Sanyukt 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul tells Hetal that she won as her admirer brought most coffee. Hetal says she did not ask her. Rahul says lady looks like loving her a lot, like her facial expression changes to hate when she hears about this lady.

Ila goes to Rita’s room and asks to have lunch with her. Rita says she has lunch with Gayatri always. Ila says she wants to have it today with her and convinces her. Rita agrees.

Hetal gets emotional thinking about Tanu. She peeps into Rahul’s studio. Rahul notices her and stands behind her. She turns and finds him. He gives her choc. She says this brand is not available easily. He says he had to search a lot and he bought it only for her. They both get romantic. A romantic song plays in the background. They are about to kiss when Hetal reminisces kissing him in dream and angrily walks out. She shouts that she is not a child to get chocs and has grown up, leaves angrily.

Sameer then goes to Prachi and asks her reason for Hetal’s behavior. She says she cannot tell. He tells he will ask Rahul to give her a leave so that she can go on a date with her boyfriend. Prachi gets excite and tells him that Hetal kissed her in dream, so she is avoiding him. Sameer is surprised.

Ila calls Tanu and thanks her for suggestions, now Rita is working getting back to normal. They chat a bit and disconnect call. Sameer calls Tanu next and asks how to change Hetal’s mind. Tanu tells him that once Hetal saw him with a girl, she got so jealous that she wanted to propose him, so he can use same tactic even this time. Sam thanks her.

Precap: Rita asks Gayatri where are her children. Gayatri tells when she went to school, Niranjan had already taken children. Ila asks Rita not to worry, they will get back children. Rita asks to file police complaint that a fraud kidnapped children, asks Ila if she will file complaint against her son for her daughter or not. Ila stands dumbstruck.

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