Manmarziyan – Seasons Of Love- Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

He sat stooped on the plush sofa of his bedroom,with eyes closed, his palms joined but fingers tapping its pairs,water dripping down from his face..Just when his table clock played its alarm he smiled a kiddish one and his eyes caught the time, the time which he waits everyday for ‘9Am’..,he quickly got on his feet slapping his knees and stood before the mirror..His eyes glued on his stubble,which had a warm water splash minutes before.,”ready to trim!!”..he moved aside,chose a song.,next minute every brick of Mehra mansion vibrated along with those electronic rock beats..His hand worked like a pro,trimming his stubble,all the while his eyes on stubble and his left foot rhythmically tapping to the beats…Clean strokes of sun rays refracted thro’ the glass panes hit his toned body,and it glistened with water streaks as he showered…He smirked a supercilious one when he saw the reflection of his still damp bare torso..the track pant clinging to his waist did nothing but added an extra layer of charm to his already s*xy frame..

He scanned his business class suits,his lips twitched as he pushed the door to slid close and chose full black funky casual attire..what’s wrong in wearing those..he moved with his packed bags,whistling a random number…His steps halted abruptly.,DAD!! his mind screamed..

‘Wasn’t he supposed to leave by this time’,his watch displayed 9.30..He saw his dad to sit opposite to his sister in dining table,Maira…little traitor,why din’t she inform about dad..and why is he still here at home instead of leaving for his construction site….He waved his hands to get some attention..Bad move!! As her eyes snapped up,his dad called him”Arjun..Still there!”..

“Coming dad!”,he got down swiftly..

“Are you coming with me”,Ajay asked..

“Oh..I wish to..But sorry dad..I need to go Mumbai today”,he said and felt proud of his escape..he saw her gritting her teeth,squeezing her eyes..”.did I blurt something wrong!”.he thought and searched answers from her.. But.,he listened from his dad instead.. “Good..! Am also leaving to Mumbai..Lets move together..”,Ajay Mehra spelled more like a declaration..

He cancelled his ticket as he sat next to his dad… “Maira..any important meeting in AR today?”,Ajay asked her..

“No dad..”,she said looking Arjun..He raised his brows enquiring her,she looked around,picked the daily and circled few columns of a page with her finger..His face scrunched a little before realization dawned on him..Classifieds!…Employment.!!..Oh yea! there was a interview scheduled today for temporary assistants in Trendz..their clothing brand..He gestured her to carry on…Though she was happy,she faked a refusal on conducting Interview at his absence..

“ sec”.Arjun called her..

“See…I won’t do it..What if you reject the person I choose..It will be a insult for me..”,she retorted the moment she got to speak..

“Then choose the best person for the post”,His firm tone alerted her..

“You will find fault even on your questions if its mine..Btr..we will postpone it”,she said..She know he doesn’t like to postpone things..Punctuality…his genetic code!! she pouted at her thought..

He thought a second,”I will call you once you start the interview..Lets do it together..No more excuses”,he said before moving…Ajay Mehra already turned suspicious with the siblings talk…”Maira..If dad gets a hint he won’t let me go..Pls..”,Arjun spoke with a smile..

“Bhai..there is nothing important..I will manage it”,she smiled winking at him..”Aru..”,she whispered when he walked ahead..

“Don’t call me so..I hate it”,he said…


“Good morning Arjun!”,Sanjeev greeted…Noticing a sharp glare from Ajay,he immediately corrected his words,”Good morning Sir!!”,he took a step back..Arjun greeted a smile in return..,he saw Sanjeev fast walking behind his dad…Sanjeev.,his dad’s personal Assistant for more than 15 years, extremely dedicated and hard working person he ever met in this industry…He knew people do envy them for him being with them..He smiled at his thoughts on Sanjeev..a mere assistant.! his times in his dad’s too…

Covered with cement dust,those sweat clad labourers greeted him as they worked on concrete mixing.. and he stepped on construction elevator to check the work
progressing on the 12th floor of their construction site..With every inch of his step there,his eyes meticulously scanned the works done and going on.. Good..not bad..he smiled..His head swiftly turned to his right as he caught a whiff of cement mixture… “Plaster or Mortar?”,his bossy enquiry echoed throughout the floor..

