Sanskar: My Kidnapper – chapter 1. Kidnapped me?

Some ruffling sound next to me brought my conscious back to me, not completely though.
My head hurt at the back leaving me no where to open my eyes. The place seemed bright, that made my vision unexceptionally blur.
I tried opening my eyes fighting back the urge to close it while it hurt. With a great effort, though my eyes hurt, I opened it, trying to focus on any of the thing around me. But, gosh!! It hurt so badly that I had to close it again. My eyes pricked. I couldn’t help but start to sob at my helplessness.
“tsk…. ” the moan escaped my lips when I hit my hand with something really hard.
My eyes pricked and tears fell from my eyes to the side of my face.
“f**k…..” I curse at my fate.
Had I been careful and sat in the car swiftly, I wouldn’t have got into this. I don’t know where the hell I was. I didn’t know if I were in hospital. I hope I were, I hope the guy who spoke to me had got me to the hospital. But the bed I was in was extremely, soft and plump, for an hospital bed. I had been in hospital for half of my life, as it is my second home and I’m very badly clumsy. Doctors, nurses and patients were my friends now.
‘aah…. ‘ I moaned again as I hit my leg while moving around.
It was time to get my ass out of this whatsoever place I’m in, I decided.
‘hmpf…. ‘ I sighed as I half laid on my elbows and slowly got up to sit. I struggled to sit and finally made it.
“oh my!! ” I exclaimed when the pain at the back of my head hit me. I placed my hand softly over the region to rub it for once. It stung.
“oh!! I’ll help you out…. ” I hear a voice, not familiar with it. My blur vision was clearing deliberately and I concentrated on my surroundings.
This is what I call ‘oh my!!! ‘
I was in a well built room with a paint of light shade of distemper green. My photos in almost every dress I wore was hung on the wall in front of me. There was a portrait of a woman at my right hung perfectly at the middle of the wall. Vase kept at each corner of the room, defined with many artworks hung out there other than mine and the woman’s portrait, a table to my extreme right, next to the window, brought a ecstasy to the room. The door was of a very dark shade of chocolate. And it was amazing. It was like what I had dreamt of how my room should be. Very defined, very ecstatic. Marvelous.

The ruffling sound again caught my attention to get me a view of an old maid next to me.

“good morning madame… ” she wished with an adoring smile.
I smiled at her.

“good morning… ”

“you should have this breakfast that I’ve got you. ” she said extending me the plate.
I shook my head. I was always the one who had breakfast only after the bathe. I was always clean and tidy and that is was kept me hygienic.

“I would like to bathe first. ”

She smiled astonished.

“sure, madame. Here you go. Your restroom is over there… ” she pointed to the other end of the room.

I swooped down the length of the bed. I noticed I bounced. The bed was too soft and bouncy. My mind made no wish in getting down from the bed.

“can I sleep for few more minutes? ” I asked and she nodded, smiling.

“but eat it fast kid! I wouldn’t encourage laziness. ” she warned and I nodded.

I smiled at her and she left with one on her face.

Soon I landed back on the bouncy bed and was off to sleep!!

I got up to the tap on the door, to find the same woman who smiled at me.

“get up kid!! Let’s finish your breakfast. ” she said.
I pouted and swooped again and finally got off the bed. I know,  I’m a lazy ass. But I love being so.
I was shoved into the restroom to get refreshed.

The pulsating fall of hot water on my skin refreshed the sore muscles in my hands and the relaxation was incredible.
With a fast bathe I was soon refreshed. She handed me a pair of jeans and a button up shirt and I wore it. She handed me the breakfast and was off.

I slowly hogged on the sandwich on my plate. Everything was going good since I woke up. I did not have to see that boring face of my dad with his clients and his secretary and guards around him, their grumbling noise, the smell of their socks…. Nothing. Everything was so good.

Suddenly flashed. I wasn’t in my so called room. This wasn’t my house. I was somewhere else. Not even in hospital. I forgot that I was injured and was brought here. The calmness here had filled so much in my veins that I forgot about being somewhere else. I even asked the woman to take a nap again shamelessly. Embarrassed, my cheek heated up.
I kept the plate aside before getting up and running to the door. Before I could reach, it clicked. I pulled in the knob only to find that it was locked from out.
I sighed exasperated.

Nothing is going good. Where the hell am I? Who was she and why is the door locked? Am I kidnapped?

‘haha… ‘ my brain laughed.
‘well, who’s gonna kidnap a simple freak like you? ‘ I stuck out my tongue at it.

