Vishwakarma how he accepted her today and is caring for her today when it wasn’t so yesterday. You stopped me from telling him the truth. Why? Dev Vishwakarma says he is Shani. He will learn everything on time, Shanay-Shanay. You don’t have to tell him anything. She asks him if he is hiding something. He says it is you who is hiding your wound. It dint heal yet? She calls it strange. It lessens when Surya Dev is near. It grows when he is gone. Dev Vishwakarma says it isn’t because of the storm. My daughter created you from a special magical potion which takes shape of someone or something when it is put on them. It finishes when the need is done. This is your beginning too. This is the indication of future. Sandhya created you so she could go for the tapasya. You will slowly begin to vanish based on the progress Sandhya makes in her tapasya. When she will finally return! Chhaya Chhaya gets shocked. I will vanish then! I need some time alone. Dev Vishwakarma leaves without saying anything.

Chhaya thinks she will go away once her mission is complete. What’s my motive? Does a mother only gives birth to a kid? No! It is also her duty to raise her kid, see him growing and becoming successful in life. If it is so then my life’s aim is still not over. You cannot do this Mahadev. What will happen to Shani once I am gone? He does not care for himself. Shani asks her who does not care about himself. Chhaya wipes her tears. Shani asks about her health. She replies that she is fine. But I am upset with you. Shani asks her if he made any mistake. She feels bad and goes to him. My son cannot commit any mistake ever. Why do you have to intervene between this fight between Gods? Storm came and went. I am fine. Forget it. Shani says I would have forgotten it only if you weren’t attacked by it. How can I spare the one who tried to hurt you? She is touched by his love for her. Learn to worry for yourself too. Have you ever thought of what will happen if I will go away from you? He gets shocked by her words. Why do you say so? No one can separate Shani from his mother, not even Mahadev himself! Chhaya makes him sit. Parents have to away from their kids some day. Kids must live alone then. This is why I want you to learn to live for yourself. Learn to take care of yourself. Shani refuses. I have no identity without you. If you say this again then I will get upset with you. They share an emotional hug. Shani says you worry for no reason for me. You need to rest right now. I will be back soon. Chhaya wonders how to tell Shani she will leave him soon. He got so upset with Mahadev also! What will he do when I will actually go?

Indra Dev is smiling. He cleans his throne. I don’t want even a bit of dust to fall on you. Karamfaldata is also on my side. You will always be mine. Surya Dev asks him to answer his questions instead of talking to his throne. Indra Dev welcomes him. Surya Dev invites him for tomorrow’s Devsabha in Surya Loka. We will decide there if SHukracharya is indeed responsible for that attack or not! I will burn him then and there itself if he is involved. In case he is proved innocent, it will be disrespect to all Gods. You taught me that Shukracharya is responsible for it. Think once again. Did you tell me right? I hope this isn’t a mean game by you again. Indra Dev says why I will play games with you. Shani too came to ask me this. I told him it is Shukracharya’s idea. Surya Dev gets angry hearing Shani’s name. Indra Dev compares him to Shani intentionally. Surya Dev says we are not alike. He is stubborn. I am sure he will be punished for his stubbornness. I will wait for you tomorrow in meeting. Indra Dev agrees to come. Surya Dev leaves. Indra Dev praises his mind for making things possible for him. Shani can think anything but Surya Dev will prove him wrong. Shukracharya will be proved guilty. Karamfaldata is going to fall in a big problem!

Kakol and Shani sit down to eat food. Kakol is about to eat fruits when Yam offers laddoos to Shani. Mother made it. Try them. You will like it. He offers kheer to Shani too. Mother made it. Eat it as this is going to be your last meal in this palace. You have challenged father. no one can save you from his anger after that! You will have to go away from mother for forever after tomorrow’s meeting. You will go back to the same jungle where you were supposed to. He laughs! Shani eats laddoo. It is yummy. Remember that you have to feed this only to me in future. I am not going anywhere leaving my mother. Yam calls it his foolishness. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. I am sure Shukracharya will be proved guilty tomorrow. You will be proved a partner in his crime. Enjoy mother’s cooked food today as tomorrow you will go back to the same jungle from where you came. Chhaya asks Yam what’s happening. Yam says it is what truth is. He tells her the convo between Surya Dev and Shani. He turns to Shani again. I hope I wont see you while eating food tomorrow! He walks out.

Chhaya asks Shani why he did that. Shani says it was important. He holds her hand. the one who gave you this wound must be punished. Trust me, no power in the world can separate me from you, be it the darkness of storm or Surya Dev’s light! CHhaya looks at him in shock.

Precap: Surya Dev tells Chhaya to make sure Shani does not come in Devsabha tomorrow if she wants to see him safe. In Devsabha, Surya Dev pronounces Shukracharya guilty. He and other Asuras will be punished. Shukracharya asks for Shani. Chhaya tells Shani not to go in Devsabha tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. It was a emotional episode…Waiting for Shani’s first justice.?


      jab serial shuru hua tab se jyaada emotional episodes hi dikha raha hai…???
      ab time shuru horaha hain karmafal dene ka…???

      1. Sahi hain??

  2. Karamfal data definatly give a best justice ………shanay shanay all will came to know they are not on any one’s side


      sss u r ✔…
      isiliye toh Shani chhaya ki beta bana hain na… kohi sacha ristha aur na kohi dhosti.. (kakol ke alava)…☺


    jab sach saamne aayega indradev se jyaada Suryadev ka apmaan hojayega Shani ke saamne..???
    hii Nandhini well said…⬇⬇⬇

    ⏩it as a saas-bahu drama or the history being twisted and changed ekta kapoor’s serial➡➡????
    ⏩it is a kind of a new concept taken from the hindu puranas to show the life journey of Lord Shani bhagwan➡➡???????
    hufffff… .
    ekta madam ko ek salaam… ???
    kabi marriage drama kabi pregnancy drama aur next abortion drama phir lead pair ek hona aur kuch episode ke baadh phir alag hona…??

    naam hain NAAGIN ??serial dikhthe hain saas-bahu drama?? aur hum Indian log ko iss serial dekhne se kya maza miltha hai patha nahi. (TRP mein bhi top par hain na issliye yeh kaha main) ..??

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you Santhosh! And its a very nice dp of yours!?? is it a kind of mark or a bird????
      As you said only few days of emotional episodes! After that,, no place for emotions….ONLY JUSTICE!!✌✌

  4. shanay shanay

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