“Plastering sir”,a guy replied meekly..

“So..1:3 or 4?”,he asked as he took a step forward..He was sure his black t shirt gonna taste cement flavor today..”Seems to be 4″,his fingers rubbed the mixture..He walked past ignoring the raising powdered layers of cement as it got dumped down and placed his palm on recently plastered walls.. “Sanjeev!!”,his sharp voice worked like a freeze note on workers..

After few mins.,he stood before his site having changed into a steel grey v-neck tshirt..

“Ok Sanjeev!! Inform me once the work is done”,he turned listening his dad’s words.,and saw Sanjeev smiling at him..

“Don’t smile!..I will come back to check once I return”,he said menacingly to that man in early 40’s…

“You got it in your blood!”,his head snapped from the mobile in his hand to see his dad smiling at him..

“May be”,he averted his gaze outside.. ofc yes..if not why would I have learnt Architecture..that too in London….

“I still feel..Apex is where you have to be”,Ajay said looking the traffic before them..

He smiled listening his dad’s words,his eyes blinked twice at the view it caught.. ‘Pleasant! but orange??’he saw a girl dressed in orange and white but something different..The bright color had tinged with grey for wavy patterns to form a design raising from right lower end to left shoulder…..but the pant..what’s that..Oh Geez!..Isn’t that a Mens’ Casuals.. Which girl on earth would wear such a…wait! but where she got it..It’s a women’s formal pant done with Fabric suited for Men’s casuals..!

His lips quirked up at that with an eyebrow raised.. Still there was more! but before that his vehicle moved as the traffic got cleared..


She saw her colleagues praying for their future..’may be to survive after they had been interviewed’ a muffled laugh escaped from her mouth as she thought…
After 6 months working period,the company conducts a Interview,only after which their job will get secured there..An Interview,conducted by their boss,Arjun Mehra
himself.,who would casually reject or throw any of the staffs out..Permanent is just for namesake and everyone in AR knew no one can breath in relief after just bagging a job here…
“When you came”, a young guy asked..

“On correct time”,she smiled vibrantly as she moved inside.

“So Adhi!!..why do you want to work with AR..I mean instead of already famous Fashion leads?”..

She pouted at the question asked..the first n last question..she knew.,only one question will be asked..Arjun Mehra and his ways!! She made a could someone judge with a single answer..,still..she sighed and looked the designs before her…A trendy blue dress she designed.!..Adhi’s blue theme..!! she smiled recalling the whole office praising her for months,as they got to know,their boss Arjun was impressed during the launch… and he sent a memento for Trendz and her..,.they din’t think twice or seem to have no qualms to acknowledge a fresher of their field.

“Because I feel AR is a place where Only Talent gets accolades..”,she said being still in her memory lane..

“How long you take for a reply..I disconnected the call..But its wow!!”..

“Why the call got cut?and what’s the reply”,Arjun asked to his sister..

“I mistakenly swiped phone screen..”,Maira covered up and parroted the answer..

“Hmm..Forward me the works of that candidate”,he said..

“Oh..Adhi’s works!! know..That blue theme of ours.. the summer launch.”,Maira said hurriedly looking the fingers crossed on her table..

“Okay then..Fix the one”,he said..

“No..I won’t..what if you reject later”,Maira looked everywhere other than the person before,who threw daggers thro looks..

Arjun thought for a moment..A vibrant launch of blue theme they had for this summer surprising their competitors..Blue and Summer..?!! But they made it possible..heads turned!!

“No second thoughts..I promise I won’t interfere…We need such talented persons”,He said finally..

“Okay”,she sing sang and walked away from the cabin without replying and came back with a paper..

“So..Miss..Radhika Mishra..You are appointed…Glad to have you in Trendz”,She smiled..

