Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 77
Bani is in luggage room, she is writing on papers with crayon.
Manveer says its almost over, anyone can leave now, Bani has to survive alone now.
Bani puts paper written by her in Gaurav’s luggage, she takes Gaurav’s pink upper to keep with her.
Manveer says we are missing him today and we will nominate people tomorrow again. Manu says Gaurav used to keep Bani involved with others, Bani will isolate more now.
Bani is silently weeping in luggage now.

Lopa says to Rohan that i tell you things after thinking, Rohan says i know, Lopa says you insulted me, Rohan says i was explaining but you were forcing your point, you are not always right, he walks away from her, Lopa says dont expect any kind of support from now on, do your shit alone now, Rohan says dont say things behind my back.

Lopa says to Niti that Rohan remembers friendship in tasks only, he is selfish, she tells Rohan that my friendship is genuine but yours is of convenience. Rohan leaves, Lopa says i went to him to sort out, she tells Niti that he said i was putting oil in fire.

Niti reads instruction that they have won things as luxury budget in bull task but Manu, Manveer, Mona and Niti talked with their mics off at night, also Rohan and Lopa were seen writing things on bedsheets, why you are given mics if you talk like this? Swami can use luxury budget, Bani is only one who didnt break any rules so she has got things she won in task.

Bani is talking with herself. She says Gaurav and I decided that if one of us will exit then other will try to exit asap too. I will miss how Gaurav used to walk and talk, i am talking with myself now.

Bani asks Niti that if you get chance to take place of Manu and Manveer in game and go ahead, Niti says i will take Manu’s place. Bani says what if they asked you nominate Manveer to move ahead in game. Niti says i would not nominate him and would get myself nominate. Bani says stupid, if Manveer gets chance to save himself by nominating you then what he would do? Niti says he wont choose it.

Day 78
Inmates wake up dancing to the tunes of ‘Hum Dono Jaisa Hai Kaun Yaha’. Inmates dance.

Manu says to Manveer that all were awake last night, Niti, Bani, Rohan and all. Swami says they were having meeting for 3hours. Lopa says which meeting? Manveer says so less people are remaining and this is happening.

Manu says to Swami that you told about 3hours meeting, Niti says he told you like that? Manu says yes, Niti says dont take my name with your filthy tongue, Swami says i will talk about you, you were spying on us like aunties, Swami says you say you are in this team and were having meeting with him, Niti asks Manveer to make him shut up, Manveer asks Swami to be silent, Niti says this Swami has no mind, Swami says if i say some wrong comment then she would be whining, Niti says i dare you to do it, Manveer says i salute you man, Manu says this man is fully filthy, Swami says i like everything Mona, Manu and Manveer say. Niti says Swami is scared of Manu and Manveer, Swami says bigg boss see what she she is saying, Niti says dont talk about me.

Manu says to Niti that dont provoke Swami saying he is scared of us, Niti says he is saying rubbish about me when you people say samething and he doesnt say anything, Manveer says play on your own, Niti says you talk to him all day, do i complain? i can say anything to him too.
Swami says in camera that Niti wants footage by cursing me, Manu and Manveer are blind by Niti’s fair complexion, i dont care about complexion, only nature of a person matters to me and her nature is dirty.

Rohan says sorry to Lopa, Lopa says your sorry should have meaning, Rohan says i brought you coffee too. Lopa says you said that i was putting fuel in fire? i was supporting you and you were saying it? i was sorting it out, i didnt like when Niti said words against you and you were saying that i put fuel in fire? i try to control damage everytime, Rohan says you do it when not needed too, Lopa says i wont stand by you ever in this season now, Rohan says you think you are always right, Lopa says i am hurt by your words, Rohan says i tried to pacify you but i dont thin you deserve good friendship. Lopa says you never tell me what i deserve, she throws Rohan’s luggage on floor. Rohan says what are you doing? Lopa says dont ever tell me what i deserve, why you were saying sorry if was i wrong? Rohan says be away, Lopa throws his luggage again, dont say sorry because you are liar.

rohan says to Bani that she wont listen to me, she will twist it her way, Bani says it used to happen with me and Gaurav, i would never understand point of conversation. Lopa comes there and sits beside Rohan and says i am all yours. Rohan says i dont want us to fight, i wont want to be angry on you, i am sorry, Lopa says dont say sorry because i am angry, say everything from heart, Rohan says i just want to protect you, Lopa says then if i am protecting then appreciate it, Rohan says you were given Nagin role rightly, Lopa shoves him away playfully, the do hi-five.

