Jamai Raja 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode with Satya challenging Deepu that he will make Koel dance on his tune till Ganesh Chaturthi. Deepu says done, and if you lose then I will make you sit on donkey and roam in entire Basti. Satya says I have Raja’s hand and asks him to sit on donkey instead. He asks him to leave and don’t stare him. Mahi tells Naina that Koel is her sister. Naina says she shall be in jail for a night. Mahi says she is your grand daughter also. Naina says she is arrogant girl who don’t care about anyone. Mahi says we have Payal’s values and says I will bring her back home. Naina thinks you can’t do anything, but God will send someone who will fight for your rights and will understand and love you.

Satya brings Koel to her house and rings the door bell. Mahi thinks to bring Koel somehow. Payal hears the door bell and thinks who came at this time. Satya gets Gangu Tai’s call asking her to come home soon, and tells that Sunil went to Police station and came to know that you have left already. Satya tells Koel that he will come to talk to her later, else his Aayi will kick her out. Guard asks who are you? Satya asks him to handle Koel. Mahi opens the door and finds Koel sitting outside. Guard says someone came to drop Koel and says he went that side. Mahi sees Satya going and hears him humming same tune. She thinks he came to deliver cake sometime back. Payal comes out and gets angry looking at Koel.

Mahi wakes up Koel and asks her to come inside. Koel asks Payal, what do you think that I will remain in jail. Payal asks her to behave herself. Koel gets angry. Mahi asks Koel to come inside and tells Payal that she needs sleep. Naina claps and says Payal Walia’s real blood is speaking up. She asks her to keep it up. Mitul smiles and says you said right. Naina says no liar. Mahi makes Koel vomits and asks her to drink lemon water. Koel refuses to drink and throws the glass. Mahi makes her sleep properly.

Gangu Tai prays to God and says don’t know what happened to Satya. She asks God to take care of him. Satya asks Sunil to do some fielding, means explains to her. Gangu Tai says I will pack my bags and leave to village. Satya apologizes to her and touches her feet. He says I can’t stay without you even for a day. Gangu Tai says I will not stay here. I will stay if he works any job. Satya says I will not do any job, says I am not made to do job, I am a ruler/king and will rule on the world. He says I will become big man and will not let Sunil work. He says I will get Kajal married to a prince. Gangu Tai refuses to stay. Satya agrees to work, and says I am hungry since morning. Gangu Tai goes to bring food.

Koel comes downstairs in the morning and asks why my credit cards aren’t working. Payal says it is good. Mahi asks her to have breakfast and tea. Payal asks her to become responsible and refuses to give money. Koel says you can’t do this with me. Payal says really. Koel accuses Mahi for her condition. Payal says you should thank Mahi as you are here because of her. She asks her to stay at home and behave as humans. Mahi asks Payal to let her go and says I will be with Koel all the time, and asks her to trust her. Payal says you don’t know what you are doing. You are taking huge responsibility. Mahi says I will be with her and will not let anything wrong happen. Koel thinks this aunty is helpful to me.

Satya asks Kajal to type Koel Sen Gupta on social networking site. Kajal asks if she is the one. Satya says no. Sunil comes and informs Gangu Tai that he found a job for Satya. Gangu Tai gets happy and says God has heard me. Sunil tells that his job is of driver. Gangu Tai gets happy and tells Satya that you will become big man now. Satya asks why she is jumping with happiness and refuses to do driver’s job. Gangu Tai says it is a job. Satya says I will not drive someone’s car. I will drive my own car. Gangu Tai asks him to get ready else she will go to village. Satya agrees. He asks Sunil, where is the job. Sunil says dance school, Colaba. Satya gets ready. Kajal helps him. Satya is angry though. Kajal tells Satya that his watch is nice.

Koel also talks to her friend and is about to go to the same place. Sid wears shoes and says he will wear branded shoes. Koel gets ready and says I am looking too hot. Satya wears driver’s dress. Gangu Tai asks him to become manager soon. Satya asks her to bless big. Gangu Tai makes him eat curd and sugar. She asks him not to upset boss. Satya says he is his own boss.

Satya drives the car. Mahi comes infront of the car and falls down. Satya comes out to help her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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