“Thank you Samaira Mehra..Its a pleasure to work with AR”,Radhika spoke in same note.. The cabin filled with their laughter and squeals after a second..

“ scared me a while ago”,Radhika said..

“Adhi..thought to give a surprise…You know.,when Bhai said he won’t be available today..I was the happiest person…ufff…Thank god..”,Sam gestured a prayer..

“My sweet friend!”,Radhika cooed…

“That I ‘am..”Sam smiled..

“I din’t expect this bluetooth idea for an interview..was tensed at that moment..”Radhika gulped a glass of water from that table..

“Even me.!! Now no issues.I pushed him to the no one can change the decision…Am Happy Adhi!!”,Sam clung looping her arms around Radhika’s neck..

“Sam…I need to leave Mumbai today”,Radhika said..

‘Ok..I mentioned Monday as your first day here..So..Enjoy baby! Come back soon”,Sam held her hands..



“Arjun..wear a blazer at least!! It’s a meeting”,Neil took longer strides towards their conference room of that 5 star hotel..

“Am here to attend bachelor party man..Not meetings…”,Arjun said nonchalantly but his smile vanished when he saw his dad there…what’s he doing here?..he stopped on his tracks.. “Neil will be back soon”,he spoke as he strode fast to the car parking.. ‘Sh*t how did I forget that dad would also be here’…He adjusted his dark grey skinny textured slim fit blazer over his tees..his finger raked through his already soft hair as he inhaled a deep breath…

“OMG!! Ra…he is so handsome..”

His lips quirked for a proud smirk listening a girly voice whispering about him..he gave a side eyed look but a girl among them quickly turned around as he was about to walk past them…he went ahead and turned only to see her, the girl..!..why and who turned away from looking him..but she again turned away…”Chicks and tricks!”,he smiled slyly as he moved….

“ missed him”,a girl pulled Radhika’s arm..

“Ssh…whom?..Am speaking with Ankhush”,Radhika hissed as she crooked her head towards her shoulder.,”Anki..I couldn’t hear you…why are you whispering..Had someone kidnapped you”,she giggled at her banter and continued it till they reached a pub next to that hotel…”Anki..Am in Blue to the hotel you are..”she said looking the tall building behind…

After half an hour…

“Its too boring…who the hell is he?”,Arjun removed his blazer and slid over his shoulder as he leaned over his car..

“Ankhush Mishra!! your dad..nope..Our dads’ favorite..He is talented Dude!”,Neil said as he loosened his tie.. Arjun punched numbers in his mobile..

“Maira!! ..I appointed a person before boarding Mumbai flight..Wanna know the status…and..Ask the person….what’s the name…Adhi..!!…to work for next collection…I need rough
designs in two days time”,he stood to his length with his chin high..

“What.??…Adhi will join from Monday..”,Sam replied biting her lips…

“A week long gap..What’s this Maira..”,he sounded annoyed…

“You said you won’t interfere”,Sam silenced him with his words.

“Don’t throw your frustration on Sammy”,Neil said a little louder and Sam chuckled listening that… “Enjoy you both”,she said at last..


Radhika’s mobile beeped with “I miss you”,msg from Sam…She smiled..Samaira…She never thought Delhi would gift her a true friend who is no less than a sister to her now… “Miss you too”,she replied punching a lot of emoticons and raised her head only to see a very charming young man laughing his heart out…The carelessly laid dark grey blazer over his shoulders shook along with his whole as he laughed slapping his friend back,his features seemed familiar for her.,yet she couldn’t get a clear picture about that…Now,she saw the other person to laugh throwing his head back and the dimpled smile…”Neil”,her mind screamed…Sam’s crush…!! means..the other one could be…May be…No…Must be… her eyes widened when he received a call and his jaw clenched listening something..,Arjun Mehra..!! A Nightmare for AR employees…!! What’s he doing here? and what if he sees her here.. Wasn’t it today he appointed her? Oh god!! But wait! Din’t he laugh?..He knew to laugh too…!! Have to say to lucky…Lakshman Prakash.,her colleague…

“Ra..Riya came..Lets move”,her friend Sunaina pulled her hand.,and she walked past them turning her head the other side…

Arjun saw Neil to look at some girl,”Dude..what’s up?”,he asked..