Bigg Boss announces the nominations process for the week adding a new twist to it. The housemates are divided into pairs- Swami Om- Bani, Mona- Manu, Lopa- Nitibha and each pair is asked to mutually decide and nominate one person out of their pair in the confession room. Rohan being nominated for the entire season is not a part of this process along with Manveer since he is the captain of the house.
First Bani and Swami are in confession room (Bani is wearing Gaurav’s pink upper), Bigg boss says one of you will get nominated and one will be safe, you both have mutually decide it. Swami says Bani has fan following, she wont get evicted even if get nominated, Bani doesnt talk to me, she can punish me for anything, Bani says you want punishment? Swami says let me talk to Bigg boss, i said words to her in task and in anger, she said words like that to others too, Bani says i never said anyone that their mother should die, only you said those words in this house, i never said those words, Swami touches her feet, Bani says let me talk when i am talking, Swami says let me finish then you can talk, you can beat me, i wont say anything, he starts crying and says i dont care about severity of punishment, Bani says then get nominated, Swami says i dont want your hatred, Bani says have some self respect and nominate yourself, Bigg boss we have taken decisions. Swami says i nominate Bani, Bani says i nominate Swami, you are scared of nominations? he says yes, Bani says i will forgive you if you get nominated, Swami says then i will leave house and it wont matter. Bani says i want to nominate Om, i dont think i need to give reason, he is biggest liar, Swami keep interrupting him, Bani says you want me to curse you out? will you ever listen? Swami says i am listening, Bani says i dont think your ears are working, Bani says i am ready to sit here for whole day, i wont get nominated in comparison with this thing(Swami). In house, Rohan says to Lopa that Bani is really nice, i understood it in one day, Lopa says ofcourse she might be good in personal life, maybe we dont understand her. In confession room, Bani shouts and says how you listen to yourself when you keep shouting? you know i deserve to be in game but nominating me? i will touch your feet 100times like you, you are God, whatever the words you use, so please if you think me as Devi then dont nominate me. Swami touches Bani’s feet. Bani says i will touch your feet 100times, she start touching his feet, Swami says dont do it daughter, he starts doing sit ups so stop her touching his feet, Bani starts doing sit ups too and says dear father get nominated. Swami says you want to show i am a bad man, Bani keep touching his feet, they are going in circles, Swami ahead and Bani behind him trying to touch his feet, Bani says you call me daughter? Swami says i am feeling dizzy, Bani says i am feeling ill too, Swami says please Bani dont touch my feet, Bani doesnt stop and says say you are nominating yourself then i will stop. Bigg boss ask them them to sit. Swami sits and sighs heavily, he says i am totally dizzy. Bani starts touching his feet again. Bigg boss says we gave you time but it doesnt seem like you both can mutually decide so you both can leave confession room but dont tell any inmate about this task. Swami says i am thankful Bigg boss that you gave me chance to talk to Bani. Bani glares him.

Swami says to Manu that i was missing you, he weeps. Manu asks what happened? Swami cries and says all will nominate me, they want me to go in nominations, Manu says nominations are going on in confession room? Swami says i cant tell, i never did wrong in my life and will never do, i dont want to leave, Manu says dont cry. Niti is snickering behind Swami. Manu says you wont nominate me? Swami says i can never take your name for nominations, Manu says Bani might have taken it.

