Sanskar: My Kidnapper – chapter 8

Ragini’s POV.

“here I declare them as the man and wife. ” the priest declared, pleasing everyone.
I could see the girls ogling over the two Maheshwari boys as they stood (Sanskar sat) in the middle of the crowd all but grinning from ear to ear.

I had to cough out the laugh that came through my throat at the sight of girls, who almost cursed me and Swara. I bet, we would accept it in unison.

“Ragini, swawa now mom? ” Aadhya sneaked in to gain her lost attention from me.
Contemplating, I stood there not knowing what to answer the little kid.

“you… Can ask her honey! I don’t know! ” I muttered and kissed her cheeks. Her lips formed a slight pout and I sighed.

Why is it so difficult to handle a two year old toddler? Not that she complains on anything and not that I have something to complain about. Yet, it’s difficult.

“Ragini, they are adopting her now! ” laksh said and my eyes widened.

“Now? ”
Like seriously now? What would Swara think? Sanskar was being naive. Why in the hell was he imposing the little girl on Swara? She may not want her and the little light in Aadhya’s heart would blast out when things go wrong.

“yeah!! Let me hand her to them! ” he said and almost snatched her from me. All of a sudden my hands were empty. My heart shattered seeing him striding away from me. As fast as he took his strides, as low and empty I felt.
Tears strained my eyes and I held myself from yelling at him to get her back.
I stumbled on my feet and my knees almost gave up.
I was almost on the ground when his strong arms caught me, wrapping around my waist.

“ragini…. It’s okay!!! You still have her. ” He said hugging me to his chest and I just dropped my head over his chest, staring at the little bud who danced in Sanskar’s lap.

“keep the vermilion on her forehead dear!! ” the priest said to Swara and she obliged, all smiling.

I hope she knows what was going on.

“baby!” he called and glanced up to meet his eyes.

“I… ”
He stopped. I eyes him confused.

“what’s it laksh? Don’t hide anything from me! ” I said rather authoritive.

“I can’t marry you…. Now! ” he said and my heart almost had stopped at his pause.
He shook his head as soon as he saw me being still.
“I meant, not now. Like…. I want… I want shruti to be with me when I take you as my life, as my wife… ” he said correcting himself soon.

I could see only the love thing that I have been seeing from the day he proposed.
I nodded smiling. Things were almost at place. Except, SHRUTI…

“I’ve to leave to airport by eleven. Will you join me? ” he asked and I nodded. I would go anywhere with him. Never caring the consequences.

“would you like to change her name? ” the priest asked louder and I glanced at them.

“no” sanskar said.
I holding myself real bad. I would not want to break in front of everyone here.

I glanced all over the hall of the Maheshwari mansion. The cameras covered the ceremony and the reporters had already started to blabber about the news of the marriage of great Maheshwari and Gadodia.

I bet, Mr. Gadodia would have almost passed. I couldn’t help the smirk that caught my lips.

“what’s wrong? “laksh asked, confused.

“nothing, just waiting forward for the reactions. ” I said smirking again. He smirked too.
Well, the news channels have nice feast for a week.
The kidnap, the deals and now, the marriage.
Things were going great. As planned. There were things yet to come when that brute would come in front of the world. He can’t hide anymore. He had to come out of his shell. And he would do that in no time.
Swara’s POV

“I declare Aadhya Maheshwari as the daughter of Swara and Sanskar Maheshwari. ” the priest announced and I almost danced.
Wow!!!! Could anything be better, when you get married to your love and you get a ready made kid?
I chuckled at the personification.

‘ready made kid!’
I took a long breath, calming down myself.
‘Swara, you’re grown up! You’re a mom now, stop jumping… ‘ I scolded myself.
I was left alone in Sanskar’s room. I was just too excited to take a new post here, as a mom.

I squealed every now and then, full on charge mode.
I heard a knock on the door and I stopped jumping.

“may I come in Swara? ” Ragini called out and I nodded.
“Swara? ” she called again and u realised that the door was still closed and she could not see me nod.

“yes! ” I said and a moment late ragini was inside with MY daughter.

“swawa!!! ” she squealed wriggling in Ragini’s arms.

“Aadhya!! ” I squealed no less than her. I was so excited…..
She climbed down and ran up to me and I picked her up.