“Guess..I have seen her somewhere”,Neil walked along with Arjun to the same pub..

Within minutes.,Girls were on a race to dance and groove along with Arjun..He hit the dance floor with girls around him…Radhika’s eyes never left Arjun’s face which had a overweening smirk…He hardly touched anyone intimate.,but pushed them holding their shoulders with his left when they tried to get close..

‘then why to dance with them in first place’..”Lofty Haughty Jerk!”,she muttered unconsciously…

“Ra..See this Riya..she is feared about moving to Paris”,Sunaina called her…Riya,a timid girl,the love luck starred upon her,who only had middle class dreams about her future..
Radhika forgot about her boss AM and began working on “Mission cheer up Riya”.

Arjun winked at Neil as he sat on that plush sofa,with his right ankle lethargically resting over his left knee.. “Had fun?”,Neil mocked him..

“They couldn’t resist me you see..”,he smirked just when a girl gave an eye to him..He averted his gaze..”Your place or mine?”,she asked…Arjun sagged comfortably and nodded negative…”You aren’t mine”,he said and called a waiter..The girl suddenly leaned over him,balancing her palm over the place behind his shoulder.,he din’t flinch but raised his finger as a warning..”Wanna see your grave!”,his throaty voice carried a worst warn and Neil had a slip from sipping his drink,at that..Her face turned pale and she stepped back blinking back the sudden stroke of fear…

“That was too rude..Why did you dance then?”,Neil asked once she left the place..

“I danced!! but not with anyone…Neil !get one thing..I hate it..Girls throwing them on us…If not me then anyone else she goes for..”,his lips thinned to a smile..”Arjun Mehra won’t touch leftovers..She is just a left over b**ch..”,he sipped his drink.,as his eyes caught the same girl who turned away from him…He smirked looking her attire..Something amiss.!..Black casuals with coffee brown net coverups over her black sleeveless thick fabric made her figure charming but not seducing..! Clever choice..for such a place..The dress complimented her height still she would have been more like every other party girl if she had stepped over a pencil heel…

“You too find her familiar?”,Neil asked looking his gaze..

“Smart then! She managed to make us notice her..Tricks..I would say”,Arjun threw his head back closing his eyes..

“There is no need to judge everyone you see”,Neil said..

“Oh yea?!!”,Arjun raised his brow and passed a look on her..Still he couldn’t see her face…He saw every men to have eyes on her and girls to throw daggers with looks…Is she that beautiful.!!…

“Not for a girl”,he said to Neil..well..! why to argue for a girl…who is no one to them…and moreover she may be…probably would be one among those who choose rich men to date with…his eyes distastedly roamed around the pub..there was no one single..He snapped his head to left hearing a slap..”Dare you!”,he saw the girl warning a guy.. The moment she turned, Neil collided with her,his drink spilled over her dress.. Ah..Again he couldn’t see her face..! ..”It’s okay”,he could see only her flashing smile,as he leaned to his left to see her face..

“Got scared that she would slap me too”,Neil sighed as he moved to exit..

“Why would she..You are rich!! Not like that guy..One attention seeker!”,he spat annoyed as he saw the guys over there…

“What’s wrong..!! You don’t even know her..and the guy already dashed inappropriately over the other girl..that too twice…I went to slap the fellow when he tried again,but she did.!..This is what happened..So..Pls”..Neil said in one go..and he stood wondering how he missed to notice this..he did had his eyes on her..!

Arjun saw the partying bunch being sent out from the pub..Arjun moved to the guard,”What’s the problem now?”he asked but his eyes searched the girl..she and her friends were still inside..Only them…!!

“Sir..Its 10 and a Ma’am had reserved for next one hour”,security guy closed the door..