Niti and Lopa are in confession room. Bigg boss says you both have to mutually decide who from you both should get nominate and who should get saved. Lopa says no one will agree to get nominated themselves. Lopa says to Niti that dont be offended but i won all tasks, i was captain for 2weeks, i was considered as Top 5. Niti says if you contender then you have solid fan following, if you get nominated then you can get saved. Lopa says we both came in house sameday, Niti says you were celebrity since start, Lopa says we are both indians. Niti says commoners got evicted in start so they have less fan following, Lopa says nothing like that, Niti says if i get nominated then maybe other nominated contestants might have more fan following. Bigg boss says you have 2minutes. Lopa says i think Niti should get nominated, Niti says i want Lopa to get nominated, Bigg boss says you both cant decide so you both can leave, they leave.
Bani asks Niti if she got nominated or Lopa? Niti says no one.

Manu and Mona comes in confession room. Bigg boss says one of you will get nominated and one will be safe and you both have to mutually decide it. Manu says i am getting nominated, Mona says why you do this everytime? why you keep doing these thins for me? Manu says you want credit now? what if you leave? Mona says it doesnt matter, Manu asks Bigg boss Niti got nominated? Mona says i want to get nominated, Manu says Bigg boss Mona wants to get nominated, Bigg boss asks Mona if she agrees? Mona says yes i want to.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we hoped you all would understand each other and show well and would mutually agree whom should get nominated and whom shouldnt but only Mona and Manu could reach to decision. Nominations are done. Pairs who couldnt take decision to nominate one among them are both nominated now by Bigg boss. Inmates nominated this week are ROHAN, MONA, BANI, SWAMI, LOPA, and NITI. Manveer hugs Mona.

Swami is in confession room. Manveer is called too. Bigg boss says to Manveer that due to some issues in world, Swami has to leave house so pack Swami’s things in bag, Swami says he cant pack my things, Manveer dont tell inmates where i am going, Manveer says okay, take care, he hugs Swami and leaves.

Manveer says to Manu that Niti said she can survive like Bani, people are liking Bani so Niti will act like isolated now too. Niti is lying on sofa alone. Manveer and Manu acts like isolated inmates too. They both sit in corners alone in garden, Mona is laughing. Manu says to himself that i am lone survivor like Bani, this is best policy, how people can live alone? Manu says to Mona that got bored. Manveer says i cant be more Bani than this. Niti is glaring them.

Manu says to Manveer that we did so much to remain in game and Niti did nothing. Manveer says Niti did nothing till now, people are waiting when she will do something, the only one who got no response in whole show is Niti only, no celebr gave her response but we have big heart and kept her with us nicely, i personally requested Karanvir for her but she doesnt see it.
Niti says to Bani that we dont know about lives now, Bani says we are nominated rightnow, thats all.

Niti is lying in bed and says i felt bad when Manu, Manveer said that i shouldnt be in top 5, they dont respect me and think that i try to involve in arguments forcefully, i just feel their friendship was of convenience, its not important for them if i am in house or now.

PRECAP- Inmates have to choose between captaincy or prize money in task. Inmates will have to remain in jail to increase prize money but the one who break chains and come out of jail, will become contender for captaincy, Manu says we dont know if we will stay till finale so why should we worry about prize money? Niti says if you know you are winner material then you should play for prize money. Swami comes in house and says tell me about task. Mona says if you come out of jail then you will become contender for captaincy, Swami tries to open his chains and come out of jail but Manu grabs him by waist.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Is that only me who thinks that M3 is given more than required footage ?
    N I have a feeling that now by the end bani and lopa will be friends just like KT n GG of season 8.

