Sanskar : My Ray Of Hope (SwaSan TS) Chapter 1


SANSKAR : My Ray Of Hope :- (SwaSan TS)

Chapter 1 :-

Hello everyone!So I am very very new here, so this is my first writing here, being an ardent SwaSanian I thought to write a SwaSan Ts😍😍! Before starting, well this TS is dedicated to my dear friend #Goldiejiska dimag khana mera part time job hai! So madam this one is for you, hope you like it!  So here we go…

‘HOPE’ – well it may appear as a mere four letter word to you, but for me it’s the reason of my existence, this word made me live my life to the fullest! No wait, HOPE is not a word for me… You all must besurprised , but this is the ultimate truth! For me ‘HOPE’ is the person who is right now sitting on the couch across our large bedroom and is engrossed in typing vigorously with his head buried in his laptop… But I know, he is stealing secret glances at me hiding behind the screen , and he thinks Icant notice as I am engrossed in my own dairy! Haha! He is so so cute sometimes, no no all the time! His secret gazes send shivers down my spine just like the first day I felt his gaze upon me!

Wait, wait! See so stupid of me ,here I am going to tell you all the most special tale of my life or rather I should say the tale is itself my life, but I didn’t even give my proper introduction! But before my introduction, I would like you all to meet the HOPE of my life! Without whom maybe I would not have ever been here to introduce myself….

SANSKAR! Yes, my love, my life and the reason of my smile that just refuses to leave my lips from the day he stepped in my life… He is HOPE for me! My Sanskar, whose arrival just changed my entire life, he taught me to live life and see now here I am sitting as SWARA SANSKAR RAHEJA living or rather say enjoying every moment of my life! It feels so good to attach my name with his, it feels complete! I feel complete with him…

Who knew that the shy introvert guy in black formal shirt and blue jeans, who had entered my chamber on the first day of his job with a professional smile would be my support system for the rest of my life…. Well it seems just like yesterday, when I first met him… Solets start this story from where it actually took its form three years back…. But wait , it wont be in my point of view, rather you all witness my story in your point of view and explore HOPE in a whole new manner….

[Three Years Back]

“Mr.Sanskar Raheja…” – announced the receptionist looking at the waiting area which was filled with exciting buzzes of new recruits… It was a the first day of office for a bunch of professionals who were excited to join ‘Gadodia Group of Companies’… Who wouldn’t be?? After all it was a dream come true for any fresher to join the chain of companies which were the pioneer in the industrial world…

A young man of about 25 years of age proceeded towards the reception desk clutching his briefcase and a small smile playing on his lips. He was dressed in a black formal shirt and blue jeans looking damn handsome making the receptionist’s breath quickened for a moment. “Sure, you can go in next… Second chamber from right…As you know it’s boss’s rule to meet each and every new recruit before they join! So all the best!” – thereceptionist said in her best possible voice fluttering her eyelids.

Next moment she was rewarded with the most breath taking smile … “Thank you Mam!” – said the man who by now you have obviously guessed as Sanskar, our hero! Saying this Sanskar went as per the directions given. He was very veryexcited and was looking forward to work in his dream company…. His feet stopped at the door of the chamber where he was destined to go, yes his destiny had already started playing games.

“Miss Swara Gadodia , MD, GadodiaGroup” – he murmured reading the name plate on the large frosted glass door. A sudden comfort filled his heart on reading the name, he brushed aside his thoughts and kept the best possible professional smile as he knocked the door…

“Come in Mr.Raheja!” – came a soft yet dominant toned reply. Sanskarentered…

“So I hope it will be a pleasure to work with you, keeping an eye on your academic records I can say that you will definitely help us in reaching to newer heights!” – shewas saying looking at his file without even looking up at him even once. But he was just lost, his eyes just refused to move from her face which was seeming to be the most beautiful face in this world. Her large doe eyes which were aptly going through his file, her cheeks were milky white, her cute little pointed nose, her long fingers that were playing with paper weight, her voice was so gentle as well as bossy at the same time, her attitude was so so professional , everything seemed to be so so perfect about her…

And then she looked up at, her black orbs met his blue ones for the first time as she forwarded her hand for the professional handshake. Sanskar immediately composed himself and returned the handshake with equal professional fervor. Their hands touched and fingers molded against one another’s for a perfect five seconds which were enough to send shivers…

“Thank you Miss Gadodiya, I hope not to disappoint you and the company…” – he said in his deep voice and now it was time for MissSwara Gadodiya, the MD of the largest industrial chain to fall weak by her knees. She smiled a bit somehow masking the change of emotions that were going through her mind from the time he entered her chamber. Somehow, she had tried to avoid eye contact , but tried to gain strength and finally shook hands that had made her shiver. And now his voice, Oh God! No what was all this happening.

