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Santoshi Maa 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying I see your cheat. He puts wine over the ring. Santoshi cries. He burns the ring. She picks the ring from fire and her hand burns a little. He sees her hand. She says you are my husband, you have right on me every way, but I m your wife, don’t snatch my right from me. He drags her outside the room and pushes her. He scolds her for lying a lot. Everyone come and look on. Dhairya says Papa also lied to me. Sinduri smiles. Dhairya asks Santoshi to go to her world and stay in her limits, did she not get scared to lie, she is Santoshi Maa’s devotee, she risked relation by lie. Sinduri thanks naagdevi and prays to get free of Santoshi. She goes.

Dhairya throws Santoshi’s belongings and asks her to go. He asks her not to show her face again and shuts door.

Santoshi cries and says he does not want to hear anything. She thinks this ring is her love sign and this magalsutra is her suhaag sign, I will make them one. She puts ring in her mangalsutra.

Indradev says I want to take my complain back. Santoshi Maa asks why are you doing this, Swarnrekha did crime. He says but she loves me and did this crime. Devi Saraswati says even if she loves you, her deed is against this devlok rule. Indra says I feel her intention was not to hurt anyone, I request Brahmadev to free Swarnrekha.Devi Parvati says that will be bad example. He says like I lost Devi Paulmi, I don’t want to lose Swarnrekha. Devi Laxmi says she cheated you. He says no, she did not cheat me, but she risked her life and saved my life.

Brahmadev says when Indra has no problem, how can anyone punish Swarnrekha, but she has broke devlok rules, her punishment will be that she will use powers by Indra’s permission. Indra accepts it. Santoshi Maa says its small punishment for big crime, if we don’t place good example in devlok, how will we do justice on earth. Narad says Brahmadev’s decision will be right. Brahmadev says Swarnrekha did crime to go against devlok, you have to serve Gaumata every week. Gaumata smiles. Brahmadev asks Devsainik to take Swarnrekha to cow stable right away.

Tinnu catches Guddu and Sharmili. He says you did mistake, of not changing your shoes. Guddu and Sharmili check their shoes. Tinnu says I will tell everyone. Guddu says I will get big chocolate, don’t say this to anyone. He gives a rupee. Tinnu says if you want me not to say anyone, you have to put one rupee in my piggy bank. Guddu agrees and says I will put 2 coins. Tinnu says I will accumulate much money for Dadi.

Santoshi cries. Kaka goes to her. Santoshi says its not your mistake, I did not see right and wrong, I had to face this, I lied being Santoshi Maa’s devotee. Kaka consoles her. Santoshi says I lost my courage, Dhairya is my courage, he is not with me. He says I understand, if you lose courage, how will you go ahead, that girl Sinduri is root of all problems, we have to make her leave from home, else she will play next trick to get Dhairya.

Dhairya sits drinking. Sinduri smiles and hugs him. He says Santoshi, leave me. She says I m not that cheater and smiles. He looks at her and sees Santoshi in her. He scolds her and asks her to go to Pratap, who got her here. He shuts the door on her face. Kaka asks Santoshi to remember, a ray of light makes darkness away, we will go to temple and you will get peace there. She agrees.

Narad tells Santoshi Maa that she did justice in devlok and earth. She says justice is over all relations, Swarnrekha got punished for her mistake. He says you said right, but I have a question, can I ask. She says yes. He says the world knows love is life, but why does thing done for love is a mistake. She says love is not a thing to get, it’s a feeling and its way should not go towards cheat. Santoshi did not do this work by mistake, she thought well and did the cheat, even Swarnrekha did this, if Devi can get punished, how can human get saved, devlok places truth and justice, there is no place for lie and wrong thing, I hope Swarnrekha will learn lesson by this punishment. Swarnrekha leaves and thinks Santoshi Maa did not do right with me, you are my biggest enemy from today, see what I do with you and your devotees.

No Precap in And tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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