    1. Yes.i also think so.otherwise they can make pair manu mona with any other housemate but no.they want to survive manu.
      But kya faida kuch sochne ka.its not on voting base show.otherwise yeh nitti mona swami ,gaurav aur rahul ki popularity se upar ho gye kya

  2. Yr feeling bad for niti …awww….poor girl she thought that she’ll befriend Manveer and gain support in house but plan flopped darling, Manveer is not a fool now.He knows that everyone is liking him outside nd with manu he has a majority say over others in house he will definitely not loose that power just for niti as manu doesn’t like niti and manveer’s friendship much ,he wants Manveer to be only his man

  3. mahima yadav

    Guys plz vote for rohan

    1. Yeah you don’t worry aaj hi karte hai

  4. Bani bechari ?
    BB house looking incomplete without Gaurav ?
    I feel so bad to see Mona, nitibha and om in the house but not Gaurav ?
    Anyways, boring episode.. Just the nomination process was nice… Specially when bani and dhongi baba were in confession room ???
    Bani is so frustrated and irritated with this dhongi (actually, who isn’t? ?)

  5. Bani n swamis moment was entertaining..

    Bani b strong…….

    Vj rokzzz

  6. manu is a fox. If he is playing like this, he will definitely make it to top3. This mona is a dumb a.. manu knew she would definitely nominate herself if he acted to nominate himself. Mona felt bad for him. But when mona nominated her, manu didnt even try to stop her. He was like, ok cool i am safe!!! I wonder when will she start using her own brains.
    I think lopa rohan n bani will now form a team. Rohan might bring the two closer slowly. And if that happens, then m3 are finished, because their friendship is not genuine, it is just for convenience. Given a chance, they would back stab each other. Though i dont like niti much, i felt bad when m3 were making fun of her. I never expected manveer to do so. Niti still doesnt say anything bad for manveer and he should also repect her. It was really gud to see bani and lopa when they didnt say anything bad for each other to rohan despite the fact that they dont like each other. I felt respect fr both.

    1. Agree with you Manu is a fox. Hope that rohan can bring Bani and Lopa close, but I think lopa will ensure that Rohan spends less and less time with Bani. Lopa understands that the numbers are in favour of M3 as commoners are more in number thanks to manipulated eliminations by BB. Lopa will also ensure that all the housemates target Bani. I like Rohan he is a genuine and nice guy, just that he is not seen much in the episodes. M3 is unnecessarily given more footage. The house without Gaurav and bani interactions seem very bland. Baba has added one more list to the target list- NItibha. Now on THESE will be targeted- Bani, Rohan and NItibha.

      1. Ya, ur rt. But we should not underestimte niti bcos i feel she is purposely picking fights with swami and letting herself to be targetted so that she gains sympathy and footage and also public support.
        I think all twitter users should giv an open challenge to bb on twitter asking if he dare to throw out swami now. He is nominated and no one would vote for that dongi. So lets see what new trick bb plays to giv him immunity.

      2. Agree vth u…wtever u HV told about lopa is true… She ‘ll ensure…..

        Ol inmates r aware of baniz huge fan flwng n r trying to b like bani ………BEING BANI N LIKE BANI HAS A LOT OF DFRNCE… ..

        VJ rokzz!!

  7. loved bani’s way of xpressing missing some1 by wearing gauravs hoodie..aww tatz so sweet f u bani♥ even gaurav tweeted abt this.. bani-omjis confession room part was hillarious..bani juz nailed hehe she treated him wid his own medicine haha n if she continued 5 more round m sure then omji would hav been admitted in hosoital lol..every time bb saved om but @last bcz f bani he got nominated n he ll b out by this week..
    once again manu fooled mona by getting her nominated…
    missing gaurav bani conversations dancing & bench sessions in voot unseen videos..

    1. Hello shazna am laughing after read you comment hahahaha actually not 5 if one more round then baba directely in the hospital hahaha dhong kar raha tha wo kuch nahi hota usko haha

      1. hehe kp..nhi yar baba tho pakka gir jathe but bb ne rok


      1. Suman kumar r u kidding me..bani-gaurav kab hua..we hav never seen in any epi..they r juz gud frnds..n bani lready committed..