She rested her head back on the chair closing her eyes to shove off her thoughts as Sanskar went out… “Miss Swara Gadodiya! Now stop allthese , and get back to your work… He is a new employee, don’t forget your professionalism!” – shemurmured to herself as she got engrossed in her work.

[Outside the chamber]

Sanskar gave a long breath and looked up confidently.

Sanskar (to himself) – OkkMr.Raheja, just stop all these stupid thoughts, she is your boss and you have to prove your ability here… This is your dream job and you cantafford to lose it, so now concentrate and focus…

He smiled confidently approaching towards his work table…

A new story was on the verge of its start…

[A week later]

It had been a week after Sanskarhad joined office. He was having a good time here, his skills were praised and within this short period of time he was already famous among his colleagues , especially girls. But he being he was not at all interested in these craps, his only aim in life was to rule the businessworld and he was climbing the ladder of success pretty fast. So fast that one week in office and he was assigned for the new project that was important for the company.

“Arre Sanskar! How much will you work?? Its lunch time, atleast take a bit of rest!” – Nikhil came and stood near his table angrily folding his hands. Nikhil Mehra, a new recruit just like Sanskar, he was Sanskar’scollege buddy and now in the same workplace, needless to say they have become besties. He was a happy-go-lucky guy and a bit impatient. He didn’t like waiting for long…

Sanskar was still busy in his calculations without giving an answer. Next moment Nikhil snap closed the file with narrowed eyes.Sanskar looked up at him frustrated… He grabbed back the file and opened it.

Sanskar (angrily) – Vook nahin hai, u go have your meals…

He resumed his work… This was it for Nikhil. He snatched Sanskar’slunch box.

Nikhil (strictly) – 5 minutes and you should be in canteen or else your lunch will be finished! Phir kehna‘Vook nahin hai…’ (He imitated him).

Sanskar just laughed at his antics and nodded. “Okk Boss, just 5 minutes. You all go , I will join you!” – Sanskar said. Nikhil giggled and went on to join the others.

[5minutes later]

“And so ladies and gentleman, thus the annual profit will be hiked by a full 30% if we follow this strategy…” – Swara’s confident voice boomed in the conference room followed by a huge round of applause, and she stood with her winning professional smile.

A pair of eyes were looking admiring her peeping into the auditorium. One week, one full week no matter how much Sanskar tried to avoid her, but somewhere in his mind he thought about her. He had seen many beauties in life butSwara! Indeed she was different…Beauty with Brains mixed with perfect professionalism and on topit giving very much priority to emotions. Something was there in her that made Sanskar always smile when he thought of her, and today yet again his feet froze at the conference room as he heard her perfect pitched voice giving presentation. At a mere age of 23, she was handling her father’s established Gadodia Industries so ably, infact she was glorifying the legacy more and more, he was really very proud to work for her.

She was his inspiration, he wanted to become like her one day and he was sure he would….

“Oh God! I am late, Nikhil will kill me…” – he suddenly remembered and ran to the canteen.


[Outside office]

Swara was standing helplessly in front of her punctured car. The driver had gone to call the mechanic and she had to reach home by 7:30 at any cost or else blunder would happen! She was standing biting her nails in tension and panicking… Suddenly her phone rang. Oh God! She reached the phone with trembling hands and gulped in fear. She looked at the caller ID and gulped in fear. She took the call…

Swara (in a trembling voice) – H-h-helloo…

She closed her eyes in relief on hearing the voice from other side…

Swara – Kaki! Aap… Ha woh my cartyre got punctured. Ya, ya I am trying for a cab. No no need to send a car or else more problem will crop up… Ya okk plz ap samvalo I am coming in half an hour…

She kept the phone and tried to look for a cab but no use… She was looking here and there when suddenly Sanskar stopped his bike in front of her… She was a bit taken aback but then next momentSanskar took out his helmet making her a bit relaxed. Sanskar smiled at her…

Sanskar – Any problem Missgadodia??

