Santoshi Maa 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata getting hurt. Santoshi Maa’s tapasya gets ruined. She opens her eyes raging with fire. She says you did not do this right Devi Paumi, you have to bear the result now. She gets angry. Entire devlok shakes. Brahmadev says something bad is going on. Narad says true, I will go and find out the problem soon. Devi Santoshi says I will fight with you now. Devi Paulmi says don’t think I m weak. Santoshi Maa says you crossed all limits, I gave you chances always, but not today, I will told you how patience turns when it breaks. Devi Paulmi says I m Indra’s wife, I will show you my powers.

She sends some fumes and says today I will teach you a lesson, you insulted me, you will pay to bear punishment. Santoshi Maa says I accept your invitation for war, I can fight

with you many times, I want to battle in war ground. Devi Paulmi says you don’t have any option than to accept my proposal. They both leave for war ground. Narad comes there and does not find Santoshi Maa. He gets shocked seeing Gaumata injured. He asks Gaumata to answer where is Santoshi Maa, I have to take her to dev cure centre soon.

Devi Paulmi gets a big hawk as her vahan. She asks Santoshi Maa to see her powers now. Santoshi Maa plays shank and gets huge in size. Three devis and Brahmadev hear Shankanath sound. Brahmadev says its heard before war beginning. Santoshi Maa takes her battle avatar. She apologizes to all Devis and Devtas, as she is lifting weapons to save truth and dharm, as there is no option left now. She gets back to her normal form. Devi Paulmi thinks to attack on Devi Santoshi first. She throws some fire ball.

She says my attack will ruin you first and laughs. Santoshi Maa gets saved. The fireball hits some mountain in jungle. Santoshi and Sharmili see the fire in the jungle. They go to the temple.

Santoshi Maa says I expected this from you, war will start when we both are ready. Devi Paulmi says my weapon is to cheat, I will use that in war. They fight. Santoshi feels unwell. Sharmili asks what happened, is it paining a lot, we should go home, stay here, I will call rickshaw.

Brahmadev, yamdev, agnidev, Narad and devis see the fight between Santoshi Maa and Devi Paulmi. Narad says Gaumata is serious, I left her for cure. Brahmadev says you did right, she should stay there till I find way to stop this war. Narad asks him to stop this war, else universe will get ruined, air is getting polluted, water is going out of limits. Brahmadev agrees. The war continues. Santoshi prays.

Brahmadev says devi, we should make a shield between Devi Paulmi and Devi Santosh. They make a shield. The shield breaks. Brahmadev requests Devi Santoshi to stop this war. Devi Parvati asks her to calm down. The war goes on. Devi Paulmi and Devi Santoshi argue.

Narad says why is Mata Santoshi not answering Devi Paulmi’s attack. Brahmadev says even if Devi Santoshi answers, the earth can face danger, maybe she is thinking about it. Devi Paulmi attacks and throws snakes on Santoshi Maa. She says lets see what you do now, the snakes are from naaglok and very powerful. Santoshi lights diya in temple. It blows off by wind. Santoshi sees it and says diya blew off, is any bad thing happening. Santoshi Maa says you did not do right using Naaglok weapon, you thought I have no cure for this poison, you forgot they can harm me when they touch me. She creates a shield that kills all of the snakes at once. Devi Paulmi gets back. The earth gets a storm and earth quakes. Santoshi is at temple. She says nothing will happen, Santoshi Maa is there to protect me. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi I m ready if you want to fight more.

Devi Paulmi says I will use most powerful weapon now. Narad calls Mahadev to protect them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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