  8. BJ Supporter

    Highlights of the episode
    1. Bani missing gourav
    2. Bani and om in cnfession room
    3. Manu manveer nitibha trying to be like bani manu manveer ko to aa gai akl ki wo chah k bhi bani jsa ni bn skte bt nitibha………. ..
    Bani is missing gourV so badly uff… i cant see her crying please big boss jse upen patel ko laye the wse le aao gourav ko bhi….And bani did so ryt us dhongi k sath wse hi behave krna chahiye jse wo krta h so proud of u bani that u did not loose ur controll nahi us aadmi ko dekhte hi HATYA karne ka mn krta h….. manu manveer nitibha are so jealouse with bani arey yar abhi to kuj khas kr bhi ni rhi tb tumhari ye halat h agr uske andr roadies jaag gai to tum to jal k rakh ho jaoge

    1. Stunning comment……

      Vj rokzz!!!!!

  9. Bani giving swami a taste of his own medicine during nomination….hats off to u..well done..what is the problem with manu…he is becoming shit day by day…Honestly lopa is also becoming overdramatic….what is her problem…much hue n cry for nothing…please don be a drama queen

  10. Manu and Manveer using swami om against other contents and for winnig tasks. They are playing clever game.

  11. Hello to simran ditya shriya aakashi preeti swastika dgnerationX bigg boss fan shazna and all friends

    and preeti one more song for everyone

    and i was laughing v hard when baba spread out his tongue from his mouth time to time and said in front of cemra ” bigg boss manveer to guara rang dekh k lattu ho gaya par mujhe koi fark nahi padta” hahahaha oh my god dhoni kiko bolte ho aap jhoot hahaha

    and manu bhai bahut chalak hai ghumata bahut achhe se hai sabhi ko

    1. Hehehe spread out his tongue from time to time hehehe good one

      and this nitibha is disgusting bhai want manveer support everytime

      hi simran kp ditya shriya aakashi preeti and all gd mornning to all

    2. Prettypreeti

      Hello kp bhai good eveningg…hi sona di where were u these 2 days….
      Kp bhai sbse pehle baba ki jo baat thi ek dum correct thi but usne dono manu and manveer ka naam liya tha..
      Bhai aapki yeh icha savikar ki jati hai pr aapko wait krna padega 5 ka coz t ko mujhe chuti hai aur mai phir subah post krongi ki sb read kr paye.okk
      Love u

  12. The episode was a mixture of fun, anger and sorrow..

    I felt bad for Nitibha… She keeps to much expectations from Manveer.. But he just doesn’t care…till date Nitibha does not badmouth about Manveer.. At first a thought Maveer takes care of her.. But I was wrong. Mannu broke their friendship..?????????.. Lopa and Bani care for her more than her so called friends..

    It was very funny when Lopa drops the luggage of Rohan and when Bani and Om are in confession room…?????

    Mannu is the worst person.. He knows that Mona is emotional fool.. So he at first nominated him to fool Mona.. Whe Mona nominated herself, he even didn’t stop her.. Filthy guy..?????????.. Nitibha is more trustable friend than Mannu for Manveer even for Mona too..when will they get know about his true face????????????.

  13. Hai guys
    Did anyone notice or was it only me thought it might be like rohan and lopa are trying to act out like bani and gaurav.

    Fighting then sitting on thr same bench.
    Lopa trying to be aggressive then rohan and lopa being friends again……

    I felt is a sequeal of bani and gauravs friendship in a weird way…..n i didnt like it.