Swara nodded a no trying to smile.Sanskar’s eyes fell on her car with punctured tyre….

Sanskar – Well I can see the problem clearly. If you want I can drop you Miss Gadodia…

Swara was a bit hesitant. “No thnxMr.Raheja, my driver will come in a few minutes, no need to take hassle because of me..” – she said in a low tone.

Sanskar (dramatically) – Oo.. I think Miss Swara Gadodiya is having problem in sitting on my two wheeler. No problem, it happens…

He let out a sigh dramatically and looked at Swara who was looking at him surprised. She broke into laughter looking at his dramatic behavior. Sanskar couldn’t help but join in her laughter, for the first time he was seeing her laughing so freely, it was very very different from her professional smiles, the happiness was reaching her eyes making her glow more…

Swara (amidst laughter) – Oh MyGod Mr.Raheja! You are seriously impossible… Waise let me tell you, I was a biking champion in my college! And I prefer bikes over cars…

Sanskar looked at him shocked.Swara smiled with attitude… “Wow! So Miss Young Businesswoman of the year and a champion biker!Deadly combination!!” – hecomplimented. Swara smiled at him and nodded a thank you…

Sanskar – Then toh its you who should take me home Miss Gadodia, not me! Haina??

Swara (giggled) – OfcourseMr.Raheja, why not?? But on a condition…

Sanskar (frowned) – Condition!

Swara – You have to call me Swaraoutside office… I am your boss only inside this building…

She pointed at the building and both laughed… “Okk boss as you wish!” –Sanskar smiled and moved backward to provide the driver seat to Swara. Swara narrowed her eyes…

Sanskar (slapping his head) – Oops! Sorry! I mean Miss Swara….

Swara smiled and put on the helmet. First time after her college life she was going to start a bike, suddenly she felt light… She let out a sigh of contentment closing her eyes as she started the bike, this was something that gave her a joy, which was missing from her life… She opened her eyes forgetting all panic and tension and sped up the bike. Sanskar smiled and looked at the joy on her face as she rocketedthe bike in full speed. There was a sheer happiness in her eyes which he had not seen before. Her flowing hairs were giving feather touches to his face tickling him lightly. This was the feeling he was loving at the moment.

Swara on the other hand was on the top of the world. It felt like time was changing for her, destiny was on her side after many days. And ya, HOPE it was cropping up in her heart somewhere as he looked at his face through the rear view mirror smiling. He immediately looked at the other side to avoid eye contact, it was kinda strange… She suddenly passed a bumper making Sanskarjerk and hold her shoulder.

Again shivers were sent down her spine. This touch, it was very verydifferent! She felt a very familiar touch of love she had lost years back. She could not help but smile as they reached GadoddiaMansion…

Her face became pale as she saw her house in sight. One of the most memorable bike ride ended within a span of 45 minutes. As Swaraslowed the bike , suddenly something fell in her eyes… “Ouch! Oh Shoot!” – she said as she left one hand from the bike and rubbed her eyes as the bike stopped.

Sanskar immediately jumped out and went in front to face her. She was rubbing her eyes vigorously.Sanskar slowly moved her helmet… “Miss Gadodia, let me see please!” – he said in a concerned tone.

Swara looked up at him with her left eye semi-closed. Sanskar gently blew air on her eye making it open slowly. Their faces were just a few inches apart as Swara looked intoSanskar’s deep blue eyes properly for the first time. His proximity gave her a sudden sense of comfort she had never felt. Sanskar was immersed in her doe eyes, for the first time he was looking directly into her eyes. Unknowingly, hisfingers reached her cheeks touching them gently, he could see her change of expressions as he touched her, she was feeling the warmth of his fingers and smiling a little. Suddenly, he jerked coming back to the reality making her also snap back to the reality…

Sanskar (looking down) – Umm…Sorry , I am sorry…

Swara got out of the bike instantly and tugged her hair behind her ear and looked down as Sanskarstarted the bike.

