Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins in bhoomi’s home where she is making jay aware of rules of staying in her home… she says the room should be neat and clean…. Jay checks out the room and asks whose room is it? Because it was very messy he asks bhoomi now he is supposed to follow what? What she said or what he saw?
Bhoomi replies him that these rules are applied only on guests not on its members….

At home ketki bahu is shown adoring the gold set she mutters to herself that this set is made just for her…. She was about to wear it but gets shocked to see dilip in the mirror standing beyond her….. she in order to give explanation says that she was just seeing how it will look on bharti…. She says that what ansubha

is doing for bharti nobody do it for their own blood and she is doing so much for servant dilip interrupts her and says bharti isn’t our maid…. He scolds her meanwhile he gets a call and he leaves….
After dilip goes ketki again wear the set and mutters that this set is only made for her….

Bhoomi shows jay his bathroom,cupboard and intercome…. She informs him if he needed anything in case he can call on 1 if he wanted to talk to her and 2 for naani but she warns him that he should never call on 3….
She asks jay to tell her something else about him on which jay shows him his appointment letter and documents she asks him why he is showing her his stuff on which he says she deserves to see it after giving him place in their home….
Bhoomi tells him her boss is very strick on which jay says his boss is too very strick….
Bhoomi says now he should sleep and one day they both will watch horror movie together…..
scene shifts to nani where she is remembering how kishan mother thanked her for helping jay she says now jay has 2 mothers….

Jay father informs ansubha that today he heard some weird stuff about their mill land…. He says people were saying that mill land is selling…. On which ansubha says they even haven’t considered it and people are talking about it….
Ketki is shown calling a man she says nobody should know about their conversation…

Hasu is shown trying to make urmilla understand about something… he says to urmila that his plan isn’t working jay father comes and says and he wont succeed either…. Hasu gets stunned to see him… jay father says he know his intentions aren’t good on which hasu says why he is saying that jay father replies that why he went to amroot laal home… hasu says its better if dilip answers him instead of him… dilip says if elders are doing wrong then youngers are supposed to bring them on right path…. Jay father tells hasu that he isn’t a kid who cant differentiate in between good and evil….. he will get nothing if he trusted him….. jay father leaves….
Hasu says to urmila that dilip is there son but he loves jay father more on which dilip says he cant let him walk on wrong path…

Jay hears a car’s voice he looks out of the window and see a lady coming out of it he wonders who can come so late?
He tries to sleep but fails he gets up and is about to go out of the room but he remembers bhoomi’s words and decides not to go out… he hears someone playing piano he looks out of the window and finds a lady….

Jay mothers informs jay that bharti is getting married they will need a lot of money…. Jay calms her and says now everything will be fine because he will join office….. suddenly he feels mistakenly he told her what he shouldn’t had…..

Update Credit to: MsLuscious

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