“Swara, are you fine with Aadhya? ”

I quirked up an eyebrow at her statement.

“I mean, you are okay with her being your…. Daughter? ”

“of course Ragini… ” I assured her.
Her eyes teared up instantly, and she backed away leaving Aadhya with me.

Setting her on the bed and brilliantly avoiding her pout, I ran over to ragini who was almost to open the door.

“ragini… ” I stopped her placing my hand on her shoulder softly.

She turned around refusing to meet my gaze.

“do you not want me to be a mother to Aadhya? ” my voice almost cracked up, as my eyes teared up.

Girls are going way too fussy!

“no… ” she said instantly and I breathed a sigh.
“it’s just that I want her to be safe and happy. ”

“ragini, you have her all for yourself. I’m not dumb to believe in your lie that you aren’t feeling bad that she’s my daughter already? ”

A sob escaped her lips betraying her.

“Swara, will you always keep her happy? ”

“no… ” I said and she eyes me astonished.

“how can I do it without your help? Anyways….. You’re getting things too cheesy….. I can’t act along… Ragini,  can’t you see, I don’t want to cry!! I’ve just married. And see, I’ve not even seen my husband yet!! ” I pouted, knowing well that would surely stop her.

“sorry… ” she said finally wiping out her tears.
I hugged her. This was so like a film. Yet real. Haha…

“okay, your husband will be here anytime…. I’ll take her with me… ” she said and started moving. But I stopped her.

Shouldn’t I tease my dear husband?

Well, I have to. I smirked to myself.

“let her be here!! ” I said.
She nodded, confused.

“girl, how much I try not to be Swara that I’m. But I can’t hold myself anymore. He started ignoring me form the start. And now, Huh, will be seeing me. ” I sighed.
“you know he closed his eyes. He was frustrated listening to me ranting. ” I stopped, and bit my tongue.

“you accept that you rant? ” she chuckled.

“no… I was talking…. Yep…. Talking to him. He didn’t even speak a word with me. You know, I was so happy that thing may be solved on that day. But that idiot did not remember a single thing!! ” I yelled lifting up my finger in the air.

She laughed.

“enough… ”

“no… It’s not. I didn’t tell you something…. Even when we were dating…. I mean, half dating, he didn’t talk to me twice. I mean… For two hours. He said he was dealing with his mind, not to kiss me!!! ” I said annoyed.

“Swara, it’s okay!! He’ll kiss you soon” she chuckled.

” no ragini, not now…. I’ll not let him kiss me sooner. ” I pouted.

As if waiting for the exact moment, he entered the room.

Ragini laughed out loud.

“Sanskar, she’s so adorable!! Don’t trouble her! ” she chuckled again before exiting.

He glanced me, his eyes smoldering.

“you wouldn’t allow me to kiss you? ” he said walking to me.

I gulped.

“yes!! ” I said stubbornly.

“you think you can do so? ” he asked, sliding a strand that blocked my face lightly.

“y…. Yes! ” I said, my eyes squeezed shut.

“darling, you’re so innocent to be his daughter.” he said cupping my face. I opened my eyes.

He leaned in and  kissed on my forehead. I closed his eyes shut feeling the kiss. He lingered over there for a while. Following down, he kissed my cheeks.
He almost leant down and was about to kiss me, I pushed him away.

“I will not allow you…. To kiss me. ” I said with the new found confidence and soon, I flew up the bed, Landing on my stomach.
My kid was sleeping sound. I chuckled at her and kissed her cheeks before settling down next to her. I then realized, I kept her waiting too long. Hope she wasn’t angry on me.

Sanskar stood there gaping, and I smirked.

“I will kiss my husband. Not you!! ” I said chuckling wild. I heard him groan.

“good night. You can sleep over there…. I don’t want my daughter to struggling while sleeping. ”
I said and threw a pillow at him. He caught it and seeing the last astounded look on his face, I dropped my head on the pillow.

He remained silent all the while until I heard him drop his body on the couch. I giggled a little louder than required.

“sleep well…” I said, before turning the bed lamp off.


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    god!! it was hell awesome!!
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    aadya ragini and swara’s part was superb and too cute!! <3 <3
    last scene was fab
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