Swara (hesitantly) – Good nightMr.Raheja…

Sanskar – Ya Good Night MissGadodia…

Saying this he sped up his bike and turned around… “No Sanskar! This is just so unprofessional, she is your boss for God’s sake, don’t forget that!!!” – he murmured under his breath…

Swara sighed and looked at the palatial mansion behind her. For a little time, she was living her life freely, truly Sanskar made her forget all her worries that her house reminded her of.

[Half an hour later]

[Raheja House]

“Vai see your boss is on TV… MissSwara Gadodia!” – chirped 18 year old Uttara sitting in the drawing room in front of the TV set. She was the one and only sister of Sanskar, the youngest member of the house, the apple of his eyes.

Sanskar entered the drawing room wiping his wet hair. His eyes gluedon to TV screen as he watched the rerun of a business times interview of Swara. A small smile played on his lips as he settled down on the couch looking at her talking confidently. Confidence, that was something he always admired her for… His eyes just gazed in an astonished manner at her, he was always surprised seeing her handling everything so ably at so young age..

Uttara (admiring) – She is soobeautiful na vai?? I wish I could be like her….!

Sanskar looked at Uttara and smiled.

Sanskar – Beauty is not for what she is there at that position Uttara… I mean yes definitely she is veryvery beautiful, but if you want to become like her, you should lookupto her professional attitude. The way she handles a meeting or convinces a client, its just amazing…

Uttara could see the changes in her brother’s expressions as he talked about Swara. She smiled seeing her brother first time being so much influenced by a girl. She decided to tease him further…

Uttara (chuckling) – Aur batao naVai? What else qualities are there in your Boss?

Sanskar (smiled) – Qualities?? Okk, then listen…

He got up and went to the balcony looking at the night sky. Uttara was smiling profusely as she knew that her brother was changing. He smiled closing his eyes and let out a long sigh. Swara always fascinated him no matter how much he tried to hide his feelings.

Sanskar – Her voice… It’s just perfect, when she gives apresentation, all are spell bound by her talks! No mistakes, not even a single falter, its just splendid… Her confidence, that bowls over everyone in and around and her fearless attitude! She never fearsanyone, all her decisions are taken fearlessly and wisely. So madamUttara, (he turns towards Uttara), beauty comes a whole lot later, first comes all her qualities that make her so so special…

Uttara smiled and nodded in a yes.He smiles thinking about the afternoon presentation. Truly, she was magic.

[Gadodia House]

[Same time]

“N-n-oo! P-p-l-l-z d-d-o-n-t do this to me! Plzz… Oucchh!” – a shrilling girls voice echoed in the dark room. From her voice it appeared that she was very very frightened.. Her voice faltered.

“Plzz for God’s Sake! Ouchh!! Itshurting and burning!” – sheshrieked as her knuckles were touched by hot cigarette ashes making her yell louder. Suddenly someone pulled her hairs tightly making her hiss in pain…

“I am here to hurt you baby! Yess, you know me well… Haina MissSwara Gadodia!” – came another drunk voice of a guy who mercilessly threw her to the ground from the sofa.

Swara let out a loud cry as tears made way through her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She tried to loosen the grip of the man’s hand on her hair and next moment a tight slap thrashed across her cheeks as she fell on the floor crying.

“R-r-o-h-i-t!! Plzz have some mercy!Plzz what do you want?? Plzz leavemee…” – her helpless voice faltered a murmur as the guy laughed madly.

He came nearer and touched her heated cheeks lustily making her hiss in pain more…

“You know well baby, what I want?? Don’t you?” – he winked at her making her shocked as usual as her cries increased…

So Swara Gadodia, the perfect example of a woman in the outer world, who was unknowingly making Sanskar admire her to the fullest, was actually a victim of domestic violence… Truly, reality is very different from something we see…

But why?? Well… Time will answer all questions…

Precap : Sanskar comes to know about Swara’s real face in the house, How will he react???

So gyz this is my first time here, hope u liked it, will be wait for ur Comments, criticism most welcome 😊!

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