Booking a pub for one hour…After casting his usual bossy charm,he stepped inside and saw the girl dancing over a table for some hindi number.. He stepped further to listen the song..

chhote chhote shaharon sekhaali bor dopaharon se
(From small towns, empty dawns and afternoons,)

ham to jhola uthaake chale
(we picked up our bags and set off.)

baarish kam kam lagti hai
(The rain has let up;)

nadiya maddham lagti hai ham sama.ndar ke a.ndar chale.n
(the river is calm; let’s head into the ocean!)

“Small town girl”,he shook his head..

dharak dharak dharak dharak siti bajaaye re
(The train clatters; the whistle blows.)

He saw her imitating like a train as they moved around a girl.. He went to exit and turned around to see her face..

chaand se hokar sarak jaati hai
(There’s a road that goes by the moon;)
usi pe aage jaake apna makaan hoga
(head straight up it, and there will be my house…)

He stood stupefied looking her.,her lively eyes to look the ceiling.,hands extended sideways and a sweet smile on her face…Child like!…Innocence!!..A pleasant smile made its way on his face…His feet stepped back with his eyes registering her face.,her eyes and her smile.,and cute antics.. Impossible.!!.. A Stylish young girl enjoying herself and her
innocence in private but in a pub..Contradictions..!! how much!!..he smiled…and for very first time his perspective on someone and something took a toss and its weird that he loved the moment when it got tossed over..

He walked smiling with the image of her eyes,which flashed some dream of hers….

“You grin like a idiot!”,Neil said to his face..

“Marine drive??”,he asked… Neil nodded as they drove…


“Just a minute Arjun”,Neil said receiving a call..

He sat relaxed inside the car.. Beach..Silence..!!…It was more than a hour he was there speaking random things with Neil..Neil..a best friend one could yearn for..may be someday he realize Maira’s feelings for him…his thoughts went like a passing cloud when he saw someone to watch beach from a distance..why it looks like that girl? may be not..

The girl got into a car and it approached towards them..he sat straight to get at least one clear view of her face.,but it stopped at some distance before them..He laid his head back as Neil turned the ignition on…

Why should he see her anyway..A small town girl she is..and how was he sure it could be her..

He din’t pay heed to any of Neil’s words but his eyes narrowed looking the vehicle opposite getting closer to them.,he saw her.,she had laid her head back leisurely and sat with closed eyes in the passenger seat…”Stop the car”,Arjun said..

“Why?”,Neil asked after applying brakes.. Good friend indeed..he looked around..where the other girl ran leaving her…he saw a ice cream vendor…

“I want Ice cream”,he said…

“What? aren’t a kid…and now?Hangover?”,Neil asked… Arjun glared him sharp which made Neil to move out…

There she was! she..who turned away..!Now..they were exactly facing each other..His jaw locked and eyes moved on every inch on her face, he smiled,at her face glowing in the mild light inside her car.,Calm face.,simple smile and pleasant features.. Eye catching!!… He saw her to his hearts content.,but wished to hear her voice..

She din’t notice a car to halt in opposite to theirs..Her face scrunched a little when her friend shook her..her lips pouted in annoyance but next sec her eyes gleamed with happiness receiving a Ice cream tub… “Naina…thank you darling”..her sweet voice played like a rhythm…

Neil came and handed him a ice cream tub with confused face.,he grinned listening Neil to say,”Weird”….

Yes..Indeed..weird..why did he long to have a look on her face? He being not a lover boy or a cool dude to love someone..still…in his should be..because…she managed to make him to look her…

“Radhika..One more!”,the girl asked her…and she nodded quickly…

“Radhikaa”,he muttered to himself with a smile…

“Why did you ask for icecream?”,Neil asked….Arjun thought a second before saying.,”For you buddy..”..

He chuckled with mirth taking its lead when Neil rolled his eyes and made a face at him… He saw her scooping her icecream with utmost sincerity while they drove past her…


It had been indeed a long time…but finally I was able to do it..Okay..I may or may not write upto the mark you silent readers prefer…But I wish you too share a word about it….
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