    Love u bani…..she was so cute yesterday

    1. Ya i noticed that nd also hated that lopa ko ye ni pta ki gaurbani ki fights patchups nd frndship sb natural nd genuine tha bt what lopa was doing was totally 200%fake

      1. No dy dint act actually lopa l get angry on smal thngs bt rohan l handle lightly if u c dr last fight fst he laughed whn c dropped hz cloths because he knw hr very well hw c l react on certain thngs.. if u c lf means u l understand dr bond clearly

  14. I love rohan and lopa fighting scenes.. Its damm cuteee …love them a lot

  15. YAar kya bol rahe hoo nitibha k liye
    Aus nay toh her waqt saath diya manveer kaa
    Aur jab bani ne pucha kii kya woh nominate kare gi khud koo manveer k liye aus ne bola haa toh aab kaise woh fake hui ….
    Plz vote for nitibha……

  16. Manveer says niti “play on ur own”….ha ha ha ha 2017’s biggest cmdy yaar…..tat mannu using manveer & mannu takes manveer decisions too, he was lyk mannu’s puppet….. manveer didn’t realize tat….. mannu is soo clever, cunning & betrayer….. wt kind of person dis mannu….

  17. Bug boss fan thanku so much ki apne mujhe yesterday welcome kiya but can i know ur real name. And the rest of the bb fans ab sab bohat ache comments likhte ho espicially preeti ji i like ur comments/poems a lot.

    1. Hi jia ji,
      My real name is sonia.

    2. Yeah jia you are right we all like preeti ji poem very nice

    3. Prettypreeti

      Awwwwwwww i m soo glad u liked it and dont say me preeti ji jia call me preeti ok
      Kp bhai kitni bari thanku khana padhega aapko thank u again for apriciating me…and kp bhai preeti jii.seriouslyy…bhaiya yeh kya kiya

  18. Sorry i typed wrong. Its big.

  19. Guyz vote for manveer

  20. yaar muhje ek baat samajh mein nahi aati ki har baar swami ko bachane ke liye usse ghar ke bahar kyu bheja jaata hai???aur haan bb indiawaale ko itna favour kar rahr hai aur celebs ko toh koi dekhta hi nahi hai.yeh song bb ie naam

    subah dance shaam ko rona
    aisi hai mona
    tatoo ki dukaan
    aankhon se paani
    aisi hai hamari bani
    dimag satkela
    bahut hai chalu
    aisa hai manu
    cute hai bahut
    bahut hai kan(innocent in our language)
    naam hai uska rohan
    gaana gaati
    task hai padhti
    yeh hai nitibha rani
    daadi bahut hai
    bahut hai veer
    aisa hai haamra manveer
    khoobsurat aadayein
    gussa hai thupa
    aisi hai haamari lopa
    ek dum ghada
    dimag nahi hai
    hai ek number ka dhongi
    aisa hai ghada swami

    how is the song??aur haan agar indiawaalo ko bachana hi hai toh ek aur separate show banao jisme sirf indiawaale hai

    1. Hahaha gajab song aakashi well done gadha swami hahaha sneha ne bhi padh liya hoga

    2. That is really good…but next time try to write down positive thing about other memebers in the house….

    3. Prettypreeti

      Aaku diiii marvellous…….u just nailed it…

    4. Wow!!! I luvd it.. Its too good, nice!!

  21. Hlw everyone in yesterday episode i like bani nd baba seen u know what that seen was real entertaining u know this is called entertainment nd yaa i also like the Seen between rohan lopa and bani.

  22. nitibha and swami om ko nikal kr gaurav ko vapas le aana chahiye.

  23. It was really funny watching bani and om in confession room. Manveer and manu’s behave towards Nitibha was really disappointing.
    After that lawyer task manu said to om swami that i will not talk to u anymore but did notgo with his words. Always making fun of housemates.

  24. Prettypreeti

    Sbi bigg boss ke parivasiyon ko namaste..
    Goid evening ko bhai,jj bhai,sona di,simu di(where r u di??),shriyo(where r u??),diti di(where r u di)aki di,bj supporter,anshu,jia,Shazna,bigg boss fan and llll……
    Yaar yeh banda baba kya hai???lekin bani ne aacha jawaab diya.i hope ki woh nikal jaye…..woh prison se nikal gya????manu.punjabi kya kya krta jb babe ke sath baat kr rha tha tohhhh mai loot poot ho gyi…awww bni shoo sweett just love her way….lipa rohan fir ekhande good for their friendship…mona tohhhh phas gyi..