Yeah! That was something correct.
Who will kidnap a plain junk like me? It should be written in your fate to get kidnapped and live in such a huge mansion.
I tried opening the door again but my utterly ridiculous fate. The door didn’t even budge. I punched on it only to hurt my fingers.
Depressed, I sat on the bed again. Where was I man? Freaking torture. Don’t tell me that my father punished me for talking to that stranger yesterday. And what was that pain? It was as if a rod striked my head. It stung even now.
I rubbed the area on my head, rotating my head to whatever caught my eyes.
The door!!!!!
There’s another door behind the curtain there….
I couldn’t contain my excitement after seeing the door. I ran to it and pulled on the handle.
Yes!! The door wasn’t locked like the other one. I pulled opened the door and the cool breeze hit my face. I closed my eyes feeling the cool breeze. It was slightly dark. Maybe it may rain.
As of heard, the clouds covered the blue sky and the sound of thunder echoed.
I could sense my eyes twinkling at the thunders and lightenings.
This was something I needed from years. Calmness. The day my mother left me, everything in my life turned upside down. I still remember the day my dad slapped her and she fainted. That was the last thing registered in my mind and then, it seems she was off to somewhere shoving my dad’s apologies. I hope she’s alive somewhere… Of course…. She’s my mom and she’ll be there somewhere… Leading a better life than the one she once lived with my dad. After all she was so sweet.
A drop of rain on my forehead disturbed me from my thoughts. My lips curved in a smile which had now become rare. I smiled heartily, feeling the raindrops on my face. They kissed my cheeks affectionately and I felt my mom’s touch in them. This was the best day till date of my life.
I felt the raindrops with the tip of my fingers, and spread my arms feeling the cool breeze. I hugged myself smiling. I couldn’t hold much. There was some sound behind but I couldn’t care much. I was in heaven to care about something.

“Miss Gadodia… ” I heard a voice call behind me.

I turned to face the same person who’s comment made me blush. I smiled at him thankfully. If he didn’t take care of me, I don’t know what would have happened.
He smiled back.

“how are you doing now? ”

“better…. ”

“that you should be. ”
He said smirking. I couldn’t catch his point though.

Feeling conscious, I hid myself behind the curtain.

“the place is really good for my liking…. ” I said glancing all over the room.

“yeah!! This was built for you… ” he exclaimed. I stared him confused.

“for me? ”

“yes!! Nonetheless you have no idea about it. You’ll be knowing it soon… ”
He winked, smirking again.

“oh!! When can I get home? ” I asked him thinking slowly.

“home? Are you kidding princess? You’ve been kidnapped!! ” he said astonished.

I was shocked. I jerked at my place slowly taking his words in.

“kidnapped me? ” I asked unbelievably.

“yes!! ” he said, exclaiming as if it was the obvious thing.

“you’ve been kidnapped. You nowhere in near future will be getting back home. This is your house…. ” he said stretching his arms and turning around pointing the nook and corner of the room.

“why am I kidnapped? ” I asked and I doubt he would have heard it.

“that’s what is there for you to find out…. All I can say is, you’ve been kidnapped…. ” he said widening his eyes.

I dropped on to my knees as my legs gave off.

“but, I don’t have any of my things here…. If you’d have told me before…. I could have packed up some…. ” I said surprising him and myself too.
I wasn’t really feared about being kidnapped. There were few things in my room which I never want my dad to notice. If they would have told me before, I could have packed them up.

I glanced nonchalantly at his shocked demeanor. He gaped no less than a fish.

I got up on my feet and walked across the room to him and swung my hands at his face.

“hello!! Are you there? ” I asked him shaking him.

“yes… Yes… ” he nodded. He was so cute. His cheeks turned pink in embarrassment.

“see…. You’ve been kidnapped…. You should not really speak to me this way… You got me…?  This is the last time you are speaking this way!! ” he warned.

I chuckled.

“you need not remind me about me being kidnapped. It’s registered here…” I said pointing my head.
“I’m happy that I can live without seeing my dad for a few days… ” I smiled.

To my surprise, instead of being shocked himself, he spoke up smiling.
“good!! Make up your mind to meet the kidnapper… ” he said and turned to walk away.

I was confused again. Was he not the one who kidnapped me?

“hey!! ” I called out for him.

“yes!! ” he said stopping his hands in his pockets, showing his dimples off.

“are you not the one who kidnapped me? ”

“well, yes. But the reason and the man behind the mystery is someone else. ” he shrugged before he was off, closing the door behind him.
I again ran to the door to open it. But it was locked.
A note was pushed inside and I took it.

‘Te secuestré porque de una razón… Querida….’
(I kidnapped you coz of a reason… Dear…)
It read.

The language …. This meant HE had something to do with this…..

Here’s the first chapter. Hope you like this… Read and review. Drop the comments in the comment box. It means a lot….Thank you…

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