    1. Very gd evening preeti but who is ko hahaha perhpas my name is kp hahaha ok how are you little friend?

      1. Prettypreeti

        Sorrryyyyy kp bhai…i m fineee.whts bout u

      2. Yeah am fine preeti thank you

  25. Om swami ki shaan me ek poem
    Hi m ka karu ram budhha pagal ho gya
    Hi m ka karu ram budha dusht ho gya.

    Kahta tha m hu shakahari.
    Anda maans kha gya.
    Sb to khaye thoda
    Budha 6-6 ande kha gya.
    Hi m ka karu ram budha pagal ho gya.

    Kahta m hu bramchari.
    Ladkiyo k sang naha liya.
    Footage k liye ye budhha
    Kitchen me susu kar gya.
    Hi m ka karu ram budha dusht ho gya.

    Paise aur footage k liye
    Kuchh b ye kar jayega
    Kahta hu deshbhakt
    Ek din desh bech khayegà.
    Hi m ka karu ram budhha nalayak ho gya.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Sonaii too good.yahs pr toh sbhi writers hai..lovelyy

    2. Yaar gajab ho gaya you all are very telented commentaters wonderfull poem bb fan aka sonia hahaha laughing after read it

    3. ????nyc poem

  26. In gaurav’s farewell video he was shown reading a letter(love letter task).what was he saying? Someone please tell me

  27. Akashi and Sonia aap dono ne fabulous poems likhe hai.. And preeti ji aaj se mei apko preeti bolo gi. Waise is season ka naam exit boss hona chaiye.itne saare emergency exits omg..

  28. Hello m new here! One thing m sure of is Manu is a big faltu . He loves to judge n backbite. Manveer n mona has been frequently used by manu for example watch 2nd jan episode in which mona n manu hv to choose for nomination n very cleverly manu called out his own name so that mona will be guilty/bad n ask manu to make herself nominate . Ek tir se doh nishana isko kehte hai. Cunning manu

  29. thank you eveeybody kp…jia..preeti and sonia ….yes i will try to write positove things…btw shriya and swastika…wer ru guys??dx toh malum hai wo nahi aayega….ditya and all….no response at all..jaldi commment maro VARNA GABBAR AA JAYEGA!!!!!

  30. Thanks priti , kp and jia.
    Well aap sab ke comments se hi inspiration mili and wrote this poem

  31. Bechari nitibha!!!Feeling so bad for her. She expected so much from manveer and manveer just left her as soon as that stupid manu came. I don’t like manu. Hate him for breaking friendship of manveer-nitibha.Felt bad when niti cried. Hope salman scolds m3 for breaking niti and manveer friendship and also for talking rubbish about niti.

    Bani: She is playing well but i think she is all lonely after gourav left her. Poor Bani!

    Lopa: Hmm Well she is playing good only. Earlier I was a huge fan of her but now she is behaving in a immature and stupid manner.

    Rohan: I like him very much. He seems to be a genuine and good person. Don’t how lopa called him selfish.

    Manu: Hate you! Man of the Week LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is totally playing the game. I don’t want to talk more about him so lets move on

    Mona: Stupid Crybaby!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way she nominated herself to save manu from nominations was clearly stupidity!!!!

    Manveer: Puppet of mannu.

    Nitibha: Don’t know why but i am liking nitibha nowadays. She is my second fav after rohan. She is more trustable and good- hearted person than m3. And she is not immature like lopa. I will vote for nitibha this week.

    Om: Wonder why I did not type swami om becoz its the biggest insult to the word swami. Most irritating and annoying person ever seen. Mad man. He is totally mad. Don’t know what is he doing in big boss he should be in jail. He should be kicked out of bb house. Guys vote for whomever u want to but if at all u want my suggestion i suggest rohan or nitibha. But plz don’t vote for that om dhongi baba.

  32. I like Mona she should be saved….she sacrifices her image just bcz f to stay in bb10 house

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